Friday, August 13, 2010

Donna and her husband Aaron joined a Bible study I teach at Williams Trace Baptist Church, soon to be Sugar Land Baptist Church. As a friendship developed they researched the opportunity of the business of making a difference in the lives of others through the technologies of Nikken, a 35 year old Japanese company based in the U.S. since 1989. They were familiar with network marketing from other venues and liked the business opportunity and support offered through Nikken. Though Nikken is a researach and development company it elects to use  network marketing to distribute and compensate.   The opportunity offered to help others fit their criteria. They found company to be sound with unequaled technologies and strong business support from their associates for their business and an international opportunity. This testimony has great merit because they are now convinced that the researach that lead them to Nikken was correct and life changing.

My daily prayer is that God would lead us to people whose lives we can change physically and financially and in so doing show them how much we care. If you would contact me at, and allow me to share with you information for you to evaluate that could be the answer to prayer for you. Staying healthy is our goal but for some it is recovering from a chronic problem using natural solutions. Let me hear from you. Perhaps sending you testimonies from others around the country that have similar challenges would give you hope.

Enjoy Donna's testimony posted "I'm Moving My Toes" and let me know what you think.

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  1. My name is Malka Marilyn Shavit and recently I have had problems with a bunion on my left large toe. It is difficult to bend it downwards and the joint has now pushed itself outwards to the rt side of my foot. I had a reflexology session this lunchtime and it is better. I only way low shoes and certainly no higher than 4 cms. I wear in the winter othopaedic closed shoes, which are not so good looking, but who cares. Anyway, I have also be using Nikken magnets since 2001 when I bought many articles which could help my physical discomfort from Neck bones moving position and therefore causing pressure all the way down my right side down to my toes and heels.This caused tail bone pain and pain down the rt side of my rt leg. All in all, Nikken products have been a saviour for me, sleep system, water and bathroom systems, nutrition and airpurifiers in the home and in the car. Many Happy Returns of the Day on your 35th Anniversary. Lets pray Nikken and we all go from strength to strength.