Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Road to Happiness Movie

The Road to Happiness Movie

Vitality in life begins in your mind...Enjoy this video and relax in your day to begin your journey on the Road to Happiness

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Solution for Bone Health with No Side Effects...and It Is Not a drug.

 Bone heath challenges are affecting a large percentage of our poplulation.   The drugs that are available have side effects worth considering before you take them and for how long you can take them.   This video offers you information about a solution that has no side effects but the side benefit of reducing inflamation internally.   I would be honored to share more information with you about this.
John St. John

Please take a moment and relax and focus on your metal health today. May this bless your life.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Behavioral Problems are challenging families every day. Please consider sharing this to offer hope for those suffering.

Behavioral Problems   Our goal is help as many people as we can reach to have a better quality of life.  Please contact us at 713-725-1842 for more information for your benefit.    You may also email us at jsjwellness@gmail.com   Posted from 12-17-03- archives  4-7-2012

(These testimonials are  from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

From: maglady2000@prodigy.net
I have a son who has been documented and diagnosed with everything. Timothy has been diagnosed with all sorts of behavioral problems. The only ones I accept are Oppositional Defiant Disorder and a Tourette's Syndrome Related Disorder. By the time he was 5 1/2 he had 18 major diagnoses--because they have to change the diagnosis to validate changing the meds which weren't working.  And it all started as a result of his going bad on Amoxicillin. His skin lesions were then treated with Hydrocortisone cream and he's never been the same since. He has been in 22 schools and had 7 long-term placements.
In October, 1997, Dr. Margolis from Harrisburg, PA, shared his work with behavior problem children using Nikkens products. That day I took my son out of the group home they had him in and took him off all meds and put him on Magstrides and the sleep system.  He uses the Intellirest pillow and the comforter, which is crucial. It has given him a new life--and the rest of us as well!  Dr. Margoles has been a pediatrician for 36 years and is a distributor. In the summer of 1996 he started a project to see if the
behavioral-problem kids of 30 families (whose parents did not like having them on psych meds) would show any response on Nikken products. Surprise, they were still off the meds in Oct., 1997. He was in Mesa for a Health Professionals Symposium and it was very informative.

From: DandG@AIM.reno.nv.us
Harold Stagner (distributor), MS Speech Pathologist from Indianapolis Indiana, ran two clinics for learning disabled kids. After the Nikken magnetics helped him with his migraines, he began to wonder if they might also help his ATTENTION PROBLEM kids. 35 kids used a complete system (far-infrared pillow is a MUST) and insoles and all of them came off the medications in 2-6 weeks.
From: n2sewing@cocentral.com
My son, Daniel is 14 and has been on Prozac and Ritalin for about 2 years. I've noticed when he uses the sleep system he seems more cheerful and "balanced". I can tell a big difference in his temperament and when he wears my gold necklace, I believe it helps him with his concentration level. He only uses Ritalin for school...home isn't a problem. He has more of a short fuse problem than an attention problem at home and that is where I can see the biggest improvement. Also, when he gets an occasional sinus headache, the necklace clears it up within 5 minutes.
Debbie Holterhaus
From: ybhurtn@5pillars.com
Last week, I was in Platinum Sheila Nay's home in MA and this is a testimony shared by one of her guests at our presentation:  This lady had a hard time telling this story, because she was crying with emotion. Anyway...about a year ago, they adopted a 5 year old boy, who apparently had some severe behavioral problems. If you asked him what he wanted to eat...that would set him off! He was banging his head against the walls, and when he was put to bed...he was all over the place. He would be in bed, then on the floor,  in the chair, in someone else's bed, etc. Every morning there was a battle to get him dressed. Everything was a "fight". Doctors weren't helping....she didn't know what to do.   Sheila suggested a Nikken sleep system. The mother replied that she had just lost her job, and had zero money. Sheila brought the sleep system over anyway, for her to try. The first night after she put her son, Jack to bed... she checked on him after about an hour, and he was lying motionless, sound asleep on his back. An hour later she checked on him again...same thing. At 11 pm as she was about to retire for the night, she checked on him again...and this time, checked to see if he was breathing. He was...so she went to bed. At 6 am the next morning, Jack called to his mother, and said, "Mom...time to get up. I'm getting dressed and will be coming down for breakfast." She couldn't believe what she was hearing! She went to his room and said, "Jack....are you all right?" He replied, "I'm fine, Mom." Unbelievable!!! He's been
fine ever since!  Because she had zero money, she sold what little stock she had...to purchase the Nikken sleep system. The value was way greater than any price she could pay.  Dennis & Ruth Williams