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Hope for those suffering from Sleep issues

Sleep Apnia Testimonials (updated 5-10-10)

(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

   Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops and starts during sleep. It is usually
associated with snoring. Snoring is just a sign that the upper airway calibre has narrowed to a
critical degree. Much like water that flows through a narrowing (i.e. a canyon) speeds up creating
turbulence and noise, so too does air that has to flow through a narrowed upper airway at night. If
the narrowing becomes too severe it promotes closure of the airway resulting in an apnea. An
apnea is arbitrarily defined as a cessation of airflow that lasts at least ten seconds. A hypopnea is
defined as a significant reduction in airflow lasting at least ten seconds and usually associated
with a decline in a person's oxygen level.

A video is attached at the end of this blog for your viewing...less than 5 minutes and you will view what many have used to decrease their dependence on the air mask used that is so difficult for people to adapt to and get a quality sleep.

Please contact me at  john@johnrstjohn.com for more information.

From: Cccfreedom@aol.com
I have a consultant who signed up because she had dealt with sleep apnea for a long time and could not sleep unless she wore a ‘forced air’ unit (which I call a snorkling machine) and I suggested she try our sleep system and loaned her the pad, pillow, and FIR comforter for one week. She does not have to use the ‘forced air’ anymore. She sleeps on the pad and the pillow.
Sarah Cash
From: maryjow@mediaone.net
This person I’ve been working with has a sleeping snoring disorder with an oxygen machine. During the one week trial he had immediate results the first night. No waking up, much less snoring and less tossing and turning and not using the machine once.  Every houseguest we have uses the sleep system and they all agree it is fantastic. Don't forget that an exhausted body cannot heal itself. Self-healing happens when you are sleeping, especially during the REM stage and the KenkoPad/Sleep System helps to provide that restful sleep.
Mary Jo Wagner.
From: onelamb@juno.com
For years Bill had the sleep disorder causing house shaking snoring and stopped breathing for minutes at a time when he was asleep.  He did not sleep well, getting up about 9-12 times a night and he always ended up the night moving to his chair to sleep better (?). He was never "rested" and would fall asleep easily and often during the day, even in important meetings and while driving. We finally got an appointment with a surgeon to correct the problem, which is not what we really wanted to do.  While we were waiting the weeks for the appointment date, enter Nikken into our lives. I noticed once on the sleep system, (Kenkopad, comforter, firm pillow), he was only getting up twice a night at the most and quit ending the night sleeping in his chair.  Then, (after a week or so), I noticed his breathing and snoring pattern change. His snoring lessened in volume almost nightly. He quit stopping breathing and breathed normally. We cancelled the appointment with the surgeon. After several weeks and now, 3 years later, he gets up only once or twice at the most in the early morning. He snores no more; the worst is only loud breathing and not even that most of the time. He wakes up rested.  A gentleman in our organization had the same problem and was "sentenced" to sleep in another part of the house. He got the pillow and the sleep mask and his sleep disorder has gone away! These products let our bodies do the work they want to do!
Joan Stroup
From: pklhoutx@hal-pc.org
I have been sleeping with the kenko mattress pad, FIR comforter an d pillow for about a year now. I have also been using the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device during that time. Acid reflux seems to go hand in hand with the condition I had but have Donna
From: jean2019@chartermi.net
I had sleep apnea diagnosed from a sleep lab and was placed on nasal CPAP about 1 year before I was introduced to Nikken. I also snored like a train! I have had chronic neck problems (including cervical fusions) for 20 years. I woke up all those years with a chronic headache and would take Excedrin upon rising. After 2 months on the regular Nikken pillow, I realized I was no longer waking up with a headache every day. Then, 6 months into using the sleep system, including the pillow, my nasal CPAP machine broke while on a trip. The other 2 ladies I traveled with had to go through my bedroom to use the bathroom and reported they NEVER heard an apnea episode and that the snoring was very gentle on the occasions they heard it. I spent 2 months after that trip sleeping in a room net to my parents and they checked my breathing during the night and in the morning (I slept in). They NEVER heard the
apnea and occasional gentle snoring. I've been off the CPAP now for 7months and wouldn't leave home without my pillow.
Jean Sedin
From: bspivy@5pilars.com
I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and though the SLEEP SYSTEM helped, especially wearing extra large MENS LONGJOHN SHIRT, I have not dreamed for a long time, not getting deep enough into sleep UNTIL I used the PalmMag all night long. WOW!  And some of the dreams were REALLY good! I also use it while driving, putting it on the car seat between my knees to keep them from tightening up (keep credit cards away - I am on my third Shell card).
From: vze32qsb@verizon.net
I suffered a sleep disorder (stop breathing 12 -14 events per night) that causes me to wake without bringing me to a consciousness level, but out of the deeper sleep (most restful) levels. I remember the sleep specialist telling me she wanted to take my watch off my wrist the previous night during the study, but could not as it may have caused me another event by waking me. This watch which was one of those electronic types that beeped so precisely on the hour and it (the noise) was causing my Q-wave to bounce for minutes after this innocent beep!!! beep!!! I could not imagine what snoring was doing to my sleep or my former wife's sleep. I do not use the medical device (C-PAP unit) since I'm using the NIKKEN sleep system. Four weeks to the results of waking feeling rested and
without the alarm clock. I had previously slept through and showed up at work late while using the C-PAP!!! In those 4 weeks while using the system, I was waking up at 6:24 A.M. every day I would look over and see this same time. The alarm was set for 6:30 A.M.  In that first few days in Feb. I got out of bed for a bathroom break (increased liver and bladder function I suspect) only to hear a strange noise coming from the bedroom (it was the middle of the night for all I knew at the time being February in New England, the clock on the night stand faces towards the bathroom direction.) It was the clock radio alarm. I am in this Nikken business to help others like me who could not believe something like a magnet could change how my health level would be effected positively. I can
tell you I have changed my OPINION, in a big way!!!

  The cost of the sleep studies (2, 1 to diagnose me and 1 to balance the C-PAP) $1,200.00 each and the C-PAP $900.00 and various attachments face mask and hose. In the end it did not work. I most likely would be looking at another sleep study. More $$, no Medical guarantees here either, just more of my time and money. The sleep system cost me less than a (1) sleep study forget the CPAP.

That was the cheap way out as surgery would have been much more. Surgery are you nuts... I don't want any scalpels in my throat and nose... or Micro-wave energy sources either... thanks very much! 

I have returned to skiing, due to the product use. I am no slouch on the slopes I can assure you. I had purchased a time share at the base of Loon Mountain 4 years ago. I started using these products 3 years ago and started skiing 2 3/4 years ago after 28 years away from it!!! I was very reluctant to go but I was harassed into going by my Aunt Nancy and her boy friend Brooks Bennett. I skied 3 days in succession, I would not have gone a second day but the third was on my Credit Card for all 3 of us, as I was so excited about this experience that I had been denied for so long due to a bad back and neck injury in high school football. WHAT week did I purchase for the Time Share??? Week 29, July!!! Had I been a skier I would have purchased week 5 or 6 in February. I am going on vacation today, yes, Pollard Brook at Loon Mt. Lincoln, NH. Week 29!!!

 I will say that I was so skeptical about these products at first, but now I'm learning what I don't know... I don't know. I am learning what a wonderful world I live in and hope this, may I never know what I'm preventing for myself or for others. I want to thank everyone at Nikken and my Sponsor's Bob Wheeler and Patti Quinn for this all natural non-invasive approach to my health returned in so many many ways.  I will be a NIKKEN "Wellness Consultant", until I am pushing up daisy's!

David E Henry

From: angelmine9@msn.com
My boyfriend had sleep apnea and would average 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night for years before we met. He woke himself up every night and could not go back to sleep. Since we have been sleeping on the sleep system and he uses the hard pillow he sleeps all the way though the night with no problems. All of his friends see a difference in him also. It makes a difference when your body is resting and you wake up rested and refresh. If he changes pillows I see him start to snore and when he goes back to the Nikken pillow he stops. When he is laying on his back he sleeps better.

From: donnadee2@n-connect.net
My husband was "continually tired". He could fall asleep driving a car, visiting, standing up or sitting down. We had 3 sleep studies done on him to find out that he had Sleep Apnea and Narcolopsy (day-time). The sleep system helped immediately and the Kenko Seat has kept him awake while driving. My daughter was here, from out-of-state, and said how she noticed he could stay awake and visit now. It's been over 5 years now, and there have been no flare-ups. If you would like to speak to him, write us at our e-mail address & we'll give you our home phone number.   ----------------------------------------------------------------
From: angelmine9@msn.com
My boyfriend had sleep apnea and would average 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night for years before we met. He woke himself up every night and could not go back to sleep. Since we have been sleeping on the sleep system and he uses the hard pillow he sleeps all the way though the night with no problems. All of his friends see a difference in him also. It makes a difference when your body is resting and you wake up rested and refresh. If he changes pillows I see him start to snore and when he goes back to the Nikken pillow he stops. When he is laying on his back he sleeps better.
From: rltredway@prodigy.net
My husband's problem with sleep apnea has been virtually eliminated with the sleep system. We believe the Kenko Pillow (firm one) has been a "miracle"!
From: mamawfone@hotmail.com
I have, or had, sleep apnea. For years I slept with the mask on, connected to the air machine and in recent years, to an oxygen machine. I started drinking the water with wonderful results in general health. The next step was the optimizer, that made me feel even better, then the sleep system which has turned my life completely around. I have the mattress, the comforter and the pillows. Having read information on the results of this on sleep apnea, right here, on my own I stopped using the machines (my it is nice, not having to haul those around with me, when I travel, wherever I go).  I talked to my Dr. about it because I no longer snore or stop breathing at night... he would not comment on the products or the results even though he sure listened when I told him about it. This was a personal decision and one I did not make lightly. I do not recommend it to others, I tell them all about it then they make their own decisions but it would be too much of a coincidence if it weren't the sleep system that is making the difference. My fibromyalgia is almost non-existent too so you can see why I am so enthused.
From: rfagle@tampabay.rr.com
We helped a couple of men with sleep apnea by loaning the complete sleep system. It consisted of the pad, comforter and the kenko pillow. We also put the one gentleman on the PiMag water. The results were amazing.
From: gcannon@insight.rr.com
I was introduced to Nikken by my daughter. She put a pair of Magsteps in my shoes & told me to wear them. In one day, lower back & leg issues that I had from an auto accident in 1956 disappeared. I was so excited I ordered $5000 of product. Five years prior to that experience, I was diagnosed with what the Dr. said was the most severe case of sleep apnea he had seen in his 7 years of working with sleeping disorders.  I had been sleeping on an elevated bed with a C/pap machine adjusted to its highest performance. I had to purchase the pad, because of the elevated bed. I strapped the pad to the bed. Within a month, I would awake to find my sleep mask on the floor. I asked the Dr. if I
could be tested again in the sleep clinic with my travel pad, hard pillow & sleep comforter. He agreed only, if I had an apnea attack, they would wake me and put on the Mask. They awoke me at the normal time (5:30 am). They said I had 3 very slight attacks between 4:10 am & 4:25 am. Prior to Nikken I was averaging 136 an hour. Today I sleep on the Nikken Mattress, hard pillow, dream comforter, sands C/pap machine. This is only 2 personal Nikken Coincidences (smile) out of many.
From: Nnadc67@aol.com
My husband had surgery for sleep apnea, which included surgery for the deviated septum and well as removal of the uvula (the thing that is in the middle of your throat when you look down your throat) and they cleaned out all his sinuses. We forced fluids as soon as he could tolerate them (within hours of surgery), and he had the dream pillow, a travel pad on his recliner, and we sleep on the dream sleep system. As soon as the danger of bleeding was past he wore the eye mask while he was resting. His recovery was next to miraculous. He was eating a regular but soft meal  the day after surgery, did not take a single pain pill and slept all night. Others in our town who had the same surgery said they hurt so much they "wanted to kill" their doctor.
From: Iawshumpert@bellsouth.net
Prior to joining Nikken my husband went through a Sleep Apnea Clinic and was recommended to use a C-PAP unit which he refused.  His snoring reduced as much as 95% with the sleep system. We have had phenomenal results with the comforter when having the flu;  the socks keep me warm. Our older daughter, Carrie, suffers terribly with allergies living in Charleston SC. The Air Power Wellness unit allows her to sleep better and wake without drainage and sneezing. Due to a knee with no cartilage (and being advised that the next step is a total knee replacement) I personally couldn’t get along without the Joint, FIR wraps and CM cream. Recently I have found relief in using the PalmMag and KenkoWave. Living in a Wellness Home I feel that my family and I have a healthier lifestyle
and that I look, feel and act younger than my 62 years.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hope for those suffering from Neuroma challenges.

Neuroma: pinched nerve, nerve tumor, or swollen nerves are some common terms for a rather
painful condition. A neuroma is usually situated between the third and fourth toes. They are
characterized by a sharp, lancinating type pain, usually when the patient is wearing shoes. The
patient feels that they may need to remove their shoe and rub their foot for relief. The reason for
this patient activity is that the nerve between the toes is pinched by constricting shoe gear. When
the pain becomes more frequent and lasts over a longer period of time, the nerve becomes

From: sunshine2u@home.com
I have a lady in my tap dance class who has foot Neuroma. It would really cause problems, especially with dancing. She would have to stop and sit out after about an hour.  After about 2 months on the Magsteps, I gave her a pair of the men's dress socks to try. That seemed to make the difference!! Within a couple weeks she was saying that it was amazing, and that basically, it didn't hurt anymore. The FIR in the socks seemed to speed up the reaction. She can feel the Neuroma with her fingers, a lump in the bottom of her foot, but it is not hurting, and she wears the insoles and sox all the time around the house. The MagSteps don’t fit in all her shoes. I have asked her to monitor the "lump" and tell me if there are any changes. I am hoping that it may actually "go away", but that will take some time. In the meantime, she told another lady in the dance class, who is also having good results with the same two products. Hope this helps.
Maureen Diem - Dallas, Texas
From: a2000@erols.com
For best relief, use magnetic insoles during the day. At night, sleep in the far-infrared socks with a super mini on top of the toes. For faster relief, spin the magnets on the top of the foot using a quick massaging motion. Since there may also be some inflammation involved, take the bio-directed joint as well. Hope this helps.
Linda Chaney

On January 27, 2011, John St. John came to our home to discuss a renovation project. During the conversation, he told us about Nikken products, particularly magnets. John did not know that I had had severe foot problems for 10 years--two unsuccessful surgeries on each foot for several neuromas, followed by cortisone shots, acupuncture, physical therapy, ointments of every kind, various kinds of gel soles, visits to neurologists that proved unsuccessful--they only prescribed powerful drugs that had severe side effects for me, etc., etc. My pain had become unbearable at nighttime for several years. My next appointment was to be with a pain management doctor. So when John mentioned magnets for various problems, I told him about my foot problems. I was ready to try anything even if I believed that nothing could be done to help my foot pain. And I did go into this adventure with great trepidation and skepticism! I wore the magnetic insoles for about two weeks, when suddenly I realized that my foot pain was getting much better. I can go to sleep at nighttime and sleep through the night without terrible shooting pains in my feet and toes. This is profound for me to state, because I was so doubtful and weary. The magnet insoles have improved my quality of life and for that I thank you so much, John St. John. I do not believe that Don calling to get your recommendation for someone to do some renovation in our home was an accident. We thought you were only building those big magnificent homes that your are so famous for all over Houston and beyond. Indeed, God does work in mysterious ways....... In addition, we have bought two Air Power5 Pro filter machines, which have improved our sleep tremendously at night, even during our large home renovation being done at this time. We also have other Nikken products(water filter system) to be installed in our home as the work progresses. I can only report what happened to me after so many futile attempts to find relief from neuroma foot pain. John, your honesty, integrity and reputation preceded you and that is why I gave the magnetic insoles a try. I am so thankful that I did. Thank you John!
Mary Johnston, Sugar Land , Texas _______________________________________________________________________
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me.   We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)