Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hope for those suffering from Tourette's

Tourette syndrome is characterized by motor and vocal tics, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and attention deficit. It is inherited as an autosomal dominant condition with incomplete penetrance and variable expression.
Tourette's Testimonials
These testimonials are  from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

I have a 12-year-old son with Tourette's Syndrome also. He has been using many of Nikken's technologies for the past year. Although many have helped and we are very optimistic about the future, nothing has made his tic's totally disappear. I am sending his personal testimonial below.

I am 12 years old. I was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome when I was 7 years old. Tourette's syndrome is a neurological disorder that makes me have "tic's". "Tic's are involuntary body movements or noises. Before my mom learned about Nikken, I had a lot of "tic's". I blinked my eyes a lot, shook my head, cleared my throat constantly, made sharp squealing noises and had severe muscle spasms in my legs. My friends at school didn't understand me. It was very hard for me to explain why I could not stop ticking.  I did not like to go to bed at night because I could never fall asleep. My mom would give me Tylenol PM to help me go to sleep. I would be so sleepy in the morning that I would sleep through most of my classes at school. I had a hard time concentrating in school, especially when I took tests. I love all of my Nikken products. My favorite is the sleep system. It helps me go to sleep a lot faster. I
wake up much easier and have a lot more energy. I sleep in the long johns, socks, and eye mask, or elastomag headband. I think that my silver chain really helps my sinus problems. I also wear magstrides, and the brown belt during the day. My leg cramps are much better. I really like the PiMag water. My mom tells me to use it every time I complain. If I have a hurt finger, blister, sunburn or anything she says put PiMag water on it. I take the water bottle to school every day. I take several of the vitamins, the multivitamin, liver support, digestion, immunity, antioxidant, and mental clarity. I think that my vocal "tic's"are better and I understand my schoolwork easier because of the vitamins that I take. The first month that my mom was in Nikken they asked me to tell my story at an Expo in Atlanta. I am so happy that my mom joined Nikken. When I grow up I want to be a Disney animator and a Nikken wellness consultant like my mom. I want to help people just like her.

Susan Guthrie
I have a successful experience with a man with Tourettes considering that he only used the insoles and 2 super mini on his shoulders.  He swims a lot to lose some weight - in the process he hurt his shoulders. In just a few days, he was so calm and relaxed that I seldom noticed his involuntary ticks - he bobs his head up and sticks his tongue out. Before the Nikken products, he will not look at people because he was so self conscious of his ticks. But after the Nikken products, he did not tick, he smiled more and talked to people.  This man was an assistant cook in the company I worked for.  In fact his personality changed so much that his friend the maintenance man came to me and said: What did you do to my friend? He's so different.
I told the Tourette man that if he invest in the sleep system - he will be a totally different person. He agreed and will try to save for the sleep system. He added that if he forgets to use the insoles, his Tourette is very bad -- so he makes sure that he uses the insoles and 2 super minis without fail.

I have helped a little 10 year old boy. He has Tourettes and ADHD. He was having a significant amount of tics and jerks, but no vocal stuff, yet. When his mom would put him to bed, it would take him about 2 hours to get to sleep, and he was allover the bed. He would be at the bottom, or in the crack by the wall, or transverse across, and moving quite a bit. He was a restless sleeper, and his covers would be all pulled out and destroyed. We got him on magsteps and a sleep system with the soft pillow. The first night, his mom went in to check on him 10 min after she put him to bed, and he was sound asleep! That was unheard of. In the morning, she had to go in and wake him up (also unusual). When she did, he was straight and centered in the bed, the same way she left him the night before,
and the covers were not mess up at all. Every succeeding day was the same. He told her that he felt good, and his temperament was better, he was more pleasant. The teachers in school said that during the day, he wasn't having many tics. I think that was a great success. He did have the whole sleep system. I explained the disease to her, and she knows what to watch for, and she hasn't noticed sany exacerbation, in fact the symptoms have lessened. My next thing was going to be a seat. I already told her that if the symptoms started to resume, to get him on a seat cushion. I do that with the ADHD kids, too. Sometimes, kids don't want to be different, by using the seat. I tell the Moms to ell the kids that they are special, and no one else gets to use a comfortable seat cushion, and that it will help them concentrate and do better in school. If the kids are really small, they can tell the kids that the seat cushion is magic and will help them do better. That does 2 things. It is a positive based outcome, and if they think they will do better, they usually do. It also makes them think they are special. Sometimes 'normal' kids then want cushions. The
results are usually noticeable. With Tourettes, if the person is old enough, I would put a chain around the neck, and have it fairly short. Even though the problem doesn't originate in the throat, I have to feel that if the muscles are relaxed, it would have to help.

From: Matt Bacon -- 1018 E. Geddes Ave. Littleton, CO 80122 (303) 795-6356

My name is Matt Bacon. I am 13 years old. I have Tourette Syndrome. I used to tic a lot. I salivated on my shirt and sleeves all the time. My 3rd grade teacher had me wear short sleeves in the winter! Even my mom didn’t like to hug me without a clean shirt. I made gross noises and my Dad and sister didn’t want me at the dinner table any more. I wet the bed often – so I couldn’t have sleepovers. I slept very poorly. I fell asleep in school. When my mom would come home from work late at night or 3 am, she would often find me awake or sleeping lightly. She used candles, music, Benadryl to try to help me. Teachers and my parents scolded me because I couldn’t stay awake or get work done. I took a lot of medications that gave me other problems like – headaches / stomachaches / too tired to play outside. The doctor didn’t believe my mom that I had a sleep problem. My mom and I didn’t know what to do.
My mom’s friend, Gerry Agnew, told her about how magnets helped her sleep. My mom laughed and thought it was weird. I like science so I thought it was interesting. Gerry came to our house near Christmas in 1999 to tell us about Nikken. I loved the bumpy insoles right away. I loved the massage. I really loved the hard pillow, from the first moment!!  After 3 days on the sleep system, I was sleeping great! All my big brothers and sisters were home for Xmas. It was a fun and crazy time. I love it when they are home! One night about 9 pm, my mom was looking for me and she asked Jeremie where I was. “He’s sleeping”, was his reply. “Are you sick?”, she asked me. “Nope, just sleeping great!”, I said. My mom thought it was the power of suggestion. I knew it was the sleep system.
But, my mom didn’t get it yet. She took me off the sleep system and I started having all those problems again. She did that 3 times as she investigated. It was on the 3rd trial that we realized I had stopped waking up with yellow sheets when I slept on the magnets. Once when I left my pillow at a friend’s house, I didn’t sleep on it for 3 days. Boy, did I tic!! So then, we started adding more products and my mom cut back my medications. I wear insoles, a belt, a magbags shirt with 3 super mini’s in it and a chain. I sleep well and am having a much better life. I hated the feeling of taking Ritalin, Adderall and Tenex. My life is so much better. And yes, now I can do sleepovers and scout campouts! Thank you Nikken and Gerry Agnew for being patient with my mom.