Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hope for folks suffering from challenges with their Pancreas

Pancreas Problems
(These testimonials are from  people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

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I am a Type II Diabetic and that was my entree into the Nikken experience. I became a Diabetic by having two bouts of Pancreatitis.  I was a very sick puppy for a long time and once we discovered the cause, it took nearly five years to overcome. Nikken Magsteps were the first things I received and although I had peripheral neuropathy from my toes to my knees, the reason was simply to be able to play golf with my son in Tucson, AZ in 104 degree heat. After the Magsteps found their way to my shoes, I did play, and then noticed that I had some energy to spare, but the end result was far reaching. I also noticed that next day that my FM (which comes with the Pancreatitis) didn't react when normally I would've been rather disabled after a round of golf.  When I arrived back in Atlanta I resumed my walking routine of four miles in under an hour through the hills and valleys that become quite steep. When a Diabetic feels that numb, tingly, burning sensation in their feet, each step becomes a fear that some day, someone
will try to remove a toe hear or a foot there and it's wheelchairs and a short life after that. But then the second product experience hit and the condition of my feet disappeared, never to return.  Nothing could stop me from sleeping on the sleep system and using the necklace and Magsteps during the day. Pi Mag water came next and the rest is history. If I had known about Nikken when the Pancreatitis hit first it would have been the water, the sleep system and the day products for me. That is what I would recommend as an answer to your question.
Dr. Tom -
My gall bladder had plugged up the tube from my pancreas and I had severe pancreatites with infection. When I woke up in Intensive Care on a respirator, I had a sleep mask on, necklace, magsteps inside the golf sox, Nikken Pillow, back belt around me, and the travel comforter (green one with magnets) under me. I don't remember anything, but my wife said that after about a week my temperature wouldn't stop going up. When it hit 105 and still climbing, they called the family in and said that I wouldn't live. She asked if it was OK to bring some magnets and put them one me. They told her that if my temperature didn't break that I would die in a day or two! (I don't think that they thought that it would hurt anything because I was almost dead and probably wouldn't survive!) They told me that my temperature toped out at 107. A nurse later told me that in her 23 years in IC that she had seen only one other adult survive a temperature 106, usually they die between 105 and 106. My wife Darlene says it had to be NIKKEN!!

Wayne and Darlene Arnold -

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hope for folks suffering from Colitis

Colitis is an inflammation of the colon, characterized by lower-bowel spasms and upper abdominal cramps.

Colitis Testimonials  2013
(These testimonials are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

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A couple of months ago I attempted to help out a friend that I play hockey with, he gets migraines on a cycle every 3-4 weeks that puts him out of commission for that day and the day after. (He takes some meds that give him a hangover but does reduce the severity of the migraine). He has tried many things and was particularly interested in the water. He came by my house with his wife and nephew and I showed them the PiMag unit and Optimizer. He was intrigued and I sent him home with a 2.5 gal container of PiMag water and an Optimizer I.  When I followed up 5 days later to see how they were doing and if he needed more water he told me they were ready to buy both units. I was a bit shocked as I understood his headaches were on a longer cycle. He told me that it wasn't him but his wife who has had Colitis for many years and goes on Prednisone to clear it up. She was currently battling a flare-up that the Prednisone was notsolving for over 4 months. 5 days on PiMag/Optimized water and it went away. Coincidence????? She's been drinking the P/O for over 2 months and everything has been fine.
Cliff Lapenskie - (613) 721-0039
Last evening on a call from Nikken, Dr. Pederson was specifically asked about ulcerative colitis. He said it is absolutely essential the person take Ciaga because Ciaga reduces inflammation of any kind within the body and boosts the immune system. He also suggested the person take one veggie cap a day for a week and if tolerated (diarrhea would indicate intolerance), the next week step it up to two
caps the next week, one in the morning and one in the evening. If there is tolerance, then the following week, introduce the Berry by taking one a day for a week and then two a day the following week.

Barb & Wayne