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Hope for people suffering from Psoriasis

Psoriasis Testimonials (updated 5-10-10)

(These testimonials are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

For more information contact John St. John at www.nikken.com/jsj or jsjwellness@gmail.com

From: wryter@erols.com
I am so excited I have to share this. Well, this is the first time in 4½ years--since I had developed psoriasis that I have not been in agony! My skin is nearly healed and I have only been using the water since Tuesday night! It is just Friday night now! Now this is not all I do for the skin care but this is the missing piece in the equation of holistic care--for me and I hope others who I intend to help.  Also, today I talked to the first person about the water since getting the water system. It was absolutely mind blowing. I usually have to stop frequently during a deep correction to re-hydrate the bodies (physical and Light). AND the body will not permit me to work for 3 hours as I did today because there would be the possibility of a healing crisis. Well I was giving PiMag water to the client and we
did probably some of he deepest corrections I have ever done. She remained alert and with me. People usually fade away and fall asleep as they dehydrate during deep clearings. This was a most amazing experience! I can hardly contain my excitement! Before PiMag our products' synergistic effects were helping my clients clear out issues faster so they would not need to come back (my goal, of course). Now things go even deeper! Who knows how much more I will help people with this added support! WOWSERS!  Also, I had some serious oft-times debilitating pain in my right thumb. I could not even hold a pen at times. None of our products worked. Nothing I did worked. I started washing with the PiMag water as soon as I hooked it up and within 12 hours I had full mobility of my thumb and only an occasional twinge of discomfort.  The other night at an in-home one of the people said she had been unable to breathe through her right nostril when she came into the house. After drinking only one glass of PiMag water she could breath easily through both nostrils!
From: meg@carolina.rr.com
I have had clients rid themselves of Psoriasis in localized areas by using a FIR wrap, success within 2-3 days, depending on severity.
From: sunshine2u@home.com
I have an elderly distributor in my organization that had a severe case of psoriasis on her feet. After using the socks, insoles (magsteps) and taking the joint supplement, for about 2 months, her feet are clear and normal. Results were evident after about a week and gradually improved over time.
Debra Myles
From: vlsjbeck@cox.net
My daughter has psoriasis and she uses Liver Support, Jade GreenZymes and drinks lots of Nikken water. This seems to control the problem, but if she forgets to use the product it will return. It is very important to have a healthy diet also.
From: magnetic@ulster.net
My Dad had psoriasis, and using the PiMag showerhead really helped this condition for him. Chlorine is awful for people with this problem.
From: redgpjeep@yahoo.com

We had a young boy 7 years old that had psoriasis on his arms and legs and elsewhere. At the product launch we had him sit by the power5, drink pi water, use the body energizer, and take one lactoferrin. He already has a sleep system he is using. Anyway the next day his condition had improved almost completely. The boy is now living a much more normal life.  

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Plantar Facilitis Testimonials 2013

Heel spur / plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the bottom of the heel is extremely painful. A heel spur is a bony overgrowth on the bottom of your heel bone. The heel spur is usually a result of an inflamed ligament (plantar fascia) on the bottom of the foot that attaches to the heel bone.  Constant abnormal pulling of this ligament irritates the heel bone and the body lays down a bone spur as a protective mechanism. Usually consists of pain with the first step in the morning, some relief following activity, but returning after extended amounts of time standing or walking.

(These testimonials are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure).

From: Laws900@aol.com
I had plantar facilitis. Started wearing magsteps - after several weeks noticed some improvement, the longer I wore them the more it improved. However when the magstrides came out, I switched to them and I saw much quicker improvement. I think because the bumps on magsteps are not the best for a heel problem. My husband also had the same thing and he no longer has problems either.
Maggie & Jon Dial
I wanted to let you know that I had relief with plantar facilitis. I didn’t think I would ever be able to find anything to help. I would gladly do a 3 way call with you if you would like. I’m so grateful for these products.
Maggie & Jon
From: mhowdeshell@alaska.com
My initial product experience came by the way of my heel spurs. I am a career Army soldier that had fought my heel spurs for over 7 years. I had injections into the heel (ouch!), special orthotics for my shoes, special exercises, soft soles for my boots, you name it.  After running my morning PT (physical training), I could barely walk the rest of the day. A very patient WC, Ron Thomas, suggested I wear MagSteps. I did and after about 3 months, I had no more pain. I continue to run, play volleyball and softball, and work on concrete all day and I have NO heel spur pain. I am the Youth Minister at University Baptist Church here in Fairbanks, Alaska. God Bless you all.
Mark Howdeshell
From: Cartermags@aol.com
I feel about 99% healed in 2 months with the magsteps, FIR socks, magboys, FIR wrap, minis, and exercise........not bad timing at all!! (Especially given the fact that my cousin, who doesn't "believe in" our products, suffered for 2 years with the same problem!)
From: patty@ez2.net
My mom has had Plantar Fasciitis for a few months now. She ices her foot as often as possible and then runs the PalmMag under it as well. Also, the podiatrist gave her orthotics to wear in her shoes which seemed to help but just recently she decided to do the stretching exercises that the podiatrist had given her and what a difference that has made! If you'd like a copy of the exercises, let me know and I'll fax them to you or email or mail, whatever is convenient for you.
Patty Kerr
From: downey225@aol.com
We have great success using the elastomag ankle wrap 24/7 for 3-4 weeks, then adding magstrides during the day – plantar fasciitis should be better in 6-8 weeks.
From: teamknc@highstream.net
I first joined Nikken with this condition. I also had a tiny bone spur. I wore the insole all day and at night and pulled a Kenkotherm elbow wrap over my heel. I wore that at night maybe 3 or 4 nights a week for 4 months. (It took a long time, but was well worth it!) It was better, but not completely. I told my sponsor & she said "are you wearing it - Every Single Night?" No. I started doing that and in two weeks it quit hurting - gone. That was five years ago.  One time, last year it felt twinges like it would start again. Immediately, I started with the Kenkotherm again & in a few days it was gone & hasn't bothered me since. My other foot did the same thing last year. I've been doing the same thing & it's almost completely gone after five months. Of course, I always wear either the magsteps or magstrides during the day.
From: francesfs@msn.com
I had it in one foot and had a really hard time walking in my job. I finally went to a chiropractor who diagnosed it and as soon as she adjusted me she made me get back in my Cardio- Strides as that did give me the most relief. I was able to talk to the track and field coach where I teach and she said that the biggest problem people have is at night because the tendon shriveled up because of the way we sleep. She suggested a brace to keep the tendon stretched. I thought of what Nikken had that would brace the tendon and bingo the ankle kenko wrap and the ankle elastomag wrap. I wore them to bed and within a very short period of time I was having no problems. I wore it for months but I don't think I would have had to. I worked with a lady who had the same thing but it both feet and she got relief in about two weeks and was able to then go to the other foot and got relief there.
From: cbeck@lanset.com
Nikken Family Magazine (March 2003, P. 30) says CM cream helps with foot inflammation. If put CM Cream on bottom of feet at night before going to sleep, helps one to fall asleep faster and get a better quality of sleep. I've been doing this every night for over a year.
From: downey225@aol.com
I found for plantar fascitis you will have a better result using the elastomag ankle wrap for two or three weeks 24/7 and then introducing the magsteps for day use and keeping the ankles on at night only for about 3-5 more weeks. The ankle wraps are very important.
From: carmennelson33@msn.com
This was sent by my niece, Maria, who is not a Nikken Wellness Consultant but did buy the PalmMag after experiencing its benefits: I suffered from severe plantar fasciitis for 3 years and have been unable to walk to the neighbor's house, couldn't stand for more than 10 minutes without having to get off my foot and couldn't get out of my chair at work without loosing my footing. I was told by a podiatric surgeon that my only chance of recovery was surgery to relieve the pressure across my heel. I was told I would no longer have an arch and have to use an orthotic.  I did not want to have the surgery and so I was willing to try the PalmMag. Little did I know what the results would be. I tried it for 15 minutes on a Sunday, then again on Tuesday in the morning, afternoon and evening. Wednesday in the morning I used it again and
went to work. It was about mid morning when I realized that I was walking and not limping as usual. As the day progressed I used it again and went home. I fixed dinner and sat down to eat. When I got up to take some dishes to the kitchen, I realized that I was really walking without the usual severe discomfort in my foot. I have continued using the PalmMag and my foot has continued to progress to where - while not completely healed - my foot is well enough that I can walk around the track near my home two times, something I have not done for 3 years. I feel certain that the PalmMag was the critical element in the successful turnaround in my plantar fasciitis.
From: crkey2@netscape.net
I have Plantar's Fascitis diagnosed approx 4 years prior to learning of Nikken. I went through many medical suggestions for relief -none were 100% or even close. Was told I would never be able to wear heels again and to buy shoes with really good heel supports.  Tried heel cups, inserts, you name it. Once I was introduced to Nikken, I tried the magsteps and then later the magstrides. I no longer have problems with symptoms of Plantar's Fascitis. I occasionally wear heels and all is back as it should be. The magstrides are certainly more comfortable for me, but it all depends on the type of shoe I'm wearing on any given day.
Cindy Key
From: JoMark123@aol.com
For severe plantar fasciitis – I would suggest seeing a Chiropractor who can adjust feet. In the meantime move away from the point of pain and use the Palm Mag, CM Cream and Magboy on the calf of the leg that has the problem. If it is in both feet, then continue to move up and work on the lower back. Use the same and when the CM Cream has dried, use a back flex. Plantar Faciitis often comes from the Gastrocnemius and Soleus (calf) muscles becoming shortened and pulling tightly on the Achilles Tendon. It can also be a sign of Sciatica.

Dr. Tom

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Hope for Addison's with some simple tips for you.

Adrenocortical insufficiency usually as the result of idiopathic atrophy or destruction of both adrenal glands by tuberculosis, an autoimmune process, or other diseases; characterized by fatigue, decreased blood pressure, weight loss, increased melanin pigmentation of the skin and mucous membranes, anorexia, and nausea or vomiting; without appropriate replacement therapy, it can progress to acute adrenocortical insufficiency.

Addison’s Testimonials

(These testimonials are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

FROM: kskeller@srt.com
My mother has had Addison's for years and uses many of the products, including the sleep system. Their body is under stress from their disease and can greatly benefit from all of our technologies.
FROM: docbarney@earthlink.net
I worked with a lady who had Addison's Disease. Her feet were so painful she had an appointment to have special $250 shoes made for her, with no guarantee they would help her. In minutes she started getting relief from the magsteps and bought them and a Kenkoseat. They changed her life....she got her feet and her energy back. And she cancelled her appt. for the $250 shoes!

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Back Challenges cause many other issues. We hope these solutions will be a blessing for your life today.

Back Testimonials  2013
(These testimonials are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)
For more information contact John St. John at 281-494-8300 off, or 713-725-1842 Cell
From: Ambmag@mindspring.com
A friend of mine had 4 back surgeries and a week before they were going to put in a morphine pump, he tried the magsteps and back flex and is now doing great without having to have the surgery.  Art  336-854-9808 North Carolina
From: Mike.DiGiuseppe@ciinc.com
At the time I discovered Nikken's magnetic insoles I did not have any discomfort or lack of energy. As a matter of fact I was playing ice hockey three times a week and feeling pretty good overall. Then an outgoing and personable man, who has since become a fantastic friend, introduced me to Nikken, their products, and what the benefits provide to people. Of course I didn't believe a word he said at first...it was the old "Oh no, another sales pitch" and "Magnets! Ya right! You've got to be kidding!"  Then I agreed to a flexibility demonstration. All I can say is "WOW!" Before he could comment on the results I was grinning from ear to ear and giggling like a child! By placing the Flex promo pad in the back of the waist of my pants I gained a tremendous amount of flexibility in my torso. I was all but dumbfounded by what I had just seen with my own eyes and experienced with my own body. He then offered a pair of Magsteps for me to try out while reffing a game that night. So I did...only problem was I put the bumpy side up in my skates. Oh man did that hurt! So in between games I switched over to having the smooth side up. I quickly forgot they were in my skates as the second game was pretty intense. Afterwards, while I was changing out of my reffing gear I remembered that I had the insoles in the skates and realized something; my legs weren't tired at all. In fact they had recovered from sprinting up and down the ice to stay up with the flow of the game even before the game was over!  These products are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE (as is this company) and I am constantly looking for ways to share them with everyone I come into contact with. I urge you all to keep helping people by sharing what we've found...even if you think the person you're talking with has no discomfort at all. Nikken's products help us in the areas we're looking for help in and also in ways we would don't expect!
From: E2dsie@aol.com
My wife has a lower back condition that has bothered her for many years. Since her father has severe joint discomfort we have assumed that she has it too. But we don't know this. A recent trip to the doctor did not confirm the disease in her case, though it did not rule it out either. Linda is much more comfortable from using the flex all the time 24 hours a day. She sleeps much better and snores less on the sleep system--in fact she hardly snores at all anymore. She sits on a Kenko seat at work and finds this helpful.  I personally have greater flexibility and strength from wearing magsteps/strides (one of the other) all the time. I take the multivitamin and I often wear a flex. At 60 I feel better than I have felt in years. People who have known me for a long time say that they have never seen me exhibit such enthusiasm and well being. I attribute this to Nikken--a combination of regained hope for our future b/o the business and use of the products. My wife commented this morning that my positive attitude has grown and that she appreciates my openness to change.  A friends son broke his collar bone while skiing. He had to take ibuprofen at school and codeine at night. After one day of using the Super Mini he was able to stop taking the ibuprofen at school and said that the discomfort was much less.  When his mother saw how Super Mini helped her son and reported a persistent discomfort in elbow area that she has had for years.  She has screws in the elbow. After two days of wearing the wrap + card promo pad she said the discomfort was gone and that the noise made by the screws (when she extended and rotated her arm in a normal manner) was considerably decreased. I can testify to the sound decrease. When I first heard it the sensation was so unpleasant to my ears that I whenced and shuddered. After the two Nikken products I could hardly hear the screws at all.
Sincerely, Ed Hamlett, RN
From: cstrohman@unidial.com
My name is Clare Strohman in Los Osos, California (on the central coast west of San Luis Obispo). Before Nikken I was in generally poor health, lacked energy and was stooped over. I had been to physical therapy, exercise classes, physicians and Chiropractors  throughout my 54 years, but nothing helped me stand up straight and I had upper and lower back agony. I did not notice any difference using the magsteps, but I could get out of bed easier using the Kenkopad. Six months later after also using the nutritionals, my hairdresser of 19 years commented that my hair was thicker and the former auburn color was replacing my current unmanagable gray. That has continued. Then 18 mos after first using the products, I saw my reflection in a store window and didn't even recognize myself for I was standing up straight! I continue to use many of the products including always wearing the magsteps and necklace along with the bracelet and back flex or belt.
For a severe agony I experienced in my jaw joint, I found one mini helped the lower jaw hang straight and additional mini on the other jaw joint kept me quite comfortable. I did however, need to wear a simple plastic splint molded to my upper teeth (sold for athletes in sporting stores), and replace my Kenko pillow, which I adored, with the soft pillow before I could open my mouth and chew comfortably.  I wear minis on both jaw joints when getting my teeth cleaned. This helps me open my jaw wider and more comfortably.
From: magboyfain@hotmail.com
I suffered from back discomfort for over 42 years due to fractures and dislocated vertebrae. I achieved relief in 40 minutes by inserting a flex promo pad in my waistband. I've helped several others with similar problems by using the newer elastomag back belt or the combination of the flex magnet in the pocket of the kenkotherm back belt. These all put the maximum effect of the magnets right on the problem. I also sleep on the kenko pad, but it's the flex and/or the backbelts that make the biggest difference for me!
Regards, Gerry Fain
From: rozkovel@email.msn.com
My name is Roz Kovel. I had chronic lower back discomfort -- 12 years of trying everything including chiropractic, physical therapy, ultrasound, acupuncture, exercise, massage, and drugs – 3 months on the sleep system cleared it up; sleep mask after oral surgery/bone grafts reduced inflammation overnight, I didn't need any pain medication, and after 1 week oral surgeon said my gums looked like 3 weeks of healing; same experience after rotator cuff surgery -- shoulder elastomag and vest helped reduce swelling, I didn't need prescription meds, and had full range of motion back in 2 days (doc said I would not be able to raise my arm over my head for 2 weeks
and when I showed him I could do it in 2 days, he said I was just "strong!")
From: AMPARACOM@aol.com
I hurt my back terribly (felt like I broke it) after 2 days of agony used the Back kit. It was great. I kept the belt on only the Elastomag one for 1 extra week. Just in case. I loved what it did for me. Also, it seemed more convenient than the Flex. I just dressed around it. 
YT, Beatriz
From: wryter@erols.com
I hurt my back last month. I had been using the back flex and FIR wrap along with sleeping on the sleep system and wearing magsteps.  While I got immediate relief from the magcreator, in that I was able to straighten my body after the first 24 hours, I have not been able to handle weight-bearing movements like standing and walking without immense discomfort. So today I decided to use the elastomag belt and I have been comfortable all day. For me the difference is quite remarkable. I think the reason is that the belt covers a larger area. As we all know, pain is not always experienced at its source. Now I do not have to chase the pain.
From: lwill1@bellsouth.net
My sister uses the back flex and magboys regularly. Ten years after a lumbar fracture, she still has the stabilizing pins in her back. She says the products have helped her flexibility and prevent the pain she usually has in her "tweaked" back. Sarah's schedule is that of a professional athlete and includes several hours of training every day. (She hasn't seen the need to have the pins removed although they usually get removed in a year or two.)  I also have a good friend who hasn't taken his Nikken necklace off since he got it several months ago. He has pins in his neck to stabilize
his cervical vertebrae. He can now golf comfortably. Prior to the necklace, he considered giving up the game. I hope this helps.  Lisa Will
From: NGarw10305@aol.com
I had back and neck pain and migraines due to an auto accident in 6/94. I suffered with discomfort everyday from the time I awoke. Afterbeing up about 30 minutes things would get better until around 1PM and then I would have increased discomfort and had to resort to taking 600mg Motrin a lot and Flexoril many nights to sleep. Many nights I would go to better soon after dinner and sometimes before accident. I tried the magsteps only for 8 months. Although my friend told me they had helped people with back discomfort they were not enough for me. Because the magsteps alone didn't solve my problem I didn't try the sleep system. I finally got desperate and tried the sleep system as well and from then on things got much better. I have not taken any medication for almost a year. I feel the sleep system is the key. Obviously the magsteps are great but sometimes the problem can be bigger then what they can do so go with the sleep system always if possible. Hope this is helpful. Use whatever info you think is necessary.
From: Sibyl Brewster sibyl@ourtownusa.net
I was experiencing leg aches which were waking me up at night. I've had the Magsteps in non-stop for several weeks and am sleeping on a Kenkopad. I can't believe the difference!! And my back, which has literally ached for years, does not hurt at all. Amazing!!! 
Sibyl in Hutchinson, Kansas
From: Beulahmama@aol.com
Edward is in pretty good health and is a runner. But we both wear the Magsteps and have the Kenkopad, and they have helped my back. I have had a slipped disk and 2 bulging disk for a long time, and nothing would help, until I tried the magsteps. They have really helped, I can now mop my floors instead of having Ed to mop them. I can also get down on the floor to play with my grandkids, which I couldn't do before.
From: TLWish@aol.com
I had been dealing with increasing pain in my back, hip and foot. Found out it was due to a birth defect in my back. A defect that I share with my father, brother and grandfather. The doctors have not been able to help any of us. Adjustments don't work. They only offer medication and tolerance. I tried a Kenko Flex and the pain left within 3 hours. If I forget to wear it the pain comes back again within 2 days. I know the magnet is working! The magsteps took away the pain in my foot. And sleeping on the kenko pad takes care of my hip. I love these products!!
From: PTVIPRSINC@aol.com
I had a lot of discomfort, problems before Nikken entered my life. I had insomnia, a bad neck problem from 3 whiplashes over a 20 year period of time. My lower back constantly hurt from a car accident from 3 years ago. 6-18-95 I fell while skiing and broke my leg and blew some major ligaments in my knee. 12-09-96. I fell while skiing another time and tore my rotator cuff, (shoulder) 3-02-98. So life was pretty bad with all my aches and discomforts. I had been going to a chiropractor 3 days a week for over 10 years for my constant neck problem and bad headaches. This led to not much sleep due to the level of discomfort. I was taking all kinds of medication too. Muscle relaxers, pain pills. I actually had enough medical bills to claim it on my taxes last year. Then I really finally did it, I had been skiing over 20 years without a serious mishap, and I fell and broke my leg, and lost my ACL, severed it in half, and almost tore the MCL in half. I was in for a long rehab. No surgery though. I wish that I had known about Nikken and the wonderful  products back then, but no such luck. Then one day late in April, 1998, I met a nice lady at Pet Co who was wearing a button that said "Own your life ask me how" We started talking and I shared my body ache stories and she told me about another way to get help. I was ready to try anything for my 20 yr. Headache from my neck spasms. She loaned me a kenko pad an infrared quilt and the soft pillow. I also bought a pair of magsteps, and some Nikken cat. By the 3rd night using the sleep system, I noticed I was getting more sleep dreaming for the first time in a long time, and that my shoulder wasn't as sore. I had torn it March 2, 1998, and slept on the pad the first night was April 29, 1998. By the 5th night,
my low backache was feeling better, I asked her if I could just try it a few more days, and she agreed. By the 8th night I woke without a headache for the first time in 20 yrs. I cried tears of joy. The Magsteps hurt my feet at the beginning, but I just kept them on, and rode out the discomfort. I had been wearing an orthopedic brace that was custom made out of carbon steel ($1000.00) ever since my ski accident. In my job I walk a minimum of 8 miles in a day and carry heavy bags of coins to fill the slot machines. I felt I needed that brace for support and safety. About 1 1/2 weeks after wearing the magsteps May 7th I went to work without the brace for the first time. I haven't  worn it since. I will wear it however while skiing this winter, yes I still ski. Long story short, these  remarkable products saved me from a life of misery and addictive prescription meds, they have literally saved my life, or given me my life back. I use the back flex and back belt, for lower back, I use a mini on my shoulder with nik stix, I use a mini and the knee wrap at night, I wear the gold necklace (a god send) and don't go anywhere without magsteps in my shoes. I have noticed that the longer I am in the magnetic field the better I feel and the stronger my body is becoming.
Lisa T.
From: PatBruner@aol.com
We had a wonderful experience this month with a woman who was suffering chronic back distress for 15 years. Nothing could ease her discomfort. She  drives a lot in connection with her job and was actually on the verge of trading in her car because she was so uncomfortable in the seat. But after her introduction to the KenkoSeat, her back quit hurting. She also uses the KenkoFlex, mostly when
she is working in her yard. Apparently her back used to go into spasms after a few minutes of yard work. So she is really excited and delighted with the products. They just took the demo pad and pillow to try. I think that would be wonderful for her if she likes it. Her mother-in- law became a distributor just because of the help Pam (the daughter-in-law) has received. Phillip Poe suggested I send you above testimony. I had sent it to him.
Pat Bruner
Douglasville, GA
From: mboone@cub.kcnet.org
Became interested in the products when introduced to them because of a bad back, due to training horses for many years, and wondering if I would be able to continue my training due to the discomfort that I had. Then a friend of mine who was a Nikken independent distributor talked me in to trying some of the promo pads and kenko seat. And what a difference it has made. I have cut down the usage of chiropractic treatment almost 75%. And I feel like continuing my training of horses and riders. So now I am an Independent Distributor since October of 98. I am not only using the products on myself, but use them on my training horses for different problems, and also just to help keep them relaxed. Nikken has been a fun business for me.
Mellanie 'Mel' Boone
From: dvandergriff@jajarc.com
We have had wonderful product experiences. I have been discomfort free in my lower back for nearly a year. I credit this to the magsteps  and the Backflex, which I use when playing golf in addition to sleeping on the sleep system. I have not been to a chiropractor in 12 months and used to go routinely (at least once a month). I would not be able to straighten up after golf or other strenuous activity. My wife has been off of her allergy medicine for several months. She also has noticed some improvement in her arthritic joints, especially hands and knees. She was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis after suffering a broken leg. The leg has healed faster due to application of FIR and two minis to the break site in addition to the use of the sleep system.
Doug Vandergriff
From: crackrjk@tomatoweb.com
In Dec 97 I was ready to quit the one thing my wife and I love to do. We raise and train horses, including having a breeding operation, IO also own a manufacturing business. I was on the verge of quitting all of it and retiring because I hurt all the time. It would take me as long as 3 hours to trim and shoe a horse, but with the back flex, magsteps and the necklace I can do it in about 1 hour or less. I back at training and riding more than I have in 5 years. I use to love to get off work at the other shop come home saddle something up and ride for a hour or so. I quit that early in 97, because I could not sit straight in the saddle. I'm now working longer hour and loving it. I also found
it works on horses even better than humans.
From: boz@simflex.com
We decided to join Nikken because of product experiences which relieved my back discomfort. After using the products for ten days, my back discomfort associated with two back surgeries disappeared. After three weeks of sleeping on the products, I was able to stop taking sleeping pills of which I had used for 1.5 years. We bought the sleep system shortly after these life changing experiences. Learning about the business we were so engrossed about magnetics and far-infra-red we knew nothing about the nutritional products, except had heard they were good. I was diagnosed with Chrons Disease about six years ago and go to the Chrons Clinic in Chapel Hill. I have this disease in my small intestine. Less than 5% of the persons having this disease have it there. The surgical solution is not as easy as in the large intestine. I have never had surgery but it has taken me 5 years to get off steroids and a lot of other expense, high powered, bad for you, drugs. I have been taking 6mp, (a drug used to treat leukemia in children) and pentasa. When I started taking Nikken nutritionals, I could tell the difference almost immediately. I couldn't remember if I had taken my Chrons medicine or not. Then, I started to monitor not taking the medicine at all. I was able to get off the medication entirely in about three weeks. That has been over three months now
and I feel the best I have felt in years. I would not have attempted this without the knowledge of what the sleep system does for you particularly the comforter, with my condition. These products are wonderful they have changed my life!!!!
From: PatBruner@aol.com
A friend had been involved in a major fender bender and hurt all over, to the point it was interfering with her quality of life. The accident had also activated an old back injury. I found out about the accident about four days or so after it had happened. At that time she had gone to a massage therapist and was unhappy with her results, since she actually hurt worse. Guess what? She noticed a difference in her comfort level after only two or three nights on the demo pad. She was also using the Kenkoseat, since she drives a lot in her work. After a week, she returned the products and said she felt as if she had never had the accident. She was astonished and kept a couple of the products to show her father out of state. The prescription a physician had written her to get physical therapy was still sitting in her car unused. I still get a thrill when someone feels better after using the products.
Pat Bruner
From: cmsinc@mindspring.com
I am a stay at home Mom with two kids. Home schooling my 5 yr. old. I suffered for 4 years with chronic back discomfort and spasms.  My energy level decreased and my agony increased every year. I hurt all over, all of the time. I noticed a difference on Nikken's sleep system within 3 weeks. Within 3 months I was a new person. It just keeps getting better and better!
Schelli Whitehouse
From: bobodea@onemain.com
In 1990 and 1991, I had lower back surgeries done. The operations stopped the pain in my hips and legs. They did not, however, stop my back from hurting. I'm a general contractor and painter. What I did at work during the day decided what I was able to do at night. I walked  like a 90 year old man. At the time of the surgeries I was 35. I walked bent over until I could grab a doorframe or  something high enough to pull myself upright. This went on till April of 1999. That was the third month of sleeping on the full mattress sleep system. We became distributors in Jan. of 99. Bought the sleep system in Feb. The first month was tough getting used to a new mattress. It felt like concrete compared to our old mattress. The second month was worse. My back hurt in places it hadn't hurt for a long time. I was ready to sleep somewhere else. My upline is in the med profession and he told me to stick it out. That this was my body going back through some old problems and injuries. The third month was an improvement daily. Each morning was better than the previous day. By the end of the third month I could stand up straight in one motion and do it quickly. I could drive long distances and get out of the car and do the same. I was one of the people who did not get immediate positive results from the sleep system. I still tell everyone this story. The sleep system is
worth 10 times what it cost me. I love it.
Bob in Illinios
From: MYORXLADY@aol.com
I just sold a Kenko Seat to a client with a cracked tailbone and she's using it day (and night - on her bed). Felt relief in 4 days!
From: PozChoices@5Pillars.com
I watched Richard, my husband, struggle with back problems for years--sometimes to the point of being immobilized for days. A pair of Magsteps helped with a heel problem and set the stage for us to enter Nikken. Within 90 days Richard's back was 10 years better. Today it is 20 years better. We have changed our lives, the lives of our family members and the lives of complete strangers just by asking them to walk, stand, sit and sleep on Nikken products. I started in the computer industry in 1984 and saw it explode. When I saw Nikken---I knew the Wellness Industry would be bigger than the computer industry. And if my computer sales J.O.B. had been network marketing I would
already be wealthy! I love the idea of continuing to get paid tomorrow, for my efforts of today---all the while, making a difference in someone's health.
Jo and Richard Smith
Raleigh, NC
919-878-8278 or 888-592-7406
From: compsvc@candwbvi.net
Hi my name is Jacqueline Richardson. A job injury in October 1999 left me with a cervical injury to C6 and C7, with spinal cord and nerve compression, nerve damage and injury to my right hand. I had cervical surgery in January 2000 to replace a disc in my neck that was causing the compression. Following the surgery the pain and swelling increased severely. The medications did not work and my condition got worst. I developed facial pain, multiple trigger points in my upper body that send radiating pain throughout my entire body.  My doctors documented that I would be unable to return to secretarial work and would need extensive physical therapy with injections which could only guarantee me about a 80% recovery at best. I could do no domestic work and I was in constant pain and slept about three hours a night. My sister-in-law in Orlando told me about the Nikken products and we went to Orlando to check them out. Within two days of using the sleep system, neck wrap, insoles, magboys and magcreator all my pain and swelling were gone and I stopped wearing big cervical collar  for the first time in four months. After such a dramatic product experience I became a distributor. About a week after, I went to the Spine Care Center and after being examined by two doctors was told that I was in great health. They were amazed after examining my doctor's reports, x-rays, MRI and seeing such a drastic change, especially in my range of motion. I told them about the Nikken products I had been using and they said that they could not argue with the success.
Jackie Richardson
From: joan@sotkin.com
I have a curvature of the spine -- one curve on top at T3, T4, T5 and the other at the base of my spine. (It's an S curve). For a long time, I had discomfort on my left hip. It often got so bad that I'd have a massage just to release the discomfort at that spot. I also needed a chiropractic adjustment about once a month. (It had been much worse that that, but a series of physical therapy treatments with microcurrent and myofascial massage helped a lot.) I taped a promo pad over the spot on my hip for a few nights and the discomfort pretty much disappeared. After about a month on the sleep system, all discomfort is gone. I also do not need chiropractic adjustments as often. When I went to the chiropractor this week, there was a very noticeable change in my spine. The type of adjustment I needed was different from anything I had in the past.
From: al8072@email.msn.com
BY ACCIDENT we got introduced to Nikken, a car accident. As a result, I walked like a man with a stroke, dragging my left leg. My left arm, left hip and left elbow and lower back were in agony. I'd been in that condition for nine months. While under doctor's care, I took 4,000 mg of medicine to try to ease the agony. I began to spit up blood every morning because of the damage to my stomach from the pills. Thank God for a friend, Dee Smith. On a Saturday, she loaned me the Nikken magnetic insoles for my feet, a magnetic wrap for my knee, and a magnetic back pad. My lower back was feeling noticeably better within the first hour. My knee and all the discomfort that went the full length of my leg was gone by Tuesday. Matter of fact, I felt so good that I even mowed my own yard, which I'd been paying to have mowed all summer. I was like a colt let out of a barn. I finished off Tuesday and Wednesday by mowing four other people's yards. Thursday, I went back to my doctor and massage therapy. Both of these health professionals noticed a complete change in my mobility and both of them said, "I guess we are finally on the right track," (like they were the ones  responsible. Ha)  My lower back had been full of dreadful spasms for nine months. That was the last appointment I've had with any doctor in regards to my car accident. I now sleep on the Nikken deluxe magnetic sleep system and drink magnetized water, sit on a magnetic seat in my car and
take the Nikken nutritional supplements.
From: lionel2@centurytel.net
Our Initial Nikken Experiences, by Lionel and Rendie Young
From Rendie: For 7 years, I've suffered with a low back problem that many times would go out and I'd be down for days. In 1998, I was on my back on the floor, on a stack of blankets for over a month. Then in Jan., 2000, I slipped and fell, putting all my weight on my left ankle. Six weeks later we learned some bones on the top of my left foot were cracked. After braces, crutches and much therapy, I was still limping in Jan., 2001. Now, my lower back problem had increased in agony and was down my right hip, leg and knee. I had to sleep with a pillow between my legs and slightly shake my right leg to tolerate the discomfort, so I could go to sleep.  In January 2001, a friend at Denton Bible Church noticed my limping and asked why. She asked if I'd ever heard of Nikken products.  She said the sleep system did wonders for her body discomforts. She had an extra one for company and offered to loan it to me. You can imagine what I was thinking. How could a Nikken 2 inch thick mattress pad help me with all my agony? (I didn't realize then, it wasn't just another sleep system, there was powerful technology incorporated into it.) However, after years of suffering and no relief in sight,  except major surgery (which I was in the process of investigating) I WAS READY TO TRY ANYTHING. She said for her, it only took five nights, but every situation is different and it could take several days up to a few months for me to get some relief.  I slept on her Nikken mattress pad for about a week and noticed I no longer needed a pillow between my legs and didn't need to shake my leg to go to sleep. Even my former dry, cracked heel was normal within 3 months. One of the greatest things now is to walk without  limping. Normally, as it nears evening, my back problem creates discomfort, so I look forward to crawling into my bed on MY OWN Nikken mattress pad. Within 10 minutes, I have NO discomfort at all. I don't want to EVER be without a Nikken sleep system again. I even ordered the Nikken travel pad and sat on it to fly to Indiana to visit my children, then slept on it while there.

How does it work? I really don't know or care!   What it has done for me is nothing less than miraculous. I highly recommend the Nikken  sleep system because of my personal experience with it.  From Lionel: For several years, I've had extreme discomfort in my lower back and neck. All treatments were to no avail. I thought surgery was inevitable. Then, in November, 2000, my right leg was run over by the dual rear wheel of a motor home. Miraculously, there were no broken bones but within a few weeks, I started having a lot of discomfort in my foot and knee, where the dual
tires of motor home had compressed my leg against the concrete road. Needless to say, my body was screaming at me at this time. When we learned about the Nikken products, I decided to try them for my hurting. After all, I'd tried nearly everything else, why not give this "snake oil treatment" at try (which I so ignorantly called it)? What did I have to lose? After trying the sleep system, I noticed a considerable amount of relief. After adding the shoe insoles, there was no more discomfort in my foot. The necklace provided relief to my neck and the 5 " x 7 " back pad is working great to relieve my lower back discomfort. Was all this a coincidence or in my mind? I think not. What do you think?
Lionel & Rendie Young (940)321-8466
From: pacificwellnessgroup@telus.net
I was diagnosed, through a medical scan, with an herniated disk in my lower back which caused excruciating pain in my lower back as well as sciatica radiating down my legs (sometimes the right leg and sometimes the left leg, particularly behind my knee and in my calf).  I also suffered loss of feeling in the outer edge of both of my feet. I struggled with this for over 2 years, at times wriggling in pain for days on end ... falling asleep from exhaustion at 3 or 4 in the morning. Moreover, I felt I had lost my youthful life .... Before this happened, I was an avid runner, loved skiing with our kids, backpacking, playing tennis .... all that was lost!!  My family physician told me "I'd have to learn to live with it ...her husband had the same problem and just to bear-with". Both  chiropractors I saw only seemed to make it worse. The Physio-therapist tried his best but I found no relief from his length series of sessions. I read book after book on back problems - tried their recommended exercises but, again, no benefits. The neurologist indicated that I was a good candidate for surgery and after struggling with no real relief for over 2 years, I, with great reservations, accepted his
recommendation that I'd have to have surgery.  As fate would have it, just as we were waiting for a date for surgery, a colleague at work told me about Nikken's magnetic products and the benefit it had had on helping to aid with healing of his wife's shattered ankle. Typically, I'm a fairly skeptical person but ... the timing was right and I was more willing to consider alternative means with the hopes of avoiding surgery. I must admit that I did not at all believe that these products would do anything .... particularly after so many medical professionals had tried and thought that back surgery was necessary. My husband was the more open-minded one and encouraged me to give it a try. To my great SURPRISE, after sleeping on the sleep system, wearing the back flex all day (and sometimes at night) and wearing the magnetic vest at times, I woke up on the 14th  day with absolutely NO discomfort in my back or legs, feeling was restored in my outer feet .... I was on "CLOUD NINE".  Typical of a skeptic, however, I still couldn't quite believe that it was the magnetics that enabled this to happen. Nevertheless, I was thrilled and raced forward with renewed energy, free of pain. I was SO ready to reclaim by previous active life back. It was only after setting out on a weekend backpacking trip 3 weeks later with our family, with a 50 pound back-pack, that I came to fully RESPECT the value that Nikken had brought to our lives. That first evening, after crawling into my sleeping bag, I started to feel that old pain set into  my lower back. At 3AM I woke in agony and fear as to how I was going to be able to get out of the wilderness - I had visions of being air-lifted by helicopter and my husband having to struggle back up the mountain with our kids in tow. Of course, I had not come prepared with ANY of Nikken's products ....but then my husband indicated to me that he had his magsteps in his hiking boots and perhaps they'd help. Well I never thought I'd relish a pair of COLD, "stinky" magnets so much. Within minutes of tucking them into my pajamas, I felt
the discomfort ease and by morning, I was free of any discomfort and able to enjoy the rest of our family weekend.  Since that day, over a year and a half ago, we have helped so so many people with back challenges. I'd be happy to talk with anyone who is suffering with back problems and encourage them to give Nikken's products (and themselves) a chance.  Phone # 250-598-0876
Steve and Kathie Martin, Victoria, B.C., Canada
From: clvision@5Pillars.com
As a guy who is has been in nursing since 1977, I thought my middle name was "crane". Us guys are literally abused in the system, no matter how well we utilize good body mechanics. We are always called upon to do most if not all of the lifting - of anything. After so many years of lifting and tugging, etc., and living with a herniated disk for 9 years or so, I finally had surgery after my disk ruptured.
L5-S1 - not the best place for one to rupture. They discovered I also had degenerative disk disease as well. I was told it would migrate up my spine progressively and there would be nothing I could do about it except take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Motrin, Nuprin, Naprosyn, Alleve, etc. I can't take these medications so that was out. I had a laminectomy in May 1999 and met our Janette Robinson - a Wellness Consultant - later in the same month literally on the beach. I had to have assistance just getting up from the sand I was so stiff and sore. A year later, we finally had our sleep system and what a difference it made in reducing my stiffness and discomfort in the morning - every morning. I still have stiffness in the morning but I can MOVE now where I could not before. I have slept on the "system" going on my second year now and it has increased my flexibility tremendously compared to the days before our sleep system.  However, I have found that when I use my MagSteps along with my Elastomag back support, I have SO much more comfort that is longer lasting. My flexibility prior to using these products was documented at about 45%. I have improved my flexibility without increasing any discomfort to around 70% just by incorporating these products into my daily life. I wore my support for about 18 months EVERY day to get to this level of comfort. Trust me, when I don't use my back support, I know it. It takes about 48 hours for me to get back to a normal level of comfort after being off of it for several weeks - I did this on purpose to see if it really made a difference. So I know from my personal experience, it does. I have also noticed that taking the nutritionals and joint compound helps sustain my "comfort zone".
Forgetting to take the nutritionals negatively impacts the efficacy of the Far-infrared and the magnetics, based on my personal experience.  I cannot arrest the progression of my disease but I can decrease the rate of that progression and decrease my undeniable discomfort along
the way. Hey, and I can be happy along the way too!  Robb - www.5pillars.com/forwardvision
From: rkotter@5pillars.com
In 1994, our young son was injured in an accident that left him writhing in terrible agony. We were afraid his back or his neck might be broken. An ambulance took him to the emergency room, where they said his tailbone was badly injured, that this was a very painful type of injury and that there was very little they could do for him. They were right, even the pain medication did very little to help him. He was in bed and in tears. He couldn't go to school; he couldn't play soccer; he couldn't even get out of bed without help.  Rich's brother had told us about the Nikken products. Yes, we were skeptical, but we decided to try them on our son. What did we have to lose? Our son was in agony and we wondered if he would have back problems the rest of his life from this injury. Imagine how delighted we were: one day he was in bed and in tears and the very next day he got out of bed, he went to school, and he was back playing soccer again, just like nothing had happened. We said, "WOW! What in the world have we got our hands on?" That was the first of so many
heart warming experiences of seeing smiles on the faces of people feeling better. It's now been several years since then, and our son still feels great and he still uses the Nikken products, and so does the rest of the family. We used to go to the chiropractor all the time, but we haven't needed to, since we've been using the Nikken products. We are healthier than we have ever been, and have saved tons of money on doctor bills.  We receive powerful testimonials from others every day. That's because Nikken products often provide dramatic, life-changing results. Nikken's advanced wellness technologies are applied to address major concerns of modern living: discomfort, stress, health and wellbeing.  This is an opportunity that pays very well in money and in satisfaction. Since we decided to share the Nikken products and opportunity with others, we are earning a great income, and it feels good to know that every dollar earned represents someone feeling better.
Rich & Ronda Kotter - 406-259-8893
From: patipatrick@5pillars.com
I am a Nikken Platinum Wellness Consultant. I have Fibromyalsia, Degenerative Disk Disease, 3 disk operations, chronic pain for 15 years, and had to use many drugs to keep going. Nikken gave me a life again. I'm also a PT 3-5 times a week. I am doing the business to  get the word out that there is an alternative to drugs and surgery.
Pati Patrick, Platinum
(843) 681-5678 Home
Web: www.5pillars.com/patipatrick
From: fstricklandhsd@earthlink.net
Prior to becoming a wellness consultant two years ago, I was having difficulty walking, sitting, standing and enduring numbness on my left side down to my toes. After an MRI, it was revealed that I had a bulging disc and some arthritics. I was given a series of three steroid injections. If the third injection did not relieve my discomfort, I was told I would have to look at surgery. (I had already tried vioxx.) After the last injection, I was feeling great with no discomfort for approximately two and one-half months and then the numbness and discomfort began to reappear.
Fortunately, a friend introduced me to the products and told me how they had helped her with a similar health challenge. Immediately, I began to use the sleep system, back belt, insoles, nutritionals (especially Emerald Harvest) and lots of water. After six weeks, I could begin to see improvements in my discomfort as well as my total quality of life. I have continued to use the above products consistently and I have no discomfort - no surgery - no medication and lots of energy!

From: savard@5pillars.com
I suffered for over 12 years with what was called a degenerative disc, in my lower back. I was a construction contractor and worked hard. My wife often had to help me put my cloths on in the morning. I hurt when I got up, I hurt during the day, and I hurt when I went to bed at  night. Sometimes I wandered around the house at night, wondering if I would be able to provide for my children. The doctors had me on a prescription that had some awful side effect on my stomach. When I heard about Nikken and the products, it made me mad to think someone would come up with such a ridiculous idea and take advantage of my condition!!!!!!!!!!! Today I sleep on a Nikken bed, I wear magsteps all the time, and I am more often than not wearing the Kenko flex over the area of the problem. I drink lots of water and have not had a pill in the 3 years since I started on the Nikken products. I am a happy healthy man again, and my wife likes me better than ever now. I was a regular visitor to the chiropractor, but have not seen him since starting on the products, other than to tell him about the products.
Don Savard
From: hog9heaven@aol.com
I have been a registered nurse for 19 years. For 8 of those years I worked with the fine people of our community in the emergency room of our local hospital in Littleton. I worked two 12-hour shifts (graveyard) on the weekends. I was an unstoppable, "Ever-Ready bunny" until one morning in February, 1998. I was at work when I was overcome by a sudden change in my well-being. During the course of an hour, I became extremely light-sensitive, felt as if someone had placed a seashell over my head and began pushing me toward the floor. An urgent, pressing, horrible feeling seized my head. My own ER docs were not sure what was wrong. I spent the next 10 days in the
hospital in a darkened, quiet room (not unlike a tomb, I suppose) and received IV medications hourly to relieve my agony. I was tortured by light, sound, dizziness, nausea, and head-hurting beyond description. My senses were under attack. Many months and many physicians later, we finally discovered what the problem was. In essence a hole, origin unknown, the size of a fifty-cent piece was found in the coverings of my spinal cord. The hole provided the port through which the fluid of my spine drained out not unlike pulling the plug in a full tub of water. Imagine with me, blown out tires on an 18 wheeler traveling 70 miles per hour down I-80. Could that be repaired with a fix-a-flat? NO!! A patch-job was attempted but to no avail. A few weeks later when the hole was located, a Denver-based neurosurgeon determined that my condition necessitated a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The specialists at this world-renowned medical facility had
first-hand experience with my problem.  So, in July 1998, we drove to Rochester where I was further diagnosed and immediately had surgery. As you might suppose, this was not a minor procedure. My neurosurgeon called it "an extensive patch job". He further indicated that I could expect to remain with certain functional and comfort limitations for the rest of my life. (Not a very happy prospect for a 38-year-old mother of seven.) After more procedures at Mayo in the fall of the same year, the patch finally held and the other small holes that had developed were successfully
closed. The physicians were expressly concerned that the coverings were so damaged that they would be forever delicate and subject to tearing. 

The 18 months following the surgery were no picnic either. I could not tolerate bending over as my back and side would not permit it and my head felt like it would explode. Surely I had had enough of that! I remained super-sensitive to light to the extent that I had to wear glacier-type sunglasses outdoors and tinted plano lenses indoors. I could not be hugged as I could not tolerate the jarring or the usual back-patting. This was hardest on my children (the youngest was 18 months old at the time.) I lost feeling in the skin on my back and side, and the deeper discomfort in my mid-torso prevented me from lifting much of anything. In fact the surgeon told me never to attempt to lift objects heavier than a pillow. For the next few months I was kept upright by prescription  medications and sheer will-power.  Enter Nikken. I thought it was a bit ridiculous (okay, very ridiculous-after all I was an experienced, competent ER nurse at a local trauma center!!) But I respected the person who brought these products to my attention. After 10 days of wearing the back flex, I noticed a difference. After about 2 months on all the products, I experienced significant reduction in my limitations. At 4 months into the process I noticed that my side, back muscles, and skin felt and worked normally again. At 5 months I no longer needed to wear tinted glasses
indoors or dark glasses outdoors. Within 9 months of being on the complete sleep system (magnetic mattress, magnetic pillow, and the far infrared quilt), and using insoles, magnetic jewelry and small easy-to-conceal magnets during the day, I was completely liberated from the agony that held me bound during the previous 24 months. I came to understand that my recovery was a process, not a single event.  I am now free to carry on the normal life of a busy mother and wife and be demonstratively loved by my children. The three youngest are boys. I now jump on the trampoline with them!  My story is not a miracle of a supernatural nature. To the contrary, it is the miracle that the body can accomplish when placed in the proper environment and given a chance to heal itself. It is quite ironic and special to me that the products of the company that has changed my life greatly esteems hugs and the energy they exchange! Oh how I like hugs Take a serious look at these products but more importantly the business opportunity that Nikken provides. There is purpose and vision  here. The psychological income from helping people is priceless. The monetary reward can be life changing not only for you but also for your posterity. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to explore Nikken thoroughly.  Wellness and balance in all facets of life is the key. We look forward to serving with you and helping you on your journey. Health, prosperity and happiness to you.
Sheri and Bob Bacon - http://www.5pillars.com/795914600/
From: carlas@direct.ca
I always remember having lower back discomfort even as a kid, but didn't attribute it to much other than climbing trees and sliding into second base too many times. About five years ago, I was having so much discomfort that I could hardly sit at my desk and any sports activity came to a grinding halt. There was a time when traveling, that I had to be transported around the airport in a wheel chair because my back was so bad. Although I was going for massage and chiropractic adjustments a few times a week, the benefits were short lived. I was finally diagnosed with a condition that is curvature of the spine. I was told that "there was nothing they (the medical doctors) could
do... and well, you know the line, "you'll just have to live with it".  My husband came home with a pair of magsteps, which looked to me like Mickey Mouse ears, and a large magnet (flex) for my back.
The first few days were brutal! My back hurt even more, and it felt hot and sweaty. Apparently, the person that sold it to us told me "it was a good thing"... " that my body was detoxifying... and drink 8 glasses of water". Yeah right. Anyhow I did as I was told & I persevered, and the next thing I noticed was that I had more energy at the end of the day. My legs were not feeling as tired, and I certainly
was able to do more. My back was feeling stronger and the discomfort felt certainly less when I was wearing the back flex and insoles together.  Next I bought the sleep system- the most important product Nikken offers. The rest is history. I haven't been back to my chiropractor since, I am back to playing beach volleyball, and now I wear the products for maintenance. I may have been skeptical, but I wasn't stupid.  I knew that if the company had 33 million customers... there must be something to this stuff.
From: Bellman@prodigy.net
I have had a unique change with a back injury. I suffered for 5 years from a muscle/nerve damage from an auto accident. With the use of these awesome products, I went from a collapsing/labored walk to a normal gate/jogging in only one year! The doctors (Mayo Clinic) said that I needed surgery and would eventually be in a wheelchair. Today, I twist, bend, lift and even jog! My faith kept me pressing on, until an "angel" introduced me to NIKKEN. Now, I'm sharing the 5 Pillars of Health to anyone and everyone.
Linda Skinner
From: marjensuss@mindspring.com
How many people, including myself, suffered from back discomfort for years, and now using our wonderful products, don't even know we have backs? I personally suffered for 30 years and haven't had a problem since I started using our products 4 ½ years ago. One of these  days the medical profession in this country will get out of the box they are stuck in. Those of us that are out of the box are slowly educating them one at a time, but in the meantime, remember, surgeons make their living by cutting. Let the buyer beware. If you have back discomfort, try something out of the box first. The back you save may be your own. Another ex-doctor and proud of it.
Mark Sussman
From: meinjay@mail.com
My brother has a tens unit implanted and has had 12 back operations over a period of 25years. He is 57 and was unable to support himself when I got involved with Nikken. He was in constant "discomfort." The tens unit just kept him from screaming--just took the edge off.  For the past 3 years, he has had the tens unit turned off (it causes some pain by itself). He wears the flex all day, tucked into his waistband  on the low back, necklace drawn tight like a chocker to hit the upper vertebrae, magsteps, and sleeps on the sleep system with hard pillow.  He uses the sleep mask when his sinus flare up; tapes a mini on each side of his spine at the neck if he bulges a neck disk (this used to be excruciating and he would be in bed for two weeks--now he is back to his daily routine after a day or so). Thank you Nikken for giving him back his life.

I have degenerative disease of the back, among many other challenges. I literally was kept working at a very physical job, in a Deli for three years, thanks to Nikken products. My problem was in the lower back, so I used the FIR back belt and flex, magsteps, and the bed pad. I would suggest the following for the neck area. A supper mini on either side of the neck, or the elastomag for the neck. The mini's will penetrate further, and not be so hot. Also the use of the magboys, rubbed over, and around the area, as well as spun for a few minutes might help. The necklace could be worn all the time, and certainly should be considered for that. I haven't had mine off in 4 years. Haven't
had a headache in that time, and it has helped with my neck a lot.
Cindy Willis
From: alpaxton@cox.net
I have a friend with Spondylarthritis ankylosis. His entire spine is fused with the exception of his neck vertebrae. He is one of the lucky ones whose vertebrae fused with his back straight. He slept on the mattress pad and says he hasn't felt that good in twenty years. He wears the necklace and belt during the day and has a lot more energy than in a long time.
From: windilworth@sunvalley.net
I was diagnosed with an arthritic condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis in 1990. This condition begins in the spine and can effect every joint in the body as well as eyes and sometimes the aorta. The joints and vertebrae grow spurs to eventually fuse each joint into solid bone. There is a great deal of discomfort and disability attached to this. Often people are unable to hold the head up and become completely fused looking at the ground in a stooped, humped condition.  Treatment includes exercise to keep muscles strong around the spine in order to keep good posture. Relief has been found only is serious anti-inflammatory medication. I was on 1700 mg daily of oral NSAIDS plus injections systemically every 3 months for 9 years. I was able to cut my medication in half after sleeping on the sleep system and wearing back flex, insoles and necklace. In fact I never had to have
another injection. Since JOINT came out and I took 6 each day for 3 weeks when I eliminated Rx meds completely from my routine. I now maintain on 3 JOINT per day in addition to all of the other bio-directed nutrition for women. I was also Post polio and osteoarthritic and I truly have my life back. The magboy in my purse is still used occasionally for acute discomfort, but that is even rare.
From: rletbhco@msn.com
I had a client who had an operation on his back and was interested in the PalmMag for relief of discomfort. While I using the PalmMag over the lower back I began moving the unit over his entire back especially the spine. I also held the unit over the top of his head not touching him and stood him on the Magsteps. He could feel the tingling in his feet through his shoes. After about 20 minutes he asked me what I had done to him. I asked why and he explained that he had another operation some years ago and they fussed his vertebrae in his neck and as a result he had limited ability to turn his head side to side. In addition to relieving some discomfort in his lower back, he could now turn his head sideways farther than before. He could not believe it had an immediate effect on him. Needless to say, he purchased the unit on the spot.
From: angelmine9@msn.com
The PalmMag is pretty incredible. I have a friend of mine that never believed in Nikken products and did not give any of it a real try until the PalmMag came along. She was in several car accidents and has chronic discomforts in the neck and lower back area. I showed her the PalmMag and asked her if she wanted to check it out. I put it on her lower back for 10 minutes and we heard this pop in her back and her back felt so much better. She could not believe it. Two months later she tripped on the cement and fell and aggravated her neck and back so she called me to see if I could help her. When she arrived I noticed she could barely walk and after 45 minutes of the PalmMag and laying on the sleep system she walked out of my house in tears of happiness that her discomforts had disappeared. She called me several times to thank me for my patients and persistence on helping her.
From: ejwintrich@wideopenwest.com
My husband works very hard physically. The other evening he made a wrong move and could not stand up straight because he was in so much discomfort. Somehow he made it to bed and used the PalmMag on his back. He fell asleep and it was probably an hour when he woke up and could get out of bed and stand up straight. For the rest of the night he used the Back Flex. No discomfort the following  morning! He knows our products are great but this REALLY impressed him.

From: magnetx@mindspring.com
I’m working with a woman over 70 with severe scoliosis and she gets relief from the back therapy kit. She’s very happy with it and that is all she has.
From: randrews@sc.rr.com
My wife was diagnosed by her doctor to have severe scoliosis and several other serious problems in her back. The doctor even wrote a prescription for a medication that would help to relieve the discomfort. The prescription has never been filled. My wife has a high threshold when dealing with extreme discomfort, but she attributes the products with helping her to live with the problem and to do so with such great relief that she is able to function very well. She uses the complete comfort system when sleeping. And, when she is up and about, she wears a back flex in a back belt. She also takes three joint pills every day and wears Magstrides in any shoes into which
they fit.
From: wellness@cinci.rr.com
My sister has spinal stenosis and was scheduled for surgery. She used the back flex, joint formula and PiMag water. After about 3 weeks she felt well enough to cancel her surgery. This occurred about a year ago and she is still improved and has no plans to reschedule her surgery. She still has problems and you can tell when watching her walk or get up from a sitting position, but she is much improved.
From: mlevitt@altalodge.com
My problem is stenosis (buildup of calcium between c4-c6) which was creating waves of numbness radiating down both arms, detected by MRI. The episodes of the waves of numbness had been increasing through the years (about 20 years) until they were happening every other day. The doctor told me to consider surgery (roto-rootering the calcium from the spinal column) - Nikken had just launched the necklace. Within 4 months of wearing the necklace 24/7, the waves of numbness essentially stopped. I still get an occasional episode (2 or 3 a year), but that is significantly better than it had been.
From: bob@wynman.com
Spondylolysis can lead to spondylolisthesis, with which I was diagnosed 9/9/75. The date's fixed in my memory because of the intense pain I experienced after foolishly lifting a 200# rock into our pickup bed. I could not move from lying on my back for several days & then only to crawl to the bathroom. X-rays showed vertebra L5 had slid forward about 3/8" on S1 & I was told my walking days were over & that I must take pain pills for life & have surgery (they planned to take donor bone from both my shins to use to fuse 3-4 vertebrae).  I refused the surgery, wore a stiff plastic jacket that compressed my innards about 4" toward my spinal cord for about 30 months & it
enabled me to continue practicing dentistry & even walk a bit. Daily abdominal exercises enabled me to eventually get out of the strait jacket, walk, run, x-c ski & resume a normal life. But every time I forgot to do those daily exercises, the problem would return & I'd be back in the plastic jacket for 2-3 weeks.  Until Nikken!! I no longer do any special exercises at all & I've not worn the plastic jacket since wearing MagSteps, Back Flex, sleeping in the Sleep System, drinking 100% of my fluid intake as Pimag Living Water. Except for being careful how I lift & avoiding work requiring cotton-picking posture, I have no restrictions & no one notices I've ever had a back problem.
Dr. Bob Wynman
From: magnetic@ulster.net
I've been working with a person who broke his lower back 16 years ago. The discomfort has been so bad that he's been on pain killers for a long time, most recently a form of codeine that leaves him foggy and exhausted. He's working with a doctor to get off the codeine, but the pain is so intense it's been hard for him to do so.  I did J.E.T kinesiology testing with him that I learned from a James Stevens training. He got decidedly stronger with our "Joint Formula."  I tested for amount and he was strongest with 3 a day. Tested him with the insoles and back belt and his strength increased. I used the PalmMag on him with CM cream for about 20 minutes. I loaned him the back belt, CM cream for him to use until his order came through, and a pad. He bought a bottle of Joint and insoles I had on hand. I told him to use the CM cream 3 times a day and take the Joint formula 3 times a day, and also added the pillow as I told him his spine would be aligned better. I called him back in another few days, and he said that he wasn't feeling any pain! I was so thrilled for him. It's a wonderful feeling helping someone get their life back.
From: Miriam5107@aol.com
I had back surgery almost 2 years ago in which 3 vertebra were fused with bone scraped from my hip. The vertebra were also held  together with 3 titanium rods and 6 screws. The surgery took care of my problem successfully. I got the surgeon's permission to use the travel pad, pillow, travel blanket which zips into a pillow, back flex. He would only let me use them when I got to the room upstairs, not in the recovery room.
I had a bit of a problem convincing him at first but when I said I would cancel the surgery without them, he relented. He was leery of putting the back flex on the incision, but I assured him that it would work on the outside and didn't have to be put right on the skin. My results were nothing short of miraculous. I got off the heavy pain medication so fast the nurses were talking about me to everyone.  On one occasion when the bandage was changed the nurse forgot to put the back flex on again. I knew it in 2 hours when I needed pain  medication way too early! I also took my PiMag water bottle and drank nothing but that. I became allergic to the tape on my back and my
sister put Pi concentrate on the welts and they healed right up! When I came home, we continued the drop on the incisions and they healed beautifully. The surgeon thinks he did a great job. I think it was the Nikken products.
From: kzdnski@comcast.net
Last April I developed 2 ruptured discs, one at L4-5 and the other at L5-S1. I had all the classic symptoms, numbness, couldn't walk, etc. I saw one of the neurosurgeons at the university where I work. Her advice was to continue to treat this supportively because the statistics say that most people will need to go back to surgery after 5-8 years due to scar tissue, and that the pain may not be aleviated even with the original surgery in some cases.  I was in agony. I called my friend who was selling these hokey magnets...I got the backflex, (already had the inserts but they didn't work
for this), used the Palm Mag and this aleviated the pain but the BIGGEST difference for me was taking the Joint & Liver supplements and using the CM cream. Within 48-72 hours I was off the oxycodone, off the Viox; pain was reduced to about a 4, then within several days it  continued to decrease to nothing!! THIS is how I got interested in Nikken.  I started with 9 Joint tabs/day for 3 weeks, then decreased to 6 for 2 months, then down to 3 which is what I maintain on. Some days I do not even think to take it. I intermittently wear the backflex, but always wear it when I am cleaning, working out, etc. And yes, getting  those abdominal muscles in shape is THE biggest factor in supporting that back, so I do a number of back exercises nightly before bed.  The discs did heal. The key is that I was willing to give it 6months to see if it improved...lit didn't even take 2 weeks!! Our Nikken products made ALL the difference.
From: magnetic@ulster.net
A friend lifted a 50 LB bag of cement wrong. By evening he was in great pain. You could see the slipped disc. I used the magcreator using the roll out method, after that when over it in a back and fourth method for about 3 minutes than I concentrated on the area of his back with the magboy making sure they were spinning. Within 15 minutes the disc had moved back into place. I gave a roll out for the next 2 weeks the same way as described above. I never cease to be amazed by these products.
From: magna-eagle1@bresnan.net
My daughter, Laura, experienced a major car accident and almost severed the spine in half. She had a fusion done to T10, 11, 12 and L1 to repair the spine damage. There was extensive tearing of muscle, tendon, and ligament. When we got her home two days after the operation we had her use the PalmMag several times a day. She kept the flex in all the time and slept on a full Nikken sleep system (pillow, quilt and mattress  mid-February she had traveled by air to Chicago, Tulsa, OK, Atlantic City, NJ, and Atlanta, GA. How many people do you know who can claim to be traveling all over the east coast and Midwest within one month of a major back fusion?  The PalmMag, flex, and full sleep system have made a believer of my daughter, her husband, and many others. The products work and work well. Without Nikken products AND the magnificent surgical skills of Vanbilts Medical staff my daughter may not be alive today.  She is now active and was off pain medication within 45 days. She is living a life as close to normal as she had before.
From: health2wealth@volcano.net
One of our dearest friends was riding his horse and wound up with the horse on top of him - the horse reared and went over, landing directly on him. He broke his pelvis in 3 places, 3 ribs, his back and had multiple internal injuries. He was black and blue from his neck to his knees. As soon as he came home (3 weeks in the hospital) we put him on pad, back wrap (elastomag), magsteps, magboy, water, nutritionals. He made an incredible recovery. The bruising was gone in 3 days, and he was back to work in 2½ months from the time of the accident!
From: djleatherman@maplenet.net
I have been a Nikken Wellness Consultant for about 4½ years. Almost 2 years ago I fell up two cement steps. As I was going down, I knew I was going to break my right arm when I hit the cement step and I am totally right handed so I twisted to hit my left arm just as I hit and apparently snapped my back up about thoracic 4 and 5. I immediately put on the kenko flex. The first X-rays were taken in the physicians office and very inferior. As a professional registered nurse I should have known better. No break was seen at that time so began therapy which was pure agony. The break was misdiagnosed until I asked for a second opinion and that took another week.
Another week to get new X-rays and another week to get on surgery schedule for a total of nine weeks. I took no pain pills (even narcotics do not control the spasms of getting in and out of bed or the car. I learned to not try to pick up anything that fell and to never sit on a soft chair. We do sleep on the new dream mattress and pillow and comforter so did not wear the flex to bed. I admit getting in and out of bed was brief severe spasm. I also know a lady who had surgery to fix the same type of break was addicted to her narcotics by the time she was finished with surgery and recovery.    My Kenko flex stayed on my back before and after surgery and my good and faithful travel pad was on my bed when I arrived in a room.  I stayed in the hospital 24 hours so Medicare would pay my bill, but did not need any pain pills while there.
From: godsgofr@eoni.com
A bout with a crippling childhood disease left me with a right leg and hip that caused a lot of discomfort and walking problems. Almost nine years ago the Nikken mattress, pillows and Magboy came into my life. What a difference they made. The hip, back and leg agony that was almost constant for over 15 years slowly disappeared. A five to ten minute spin with the Palm Mag twice a day relaxes the hip, back and leg muscles. The time varies, but I feel the muscles relax and then the whole leg feels better -- no more sharp "stabs" shooting down that leg. I just lie on my mattress with the PalmMag spinning beside my hip and read. 
From: sb.fisher@verizon.net
I don't know what in the world I have done to my lower back, but I woke up with enough discomfort to rate about a "4" on the scale. I rubbed some CM cream all across my lower back and then sprayed some PiMag water over the area. Within five minutes my lower back no longer hurt! Placebo? I think not - because a few hours later, when it begin to hurt again, I repeat the procedure and within five minutes, I was comfortable.

I would just like to say again how wonderful the Kenko Flex pad has been for me. The other day I was on my feet all after- noon and my lower back was feeling like I had a large knife sticking into it. I realized that I had failed to wear the Kenko Flex. After putting it on, I had relief from the discomfort in just minutes.
From: sgiles@cox.net
I had a place in my upper back that I had adjusted for years and years. The PalmMag fixed it right up. When I got my first PalmMag 1 ½ years ago, I simply sat on the sofa while reading my paper in the morning leaning against it. Voila, no more!
Sharon Giles
From: libertybg@adelphia.net
This is exactly the condition that got us into Nikken. My wife fell down a flight of stairs which resulted in the disc problem. Our sponsor let her borrow a Flex. Within an hour she felt relief. In addition to the Flex, we purchased immediately, MagSteps, a Sleep System, PiMag Bottles and a KenkoSeat. Within 2 months my wife had discontinued all pain medication and had stopped using her cane. She can paint and paper to decorate our home and work in her flower gardens with minimal discomfort.
From: HealthynHim@wmconnect.com
I have a bulging disc in my neck. When I first experienced the problem, I used the KenkoWave 30 minutes in the morning & 30 minutes at night. After using the KenkoWave, I would put CM cream on it. I also wear the pearl necklace. It took a few months, but I never had to have surgery. I no longer use the KenkoWave, unless it starts to bother me, which is rare. The lactoferrin was introduced during the time I was still using the KenkoWave & I noticed additional improvement when I added the lactoferrin. I also use all the other products, but I think I can safely say the lactoferrin, KenkoWave, cm cream & magnets are what helped.
From: cindywillis@optonline.net
I have osteoarthritis, degenerative disease, and suffered with back problems for over 15 years. I worked in a deli, and was thinking of quitting my job. I was 61 at the time. I was introduced to Nikken in '98. I had 3 bulging disc at the time, #3, 4 and 5. I used the back belt and flex, 24-7 for 3 years. The terrible pain stopped within 3 days, was gone within a week. I continued to work for 3 years, until the cartilage disappeared and I had to have surgery.
From: health2wealth@volcano.net
This is how I was introduced to Nikken 8 years ago. My 26 year old daughter was told she MUST have surgery or she would not be able to function. She had been a couch potato for 6 months because of a disc problem; unable to work, drive or function at home. She was on 3 different medications for pain. I sent her Magsteps, FIR back wrap and Flex. She wore them religiously as many hours as she could (sometimes all night and all day). In 3 days she called me to say that she was off all medication and was driving to San Diego for the weekend - a 3 hour drive. She continued to improve and was retrained as a Pharmacy Tech - on her feet all day. The following spring her Chiropractor ordered a New MRI which came back "no damage" - no more bulged disc. She has returned to all of her normal activities including riding her horse. She continues to wear her insoles and wears the back wrap when she works for the health benefits she receives from them.

Susan McMorris