Sunday, February 10, 2013

Emphazema sufferers would like to know of a solution to improving life quaility for them. Please share this with someone who could benefit from this information.

Emphysema permanently enlarges and irreversibly damages the alveoli, damages the ends and
walls of the smallest bronchioles (the tiny breathing tubes that branch off from the trachea and
bronchi), and diminishes the elasticity of the lungs.   Please read the following testimonials and share them with someone you care about suffering from this challenge.
Emphazema Testimonials
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS – and we do
not claim to heal or cure)
I live in Iowa. My father lives in Mn. and is 87 3/4 yrs. old. He has Emphazema, very badly, from smoking 2-3 packs of 'smokes' per
day, all of his life, until he had a heart attack in 1977. He has lived on oxygen 24/7 since 1994. He also has to use a Nebulizer a few
times per day. He and my mother live in a nursing center. We put a Flex on his chest, about 3 years ago. We purchased a 'pocket' and a
'neck tie' and inserted the Flex into the pocket. It velcro's to the tie, around his neck and he wears it constantly, except in his tub bath.
He had his lungs x-rayed in June of 1997 and I attended the Dr's appointment. We were told that Dad would not be alive in 2 years,
which would have been June 1999. His lungs looked like swiss cheese, having holes in them. I asked for a 'comparative x-ray' done in
June 1999, due to the fact that he was NO worse in 2 years. The Dr. could NOT believe his eyes. He kept repeating "I can't believe
this. I can't figure it out. He shouldn't even be here, yet". I just waved the Flex at him and he said "Oh, that's right. You're the one with
the magnets!" I smiled and he repeated that he couldn't figure out what was going on. Again, I waved the Flex. He also remarked how
Dad had not had any pneumonia since wearing this Flex. He said he definitely wanted to have information on these 'things'.
My dad has severe emphysema, on oxygen 24/7, has limited energy, even though he does his own care. He was very ill in January
with pneumonia & the physicians didn’t expect him to live. He has the air wellness system in his room & in 10days he was up, & on
the road to recovery. I was with him last week again (April 1-8); it was so exciting to see how good he looked. If he over exerts & gets
short of breath, he sits beside the unit & takes a few deep breaths & gets relief. The air wellness system has definitely given him more
energy & quality of life. The care takers are amazed at how well he has done.
I loaned my air wellness system to my dentist, who has emphysema. After 1 night he saw a big difference in his sinus problem, slept
better & didn’t cough as much during the night. After 3 nights commented, “I can’t believe how much better I feel”. His wife said
there is a big difference in the air in the bedroom, John is sleeping better, breathing better & not coughing as much - “it has definitely
helped him”.