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Hope for those suffering from challenges with their knees

Knee Testimonials (updated 5-10-10)
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

From: philco@cdsnet.net
My husband just had knee replacement surgery less then three weeks ago, and we wanted to share the wonderful results he is having by using the Nikken products to help with the healing. Three years ago he had the other knee replaced, and it was a nightmare compared to this one. The physical therapist said today that he is now at the place where the average person would be in eight weeks, that puts him five weeks ahead of schedule. We started using the magboy and mini comforter in the hospital right away, and as soon as he came home I put a super mini on each side of his knee, and placed the mini comforter on his knee and then the new elastomag wrap. This may sound like over kill, but we were so convinced that the products would aid in his recovery that we didn't want to leave any thing to chance. Each time the therapist comes, we spin the magboy over his knee for at least ten minutes, this makes it so much more flexible, and less pain full to use. The knee looks normal, the incision is totally healed, he is at 115% in bending, and 120% is perfect, he rides a stationary bike seven miles a day, and walks a mile. The swelling went down completely the second week, when he went back to the doctor to have the staples removed he couldn't believe what he saw. In the instruction book we were given before the surgery it said he may be able to use just one crutch after six weeks, well can you believe he gave it up several days ago, he keeps magsteps in his slippers and his balance is great. Walter is now taking just Tylenol twice a day, last time he took prescription pain medication for six weeks or more. I guess I should add that Walter will be 82 next week and is a very dedicated golfer, carries a 11 handicap. We live on the country club, and as he watches the golfers go by, it gives him all the motivation he needs to work hard at getting back out there.
Phyllis & Walter Watson
From: Carolejbrow@aol.com
We joined Nikken to buy products at wholesale for my husband who had 2 stitch knee surgery. It was supposed to be a minor thing but turned out to be nearly fatal for him. He didn't recover well and couldn't seem to walk without the crutches even when his 7 days were up. The doctor drained both knees and said he would eventually get better but 10 days later when I came home from being out for a while he was being carried out by the EMS unit. Not able to speak and screamed when he was touched anywhere! After 6 days of being in intensive care and listed as critical the Dr. said he had developed Pseudo-gout over his entire body and probably would be an invalid. We couldn't believe it! For 3 months he slept in the recliner because he couldn't stretch out because of the extreme pain. My friend in Nikken called to see how we were and she said let 's try magnets and I, as well as he, thought it won't work. Nothing works! She came anyway and put him on sleep system (first time in had been in the bed since surgery) and magsteps and knee wraps with minis. He began to get feeling back in his hands (they were numb) He also could sleep for a change. When she picked the products up a week later that'd really when we knew they helped him. The numbness returned to his hands and he began to feel worse again. We immediately bought everything she had put on him and 3 months later we were vacationing in Cancun. It is truly a miracle. He is off all medication and walking 2 miles a day again. He literally got his life back! My husband is a Minister and I teach piano to children and adults.
From: bgg428@aol.com
I have had a torn EVERYTHING in my knees. That's how I got involved with Nikken. I danced classical ballet in pain from my torn up knees and then taught aerobics and now kick boxing and karate. I had total reconstruction to my right knee. My doctor told me that I would not be able to return to my normal activity level for 16 months. I returned to the karate floor in 12 weeks and back teaching in 14 weeks. The magnetics with FIR were amazing! I was told that I need surgery on my left knee. I thought I would try to see how I would do without it. The magnets helped with pain & swelling. My orthopedic now sends me patients. He does not want to be distributor, but he could not ignore what happened to me......
Bernadette Giorgi
From: alexjurasin@hotmail.com
I tore a ligament in my right knee about 6 months ago, and surgery is the obvious solution, however I have not yet had it done. I immediately began using the FIR wrap and magnetics, as well as the Joint Formula....I was off crutches in 2 days and playing in a golf tournament just over a week later! I'm absolutely convinced the Joint has been very critical in my recovery in terms of reducing inflammation, discomfort, and bringing back range of motion!
Alexandra Jurasin
From: apuzyr@netlabs.net
I've had reconstructive surgery on my knee, performed some 30 years ago. Without the FIR wrap and the Kenko band, I would be severely hurting at age 45. For days that "I just gotta workout", I use the Elastomag for extra support. By the way, this was from 2 nasty Judo accidents. One last thing...relief was within MINUTES when I tried the wrap and band. Since I wanted to prove to my (potential) sponsor that this stuff could not possibly work - I knew that when it did, it wasn't all in my head!
Andy Puzyr
From: Totalh1@aol.com
I have been using all of the Nikken products for about 6 years, the deluxe mattress, comforter, nutritionals and everything else. Four years ago I had a total knee replacement. When I got home from the hospital they assigned a physical therapist to come to my home 3 times a week for 3 weeks to help me with the exercises and get mobility in my knee. At the end of 2 weeks I had complete range of motion and could do all the exercises. She told me that a therapist never tells a patient this, but she could do nothing more for me and would not come for the following week. She sat down on my deluxe mattress and said, "What kind of a mattress is this"? When I told her she said, "Do you suppose that is why you have done so well? We never see these results this quickly". Wow what an eye opener.
Nine months later I had the other knee replaced and that time they didn't bother sending a therapist. I am in perfect health now and owe it to prevention with the products.
From: skiplepp@home.com
On April 4, 2001 I suffered a freak injury as I slipped on steps at home and partially ruptured the quadricep tendon in my upper front left leg just above the knee cap. I was told by my HMO surgery was the best solution to suture the tendon into it's proper position. Immediately following the injury I advised my HMO I was going to use my magnets (super mini's) as a supplement and wanted these to be placed inside my cast. To my surprise I met with little resistance however, they expressed the typical skepticism. I also used the battery powered "magboy" spinner, far infrared comforter, shoe inserts and sleep system. I use the basic 5 nutritionals but forgot to use the joint nutritional until week 8 when I was reminded to use by Jean Weadick, crossline to me in Cincinnati. On April 10 I had surgery and the doctor inserted the magnets as I had requested and instructed inside my cast at point of the injury but outside the incision wrappings to eliminate concern for infection. My doctor indicated he would be pleased if I were able to bend my left leg to 100 degrees within a year of the injury. Six weeks after surgery the cast was removed and the doctor was delighted with the healing of the incision and put me on limited rehab program for 6 weeks and suggested I do the exercises and hoped I would be able to improve the bend by 10 to 15 degrees each week up to 90 degrees by week 12. Twelve weeks following surgery I easily achieved the 90 degree bend. This week (13) I achieved 105 degrees of bend and it appears I have a very good chance of regaining total normal use of my knee and leg within several months.
Skip Lepp
From: vze2vjzi@verizon.net
A friend of mine has suffered with knee discomfort for years. He played quite a lot of basketball on concrete when he was young --that and a number of other sports injuries led him to knee surgery in his 20's. He lived with the soreness, stiffness, aches, tenderness for years until I finally put a far-infrared wrap and two minis on the knee with the staples. He was amazed at the difference, and says that even on the rainiest day he can walk for miles with no discomfort in that knee. Now after 7 months he is finally ready to get a wrap for the other knee as well!
From: DonStasia@aol.com
I just recently had knee replacement surgery and experienced severe swelling of my knee after the operation. I used the small mini far infrared comforter on the knee and the swelling decreased. I used it in the hospital and at home daily and the leg never swelled again. It enabled increased movement of my leg and less discomfort. I recommend it highly Stasia Plump
From: joelaine@shentel.net
I had won an all-expenses paid 1 week cruise to the Caribbean and on Saturday, Feb 8th, I was checking out of the hotel in Ft Lauderdale to board the Golden Princess. Joe and I were so excited to enjoy the wonderful Caribbean cruise that we had won for our Nikken achievements last year. I slipped on the tile floor in the hotel and hit my knee smack dab on the kneecap. I went to the hospital for X-rays and the ER doctor said I couldn’t go on the cruise- that I might need surgery and was going to make sure that I didn’t because she would write the script for only 18 Percocet for pain. I explained that I had a business of complementary alternative care and would use these techniques to deal with the pain, swelling and bruising. The doctor processed to tell me that a broken kneecap is one of the most painful breaks in the body and that I must be under an orthopedic physicians care because I would most likely need surgery. Long story short, I have 10 Percocet remaining, I had little swelling and almost no bruising. I had the
kenkotherm knee wrap, super-mini (which I had the nurse tape right on my knee before the immobilizer was put on me, 5 minis circling my knee, PalmMag, CM complex, magsteps and Joint. Joe didn’t gain weight from the food that he ate because he pushed me all around the cruise ship in a wheelchair. We had a lovely time albeit different than planned. I will be in an immobilizer for 2-3 months and must constantly keep my leg elevated for another 2 weeks. My ortho here at home is amazed at the rate that the kneecap (patella) is mending and wants more info on the PalmMag. I am in awe of how these products keep working.
From: cntrubel@1st.net
In June of 1999 my husband went to an orthopedic surgeon with the intention of having knee replacement surgery. An x-ray was taken and he was a "perfect candidate" for the surgery. However, he would have to have both knees replaced at the same time as they were both "shot." No cartilage, bone on bone and his discomfort level, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most discomfort), was a constant 10. The legs were "bowed" and his walk was more of a waddle in an attempt to keep pressure off the inside of his knee. Surgery was scheduled, but after many sleepless nights, he canceled the surgery and we were seeking alternative approaches. He tried the injections to restore the synovial fluid--it didn't work. He wore special braces--it didn't work and made his discomfort worse. He
was taking therapy in March of 2000 to rebuild wasted muscle caused by wearing the braces when we were introduced to Nikken. He wore the magnetic wrap and the far-infrared wrap on one knee and went to his next therapy session. He usually experienced a lot of discomfort during and after the therapy session. He had no discomfort in the knee with the wraps. We were sold and became distributors just to "buy the products for ourselves." He wears the Magsteps (bumps up) and the kenkotherm wraps on both knees. He would use the magboys when he experienced swelling or discomfort in the beginning. He has used the CM cream since it came out. He no longer experiences swelling, but will still use the Magboys to relieve discomfort when it occurs. He is on ALL the nutritionals. We believe the Joint has been a major contributor to his relief from discomfort. He never drank much water before, but now has his PiMag Flip-top on an original 32 oz. bottle which he takes to work and drinks two to three of these a day. Also, wears the far-infrared Long John bottoms and uses the sleep system. On March 13, 2002 we went back to the same doctor to have another x-ray taken so that we (and he) could see the difference. We knew his legs were now straight as the "bow" was gone and he could put his legs together and they would touch. His discomfort level is mostly 0-1, but will sometimes be a 5. Well, the x-ray proved exactly what we already knew. The legs have straightened! The doctor looked at the x-rays to compare them and was amazed. He said, "I have never seen anything like this before--this is amazing." We praise God for leading us to Nikken and the amazing Wellness Technologies. They really are "Technologies for Living."
Terry Rubel, RN
From: billnmar@ucinet.com
My husband had knee surgery about 8 years ago for a torn meniscus. After recovering from the surgery he had no problems until a year ago while playing basketball with our college-age grandson. He must have twisted the knee just right, because he felt something snap, and it swelled and became very sore. After about a week he scheduled an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. Luckily (for him), the earliest date he could get was for about 3 months out. Enter Nikken.........we elevated the leg, rested it on a Kenko Pillow, used super minis inside a wrap, covered the leg with the FIR travel comforter and used ice packs. Within 3 days the swelling was gone and also the discomfort. He now uses the Elastomag knee wrap as preventative protection when golfing or extensive walking. Needless to say, he canceled the medical appointment!
Marie Hansen
FROM: lnktripp@drtel.net
I had very little cartilage in my wrists (had x-rays) and also the outside joint of my right knee (also x-rayed). Since I began taking the joint with liver in the morning, I can no longer feel the bone against bone pain that I used to feel. I have not had a new set of x-rays but do definitely feel that it has made a BIG difference for me. I had to be on it for a couple months to be sure.
From: bates2@airmail.net
At a Product Launch, a friend and crossline distributor, Dusty Sullivan, stood up and told us about his knees getting worse and worse since injuries in Viet Nam. He said doctors wanted to replace both his knees, as they are bone on bone. He came into the launch in an electric motorized chair. He said for the last 5 months, he could not get up out off a chair without the use of his cane, which he had and was using today. However, he borrowed my Palm Mag and held it running by his knee for about 5 minutes. Then to his surprise… and ours too… he was able to stand up from the chair without using his cane. Did you get that? Five months of discomfort and restriction gone after 5 minutes with the new Palm Mag. Of course, we’re not saying he is healed. He still has his knee problem. But it’s obvious the Palm Mag was a big help to him almost immediately. He’s sure looking forward to using it more and seeing what that will do for him. This is what all of us need to do… use it and see what happens, just like all the other products.
Leon and Ruth Bates
From: djselder@surfbest.net
My husband had knee replacement surgery two years ago. We put the products on as soon as he came home from the hospital. You could just watch the swelling go down. On his first one over eight years ago, he did not have magnets....what a difference with. Put the far infrared and elastomag on just as quickly as possible. In the hospital would be great. For surgery, just put it on, and keep wearing it. This works, but only if used!!
From: magna-eagle1@attbi.com
A friend of mine and a board certified pediatrician has had a torn ACL and he recommends a super mini on each side of the knee and a far infrared knee wrap. He is now mobile. How fast it works depends on the person's activity and what they do to help the healing process. Based on past success I would say that if a person follows the doctors orders and wears these products they should heal in less than half the projected time. If they don't do anything that causes an aggregation to a pre-existing condition. They may have to wear the doctor's recommended knee brace to immobilize the knee to prevent excessive movement.
From: carolyntormala@hotmail.com
Three weeks ago on Monday I had a partial knee replacement. I came out of recovery at 8:00 P.M., put the travel pad on the bed, elastomag thigh wrap on thigh, knee wrap on lower knee, insoles in socks and covered up with travel pad. I taped minis on bandage on knee. I brought a bottle of PiMag water and only drank that water. This is not an easy surgery by any means. By Tuesday night I was walking with a walker and by Wednesday morning 7:30 A.M. walked up to nurses station un-aided no walker or hanging on to anything and asked what the criteria was for me to go home. I walked across the room just to impress the doctor. I went home two days early and the physical therapists say my range of motion far surpasses a normal person. I am walking up and down stairs normally with two feet and two legs not one leg. The nurses in the hospital were very curious, asked lots of questions, and I was strength testing, handing out C.M. cream, from a somewhat prone position. Nikken is life changing, reduces discomfort, and agony, and is such fun, fun, fun.
From: leegresser@aol.com
For a knee problem, spin the magboys over both knees for at least 5 minutes. If there is a 50% response then tape a mini on each side of the knee in the "dimple" area towards the front and use a FIR knee wrap. If you do not get a good response with the magboys, then use the super mini and wait 2 weeks. You can add the CM cream before the magboys for better results and let it dry before applying the minis
Lee Gresser MD - http://www.exceptionalhealth.com/leegressermd.html
From: thecasters@mindspring.com
Last a woman hobbled into our home for the Certified Wellness Home Tour. Her son from another State had sent her. She had never seen or heard of the Nikken products. We talked, used the PalmMag on her lap for 20 minutes, and had her lay in our Dream Sleep System for 15 minutes. She also drank 2 full 8 oz glasses of the Optimized water. She had a twinkle in her eye, a spring to her step and a smile on her face when she left about an hour and a half later. She emailed me the next day to say she had slept all night (which she had not done in months) and she took her dog for a walk which she had been unable to do for months. Isn't NIKKEN great?
From: lkdart@comcast.net
I had a knee replacement two years ago. I was 56 yrs. old at the time. I spoke to Dr. Martin Plotkin, an orthopedic surgeon and wellness consultant, and he suggested I drink a gallon of the PiMag water everyday, which I did, because I would start to heal on a cellular level. After I was disconnected from all the machines and tubes, I was on a demo pad, comforter, and pillow, magboy three to four times a day for fifteen minutes, super mini's on each side of the knee, and an extra large kenko therm knee wrap (you don't want a tight knee wrap). I also used the CM cream with the knee wrap, and I wore the magsteps for balance and energy. The joint pill was also in my daily routine.
The doctor was amazed at my progress and I was walking NORMALLY in five weeks. My rehab was not painful and I believe it was shortened due to the Nikken products. The PalmMag would be a great benefit after knee replacement surgery, instead of the magboy and the AquaPour in the hospital room would be easier than trucking water back and forth!
From: mooreliving@iprimus.com.au
I have a friend whose father has a pacemaker and therefore a very weak heart, as well as having arthritis in both knees. His arthritis is so bad that he was unable to walk and they couldn't operate on his knees due to his heart condition. My friend placed a FIR knee wrap on one knee and an elastomag knee wrap on the other and now his is able to walk around. This was amazing to hear and just reconfirmed how fantastic the products are.
From: sb.fisher@verizon.net
My husband, Brian, had THR surgery two weeks ago, on his left hip. He's doing GREAT and is THRILLED with the results!!! His legs are now the same length again, and he no longer limps in agony with each step he takes! One week, following the surgery, his left knee was in tremendous discomfort. We think it was due to almost eight years of accommodating his hip and with the re-aligning of his hip, the tendons and ligaments in his knee were being used in ways they had not experienced in years. His knee hurt so badly he could hardly move his leg and spent almost an entire day in bed. I used the Kenkowave for 15 minutes in the pulse mode and 15 minutes in the continuous wave mode on his knee for two days in a row. The day following the first treatment, he told me his knee felt a LOT better. The day after his second treatment, his knee didn't hurt at all!
From: betterhealthsys@juno.com
We recently had a very successful experience with using the PalmMag, KenkoWave, 2 minis and 2 cards on my brother-in-law's knee after his complete knee replacement. He ran the PalmMag all night as he slept in the bed. He used the PalmMag and KenkoWave three times a day for twenty to thirty minutes each time, and wore the Minis and Cards inside his surgical stocking 24 hours a day. He felt the benefits were "Miraculous".
From: NIKKENKJ1@aol.com
This is a summation of my Mother-in-law, Nancy Yoho's, Nikken product experience last week following her recent knee replacementsurgery. When I first saw Nancy post-surgery in the hospital, her recuperation was actually going along well. The Physical Therapist at AGMC actually said she was doing "too well" to be transferred as an inpatient to Edwin Shaw for post-surgery rehabilitation. Since she and her husband are in the process of moving and it was too chaotic to go to their old home, good friends, offered to let her recuperate this last week in their home. A few days after her discharge Nancy called me to chat and mentioned that the pain medication the Dr. had prescribed really wasn't doing much good. Beside the fact that her "new" knee was hurting a lot (to be expected), she complained that her lower leg, ankle, foot, and toes were quite swollen--despite wearing the post-surgery support hose that are prescribed to prevent blood clots. So, I asked if she would like me to come over and "Nikkenize" her. She responded with a hearty, "YES!" When I arrived, I was quite surprised to see just how "piggy" swollen up Nancy's lower right leg really was. She was only wearing the support hose on her surgery leg that day, so the comparison of it to her other leg--without a support hose--was dramatic. My motherin- law normally has VERY thin legs, ankles, and feet, so this lopsided swelling on the surgery side was really quite profound. (I wish now that I had thought to take a photograph before and after . . . . . but, oh well!) After getting her permission and peeling off the support stocking, I rubbed Nikken's CM cream the whole length of her leg--thigh to toes. Next, we slid on Nikken Far Infrared knee and ankle wraps. Nancy immediately said how soothing they felt. Then, I located her Nikken Magsteps insoles, took them out of her shoes, and put their into the booties she had been wearing. After she was dressed again, I put Nancy's feet on the Biaxial Magnetic Body Energizer for about 1/2 hour and she used the Biaxial Magnetic PalmMag beside her knee for at least another 1/2 hour. By the time I left, she was feeling much better, her pain level had dropped, and Nancy was lifting her leg higher that she had done earlier that morning during a physical therapy session. That evening when we called to check on her, she told my husband that she thought her foot was already looking a little less swollen. The next morning, I got a phone call from Nancy gleefully exclaiming that the swelling was COMPLETELY GONE and that her right ankle, foot and toes were totally normal sized again! There was a "wowie" had all around concerning this literally overnight, dramatic reversal of her "piggy" swollen ankle, foot and toes. The following day, when I went over for another visit, my Mother-in-law couldn't wait to show me her perfectly normal sized ankle, foot and toes. (I noticed she had added the Nikken FIR sport socks I gave her for Christmas over the top of the FIR ankle wrap.) She said she was oh so glad to be rid of the nasty tight pressure hose---which, by all appearances, hadn't been doing all that much good. Nancy is, of course, still taking the blood thinner injections in her stomach, but bemoaned the fact that there are still six shots left. They don't hurt, but have left her stomach all bruised. After another session on the Body Energizer and PalmMag, I added a mini Nikken magnet under the FIR knee wrap to help control the discomfort in her knee. That evening after dinner, Nancy's husband drove her to their new house in Springfield Township. She will undoubtedly miss the wonderful meals her friend Barb prepared, but is well on the way--with Nikken's help--in her recovery.
Becky Yoho, RN
From: hotmocha@telus.net
A friend of mine who had a torn up knee (fluke accident while dismounting from a horse... she heard everything twist and break...ugh!) and was scheduled for knee replacement surgery bought a PalmMag. Within a month or so she cancelled her surgery and she can now bend right down and kneel and has a full range of motion. She may get a bit sore at times but then she also doesn't use it as
From: wellnesshomes@comcast.net
The Nikken Elastomag knee wrap has given me sufficient support for most activities. More impressive is the relief it provides for the discomfort ACL & patella tendon injuries and repair entail. An MRI diagnosed my ACL as 60-70% torn. I went over a year postponing surgery without taking any pain meds. My secret? Magsteps, Magstrides, PalmMag every day. I’ve since added Joint and CM cream.
Bob Hummer
From: magnut@sprintmail.com
My husband had been told that he would need a knee replacement. We sleep on the KenkoAire sleep system, he wears the elastomag knee wrap and takes 6 joint every day. He was getting along well, but still had some discomfort especially going up and down stairs. He started taking OsteoDenx a little over a month ago. I tested him and his body needed two a day. We were in Mexico and we were on the third floor of our hotel. We went up and down several times during the day. At the end of the week I asked how his knee was doing. He said it had not hurt the whole week that we were there. He did not take his knee wrap. The only thing we changed was the OsteoDenx. I was told that OsteoDenx stimulates the creation of new cartilage cells. Thank you Dr. Naidu and Nikken.

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It’s Time to Sing the Resurrection Song - Hope For The Homeless | Star of Hope Mission

It’s Time to Sing the Resurrection Song - Hope For The Homeless | Star of Hope Mission

Look at life with the five pillars of health...Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy family, Healthy Society and Healthy finances as a balance..

This video stirs your spiritual juices and helps you think of helping others.

Have a blessed day,


Hope for those challenged with Lymphedema

Lymphedema is the swelling, usually of an extremity, resulting from poor or abnormal drainage of fluid through the lymphatic system. Lymphedema is classified into two types: primary or secondary. Primary lymphedema is thought to result from an inherited abnormality of the lymphatic system such as hypoplasia (decreased number or size of lymphatic vessels) or
hyperplasia (too many lymphatic vessels which do not function properly). Secondary
lymphedema is the result of damaged or blocked lymphatic vessels caused by surgery, radiation
therapy, injury, limb paralysis, infection, or an inflammatory condition. Surgery combined with radiation therapy for breast cancer is a common cause of upper arm secondary lymphedema for women in the United States. Parasitic infections (filariasis) account for many cases of secondary lymphedema in tropical regions.

Lymphodema Testimonials (updated 12-2-10)
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

From: rjsugar@sprintmail.com
I had someone who had great success with the necklace and bracelet for Lymphodema. She no longer has a 'funny' feeling in her hand, her arm and hand does not swell up, and she does not need the Lymphodema treatments or massage to keep her arm and hand from swelling. (She initially bought the necklace for headaches and stress in her neck and shoulders -- the necklace took care of these and then gave her the unexpected bonus of relieving the swelling.)
From: Dillywarman@tesco.net
I recently spun the magboys around the area of the affected arm with amazing success. My friend has the usual Lymphoedema post her mastectomy two years ago. Having had the lymph glands removed as well, she has the classic very swollen upper/under arm due to the accumulation of the lymph, and very restricted movement in this arm. She attends a Lymphoedema clinic on a regular basis, with absolutely no results/benefits at all. I only spun the magboys for about three minutes. She felt the warmth, and when asked to see if it had made any difference, she was able to fully raise her arm for the first time since the operation was done over two years ago. It was totally amazing.
Dillian Warman
From: http://www.wcdigest.com/members.htm
About 5 years ago I had 6 lymph nodes removed during a lumpectomy for breast cancer. I had numbness and swelling in my arm. Before Nikken I went for the therapeutic massage, but after I wear the Women's Bracelet. I drink PiMag Aqua Pour, which is a great help. I also use the Magboys to massage the arm and move the fluid to the thoracic area. I also sleep on the Sleep System. I very rarely have the swelling problem now.
From: http://www.wcdigest.com/members.htm
I recently used the PowerMag around the area of the affected arm with amazing success. My friend has the usual lymphedema post her mastectomy two years ago. Having had the lymph glands removed as well, she has the classic swollen upper/under arm due to the accumulation of the lymph, and very restricted movement in this arm. She attends a clinic on a regular basis with absolutely no results/benefits at all. I only used the PowerMag for about three minutes. She felt the warmth, and when asked to see if it had made any difference, she was able to fully raise her arm for the first time since the operation was done over two years ago. It was totally amazing.
From: www.wcdigest.com
My sister was helped simply by wearing Magsteps. After three weeks her stiff swollen leg was normal again. This Lymphedema was caused by five years of surgeries, chemo and radiation. The straw that broke the camel's back was radiation to her pelvis and thigh area.

Hope for those challenged with Leukemia

Leukemia Testimonials (updated 5-10-10)
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

Leukemia is a form of cancer that begins in the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow - soft,inner part of the bones. Leukemia - which literally means "white blood" in Greek - occurs when there is an excess of abnormal white blood cells in the blood. Known as leukocytes, these cells are so plentiful in some individuals that the blood actually has a whitish tinge. The leukemic cells accumulate and lessen the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells (eythrocytes), bloodclotting cells (platelets), and normal leukocytes. If untreated, the surplus leukemic cells overwhelm the bone marrow, enter the bloodstream, and eventually invade other parts of the body, such as the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, and central nervous system (brain, spinal cord). In this way, the behavior of leukemia is different than that of other cancers, which usually begin in major organs and ultimately spread to the bone marrow.

From: LINQUEA@msn.com
When my daughter was 5 years old she was diagnosed with Leukemia. When we got her to Children's Hospital in Seattle they told us she had less than a month to live. The doctors said they were going to start bringing her back to health immediately be inserting, by surgical procedure, a Porta-Cath in her chest so they could administer the Chemo-Therapy drugs into her body. The Porta-Cath is a sort of metal bowl with a rubber cover and a thin tube leading from it. It is put into the chest above the heart and the tube is inserted into a vein in that area. Her drug protocol was 14 different drugs over a two and one-half year period. They gave us a stack of papers with all the "side effects" she could experience and one even had heart failure listed. Some parents down there told us that if the Leukemia didn't get her the Chemo drugs would. She was in the hospital all but five weeks that first year and we almost lost her several times during that year. I will spare you the shocking details but will give you more info if you would like to phone me later. At the end of that year the doctors said she had relapsed and she had about a twenty percent chance of making it. Well, Thank God doctors are human and they can make mistakes because after a battery of test they said she hadn't relapsed but was very close. At that time we were just experiencing the Nikken products for my wife who had a health challenge of her own. Her experience was
surprising, but that is another story. We brought our daughter home for a visit and I decided to put her on the products. (Insoles, Mattress Pad & Pillow, a Back Flex for her back when she got Spinal Taps, and Mini's put into a headband for the severe migraine's she would get after the Spinal Taps). Within one month her whole life had changed. (First of all we were delighted to have her home for a month without having to go back into the hospital for anything. A cold sore could be dangerous for her if not treated properly and was usually in the hospital for stuff like that. Things like that would bring her health way down because she had no immune system to speak of. Her ANC Count fell to as low as 26, to 50 on several occasions and that is dangerous; extremely dangerous). During that month I noticed major changes in her health and stamina. The real eye opener was when she would get leg shots, we would have to carry her around for several days because she would be weak kneed and fall into things. While on the sleep system and the legs shots were administered, she would not fall or even look like she was off balance at all. She could run and play without any hesitation. THAT got my attention! I started a research into Nikken and the products and needless to say six years later I am in the business and have helped so many people with some pretty severe health challenges that it is nothing less than miraculous. When our daughter's doctors found out what we were doing they sent us back to Seattle where a team of seven doctors examined her over a period of several days and their comment was: “Off the record”, if this is the only alternative you are using for her; 'KEEP HER ON IT' because the only thing we can say at this moment, with certainty, is that the magnets will not hurt her." Our daughter will be eleven in July. She is in perfect health and the Leukemia is gone!!!!! Praise God! Praise the Lord for Nikken! I've seen first hand that the products address our immune systems. For a year, all we heard from her doctors was that her immune system was low, very low; and these products let her immune system repair itself so that it could allow her body to correct itself even from a severe illness such as this. There is one thing that I want to make clear - that when we used the system on our daughter we did not use the quilt. The quilt will cool you down if you are warm and we didn't want the quilt cooling her off when her temperature was rising because when the temperature was on the rise that is an indication that something is wrong and we were to phone the doctors ASAP and get her into the
hospital for blood draws. If we were to use the quilt it would have cooled her down and we wouldn't have known that she had a temperature therefore the bug in her would have been left alone to manifest itself into whatever it would become..........Very dangerous! The quilt wasn't used until after she was in the clear and after many months we then put her under the quilt. One little girl we know of who had Leukemia and several other terminal challenges was sent home because she only had about a week left. Her mother was a friend of ours and called us to see if she could get some of the products for her daughter. She put her on a system and much to the surprise of everyone she lived on for another four months. She was doing very well until a severe case of Gout brought her down but until then she was able to play as she had regained her strength. Another man with Leukemia was told he had to have a bone marrow transplant because that was the last thing they could do to save his life but he was told that the chances were slim because of what could happen afterwards. We had to work thru his wife and she insisted that he try the system. She was able to convince the doctors that the products would help boost the immune system that the doctors had the mattress pad sterilized and brought into the procedure room for him to lay on. He has recovered much to everyone's surprise. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

I will end this with what my daughter felt about all this. Every night she would pray that Jesus would send David to knock the Goliath out of her. After about six months of experiencing the sleep system she came to me and asked if she could name her mattress pad "David" because she felt that Jesus had arranged for her to sleep on the pad and THAT WAS HER DAVID because the Goliath was gone. I apologize for being so long but the powers to be at Nikken told me that when I tell her story to tell it all. My phone number is 541-517-5859, Cell: or 541-926-7750, Residence or maybe you prefer email Linque Andropopozgiopanatzakis - Eugene Oregon
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I sold a pair of magsteps to a family with a 6 year old boy who has Leukemia. He hadn’t been able to go to school for six months. A week and a half after wearing the insoles, he felt so much better that he was able to go back to school. The parents saw a huge difference.
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Jade Greenzymes us a powerful product for our body:
"Barley grass leaf extract dramatically inhibits the growth of human prostatic cancer cells grown in tissue culture. ...It may provide a new nutritional approach to the treatment of prostate cancer. " ---Dr. Allan L. Goldstein, MD, George Washington Univ. Medical Center.

Nutritional Value: A concentrated source of nearly three dozen vitamins and minerals barley grass is particularly rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, folic acid, and B12; calcium; iron; potassium; and chlorophyll. Unlike most plants, barley grass provides all nine essential amino acids (those which you body can't produce). Barley grass contains eighteen amino acids, including the eight essential ones - that is, the amino acids that we must get from our diet. The body cannot produce them itself. The "green" is from chlorophyll. Barley grass has one of the highest, natural, rich chlorophyll contents of all the green vegetables. In fact, Barley Grass has 66 times more chlorophyll than spinach.

How it Works: An antioxidant called alpha-tocopherol succinate - a potent relative of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)? May be responsible for much of the plant's anti-tumor action, according to Allen L. Goldstein, Ph.D., head of the biochemistry department at George Washington University's School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Washington, D.C., who has studied barley grass. Though its mechanism is unknown, alpha-tocopherol succinate seems to inhibit several types of cancer, including leukemia, brain tumors, and prostate cancer.

The Evidence: There have been no clinical trials of barley grass. In an experiment at George Washington University, Goldstein and his colleagues exposed leukemic cancer cells to dehydrated barley grass extract. The extract killed virtually all of them. Encouraged, the researches then subjected brain cancer cells to the extract. It eradicated 30 to 50 percent of these cells In a third trial, the extract inhibited the growth of three types of prostate cancer cells by 90 to 100 percent. In one informal study, a Japanese dermatologist observed a group of 25 patients with skin diseases ranging from melanosis (darkening of the skin) to eczema. The patients who took barley grass extract healed faster than did those who did not. They also noticed improvements in appetite and bowel regularity. One of the most common health problems in North America today is poor digestion. There are several reasons for poor digestion, but the two biggest reasons are the inability of your body to produce enough enzymes, and the lack of digestive enzymes in the food that you eat. Digestive enzymes are organic protein molecules that break down food particles such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; and convert them into smaller absorbable nutrients that your body can use to build cells, tissues, and organs. You obtain most of your digestive enzymes from the food that you eat, and your body also produces enzymes of its own. Unfortunately, because of soil depletion, herbicide sprays, etc., we do not obtain anywhere near the number of enzymes that we need. As we age, our body looses its ability to produce its own enzymes, and so we have to include them in our diet. There are only two ways to accomplish this. One method is by eating raw organic food, and the other method is by taking enzyme supplements.
Kathie Zier
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I am helping a gentleman with Leukemia -- Last Saturday, I gave his wife the sleep system - the doctor agreed to have it in the hospital. The doctor said that he does not know all the answers and he would welcome anything that could help his patient with leukemia. I also lent them the Aqua Pour and the Optimizer based on Dr. Otto Warburg's - 1932 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine. I also lent the insoles, cardiosocks, necklace, and palmmag. I also suggested he take the Multi, Immunity, and CalDenx... I also read in my Prevention Book of Common Diseases, page 183-184 that deficiency in magnesium contributes to leukemia. CalDenx is a good source of calcium and magnesium. And Immunity is important - 7 out of 14 mushrooms have anti-cancer capabilities. Sally Snyder
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We have been working with a little 18 month old girl, Claudia. She has a blood disorder in which the platelets in her blood are very low, which can lead to multiple complications, including Leukemia. For the last 3 months, her platelet count has been 13,000. Normal platelet count is 150,000-400,000. I just received a call from the hospital where she has to get her platelets counted every month. After being on the Nikken sleep pad, magnets in her shoes, and AquaPour water for about 3 weeks, her platelet count is now 127,000. The only variable that has changed is using Nikken products. The ramifications of this small change in this little girl's life are immeasurable.
Amy and John Miller
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Here is an amazing success story about Leukemia and Lactoferrin copied from this web page 11/27/04
Success stories from the breakthrough cures uncovered by the Health Sciences Institute network…
Natural Cancer Blaster
"I'm a blacksmith. But I hadn't been doing it for 10 months because of leukemia. I was the worst case they had seen at the Mayo Clinic in 20 years. I was taking chemo and whatever else they gave me. Then I got a report in the mail from Health Sciences Institute. I saw some news about leukemia and lactoferrin. I said that I'm going to have to try this. I had to do something. I mean, I'm the guy suffering from leukemia. So I did. I took 500 mgs. a day of lactoferrin...my white blood count went up. It's normal now. I feel good. I don't have any other problems. I should be dead, but at the Mayo Clinic, they're calling me the Miracle Man."
-HSI Member Ralph S., Vero Beach, Florida