Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hope for those suffering with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD)

Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD)
Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is a progressive condition that affects both the adrenal glands (located atop the kidneys and responsible for the production of adrenalin) and myelin (the substance that insulates the nerves in the brain, spinal cord, and the limbs).

First described in the early 1900s, adrenoleukodys-trophy was originally called Schilder-Addision disease. "Adreno" refers to the adrenal glands, "leuko" is the Greek word for white (myelin is the main component of the white matter in the brain and spinal cord), and "dystrophy" means impaired growth. This disease affects the adrenal glands and the growth of the myelin


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From: Jim Watson 208-375-0680

I saw an article in the Idaho Statesman about a local boy, Lonnie Forbush, age 7, with ALD. I went to see his parents, John & Ronda Forbush, with John Zamora, also a Nikken distributor. We explained the Nikken products and did some demonstrations. Their son’s body appeared very stiff. He was lying in the corner of the sofa like a board. When they tried to stand him up, he went way up on his tip-toes. The tightness of his muscles caused his feet to arch severely. He couldn’t stand or sit along without someone to help him balance. His movements were jerky and uncoordinated. We placed him on a Kenkopad and massaged him with the Magboys and the Kenkocreator. After about 15 minutes his father asked him: “How come you’re smiling so much?”

We left and came back a couple days later and massaged him again. After 10 minutes of massage, his mother upon close examination of his feet, got very excited. He said his feet were relaxing back to normal position. In order to put his leg brace on him they would ordinarily have to push with great force on the bottom of the ball of the foot to force the foot back into a normal position. This was very painful for Lonnie in the past. She then put his brace on without any problem. They purchased a sleep system and Lonnie amazed his family by sitting in an upright position on the couch without any assistance, and balances himself without any problem.

When Lonnie was taken back to his therapist at the Elk Rehab, she was amazed at his improvement. In fact she asked all the other staff members to look on as well and said the other patients need to be on the products as well. Another 7 year old boy who suffered from complications due to an overdose of medication when he was 2 yrs old was sitting nearby with his hands in very tight fists held close to his chest. Ronda put a magboy in each of his hands. His hands began opening up which he had not been able to do before. After massaging him, and placing him on a mattress pad and putting a kenkomini on his tailbone, the child began to move his legs and arms.
The Forbushes were also contacted by Channel 6 and Channel 7 Television stations so they could share their story. Ronda said that Lonnie is now walking by himself and his speech impairment is improving. Needless to say we are very excited!!
R.J. “Jim” Watson
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