Thursday, December 13, 2018

What is a "Wellness Home?"

by John Jackson, M.D., FACP

A Wellness Home is a unique concept created by Nikken, the world’s only total wellness company. This R&D giant has operations in over a dozen countries around the globe, marketing scientifically proven technologies, integrated for natural healing and prevention. Nikken resembles Microsoft with a “point and click” operating system for wellness, easy to grasp and simple to use.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nikken was founded in 1975 at Fukuoka, Japan. Microsoft opened its first international office in
Japan. Nikken opened its international headquarters in Irvine, California. Microsoft’s mission was "a computer on every office desk and in every home." Nikken’s mission is “every home a Wellness Home.”

What is a Wellness Home? Most simply, it is a restored and pristine habitat for humanity, a greenhouse for the human body. The body itself is home to 100 trillion cells. One neglected pre-cancerous cell could eventually endanger the whole organism. In order for us to be well, the optimal function of all our cells needs attention.

What each cell requires for health:
·        Pure, smooth, great tasting, hydrating, alkaline water in adequate amounts to support circulation, deliver oxygen and nutrients, to eliminate wastes (opportunity for disease arises when the immune system lacks supply or is encumbered by toxins)

·        Proper sleep, in quantity and quality, for body repair/regeneration of cells. According to Dr. Williams C. Dement, M.D., PhD., the world’s leading authority on sleep and the dangers of sleep deprivation states…”Healthy sleep has been empirically proven to be the single most important determinant in predicting LONGEVITY. More important than diet, exercise or heredity.”

·        Whole food supplements to fill gaps in our diet and fully nourish cells

·        Full spectrum of nature’s energy (magnetic, ionic and infra-red), 24/7

Nikken, the world’s only total wellness company, provides all of the above in highest quality through the Wellness Home. This offers the perfect means for urgently needed Self-Care. The fabric of modern society is threatened by potential breakdown of a healthcare system overburdened with management of diseases mostly traced to poor lifestyle and a contaminated environment.

Thoughtful individuals welcome the option of natural healing and prevention, leaving doctors and nurses to care for those more critically ill.

Are you ready to use the best blueprint and build a future of better health and well being for the whole family?

Coincidental Results From Living In A Wellness Home

A four year old boy’s seizures he had been having since he was 18 months old, coincidentally stopped, and he started talking which he hadn’t been doing before...after living in a wellness home for three weeks.
A gentleman in Sydney, Australia cancelled the surgeries he had scheduled to have his right hand and both feet amputated... after living in a wellness home.
A good friend who was scalded very badly when a pressure cooker sprayed boiling water on her face and chest recovered very quickly without discomfort and no residual scaring...because they live in a wellness home.
A young man from Tacoma, WA had seizures all his life and was a failing college student before discovering a
wellness home. Coincidentally, he no longer has seizures and is married and doing well.
A woman from California and her husband were guests in our wellness home for two days, when she exclaimed that this was the first time in years she woke up without her neck hurting. They also couldn’t believe how well they slept and how high the sun was in the sky when they awoke!
A man from Everett, WA couldn’t get one of his shoes off one evening. After rolling back the tongue of his shoe, he discovered the point of a three inch nail sticking through the top of his foot! He couldn’t feel it, as he hadn’t been able to feel anything with his feet for a long time. After discovering a wellness home, he can now feel the difference between carpet, slate and wood flooring when his shoes are off.
A lady in California had been on her feet for 45 years working on women’s hair. She said she couldn’t touch her thigh, as it was very tender and she couldn’t squat, and she had to lower herself to the toilet and back up with her hands on the counter. She then discovered a wellness home...and after 24 hours she was able to touch her thigh and squat completely to the floor and back up several times.
A young man from Georgia had been in a coma for a year, then home with his parents for seven years...but was non verbal and had to be fed, clothed, etc., by them everyday. After his parents created a wellness home, he started to talk and function like never before.
We have lived in a wellness home for over 25 years, and hardly ever get sick and are as active as ever. Because of having a wellness home, I (Dennis) survived two severe challenges with my heart, and have now been declared 100% good by the doctors, other than the scar tissue from my by-pass surgeries years ago. Bad genetics are in my family, as I lost my father at age 51, my younger brother at age 34, my dad’s
brother at 56, etc. We are very thankful to have a wellness home to live in! I’m the only guy left and going
strong at 76.
Note: We are in no position to diagnose, prescribe, heal, cure, or prevent anything. The above coincidences are just what has been observed by people living in a wellness environment that is the healthiest you could possibly live in. It’s like building a greenhouse around your family...a Safe Haven or Self Care Sanctuary, if you will.
We highly recommend that you create a Wellness Home for your family, and give them the protection and
benefits it provides. Choose to be “Healthy by Choice...Not by Chance!”

For information on the products that make up a wellness home go to

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