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Hope and life quality for those suffering from Parkinsons

Parkinsons (updated 8-01-06)

Parkinson's disease (also known as Parkinson's, Parkinson disease, or PD) is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that impairs motor skills, cognitive processes, and other functions. The most obvious symptoms are motor-related, including tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, and postural instability. Among non-motor symptoms are autonomic dysfunction and sensory and sleep difficulties. Cognitive and neurobehavioral problems, including dementia, are common in the advanced stages of the disease. PD usually appears around the age of 60, although there are young-onset cases.

The following testimonials are submitted by folks across the nation who have found life and hope with this chronic challenge.
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( They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we
do not claim to heal or cure)

From: ophealth@mindspring.com
What I found works for Parkinsons is using a headband or baseball cap with 4 Nikken mini magnets inserted - 1 over each temple, and 2 on the "bumps" at the base of skull, just above the neck. Twenty-four hours a day is preferable, and the addition of the pillow at night will help even more. And of course the magnetic insoles and the energy mattress are very important as well.
From: DTULIP7865@aol.com
Kenneth Drayton at (912)284-9123 said he would be glad to do a 3-way call concerning Parkinsons. His wife has Parkinsons, and she has been using the Nikken products for a while. Also my friend, who has been diagnosed about a year ago, and is still in the beginning stage, bought a energy sleep system about 3 months ago, and is doing very well since.
Annette Lambrou
From: magnets@CTC.net
Our friend Gail Linker has done some great work with Parkinsons. Gails e-mail is dtlinker@ctc.net . I have not worked directly with Parkinsons but have had some success with tremors. 80 year old lovely lady, fit and spry had been treated by her physician for 2 years for head tremors and dizziness. She also saw her Chiropractor for the same problem. Neither doctor could offer any help. Her husband bought the sleep system along with magsteps and in about a month her noticeable tremors were almost non existent and the dizziness disappeared.
Her husband didn't buy the products for that condition, he bought them because he was convinced of the benefits to their health the products would offer. He refers to her progress as a side effect, but a really good side effect. Our products will help virtually any chronic condition, how much they will help and in what time frame, we can never predict but you can be assured that over a period of time these products will help. For a person with Parkinsons, I suggest magsteps, necklace, sleep system, and a car seat. If they can get on our nutritionals, that is that much better.
Phillip Poe
From: globalbalance@5pillars.com
There is a great web site that talks about how Sleep Problems May Complicate Many Illnesses . It says sleep is such a crucial aspect of health that it can have an adverse impact on Parkinson disease. This is all according to a report in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The report is based on studies presented at annual joint meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society. You can
read the entire document at http://www.mercola.com/2000/dec/17/sleep_problems.htm
The other concern is with toxic metals in our drinking water. Just recently, the May 1997 issue of Consumer Reports lists the recall of a Sears water filter made by WaterWorks (Chemical Contaminant/Taste and Odor Filter Cartridge Premium Grade Granular Activated Carbon) that releases enough nickel into the water to turn it green and to cause stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea in those individuals consuming the "nickel-contaminated" water. Nickel may be particularly problematic in our environment since it is already pervasive (present in coins, jewelry, eyeglass frames, and many types of stainless steel). Nickel is also a known contact carcinogen and allergen (NIOSH handbook). Ironically, at the same time that nickel presumably uncouples our protective mechanism against cancer, it over stimulates at least one immune response (cytolytic antibody production) linked to cancer-negating activities. Thus, a misdirecting or uncoupling of our normal immune surveillance for cancer, while compensating with an over-escalation of an immune responses that can produce hypersensitivity and perhaps even auto-immunity, essentially describes the immunopathology of nickel poisoning. Nickel is far from being our only toxic metal problem. Recently, exposures to other toxic metals and different combinations (mercury, manganese, copper, lead and copper, lead and iron, and iron and copper) have been associated with a higher incidence of Parkinson's disease.

FROM: maglady2001@home.com
I have had great success for Parkinson's with insoles, the magnetic Kenkoseat, the wrist wrap and bracelet. Try anything and see how it works for a particular person. The first person I helped with Parkinson's stood straight, stopped falling, was able to eat out (rather than behind closed curtains with a bib and a sip cup) and write for the first time in 5 years.
Marilyn Talmage
FROM: onelamb@juno.com
Last week I did a strength test using PiMag living water on my brother in law who suffers from tremors in his hands. He drank about a total of 4 ounces during and after the test. In just a few minutes he asked for more PiMag Living water and held out his glass for me to fill. We were all excited as he did so, because the tremors were almost negligent!!! He said as I poured the water, "I should be spilling every drop you pour in here. Look at this, I am holding my hand almost completely still!"
Joan Stroup
FROM: sheilanay@hotmail.com
I recently was called to the home of an 84 year old lady with stage 2 Parkinson's disease. She is determined to stay in her own home as long as possible. Her son and Daughter-in-law have hired aids to care for her. They have her on a tons of nutritionals, have hired a personal trainer and massage therapist. They have gotten her from a wheel chair to a walker, which is quite remarkable. I was called because of her high stress level, poor sleep, and balance. Because she is incontinent I couldn't loan her a sleep system. This poor lady was so weak from lack of sleep that she couldn't even hold her head up. I was forced to cut my visit to 10 minutes. (she reminded me of myself 4 years ago) They purchased a travel pad and sleep mask saying that if she showed any improvement they would buy the
whole system. Spoke with her by phone tonight-she sounded like a different person! She slept right through the night the second and third nights on the pad! Aren't these products something!!!!
From: itworks@5pillars.com
About 2 years ago Barbara began to lose her mobility. She progressed from cane to walker to not being able to remain on her feet for more than 10 - 15 minutes at a time. She underwent a variety of tests and evaluations from the doctors and neurologists with no results. They prescribed a variety of medications and eventually she developed a severe discomfort in her right hip. This they could treat with cortisone shots and therapy for temporary relief. The end result was the doctors decided they could do nothing more and she would soon be in a wheel chair. At this point a friend who knew of our situation asked if we would consider alternative wellness products. Our response was if it was chemical, pharmaceutical, herbs, or anything invasive the answer was no. At this time she was taking so many drugs she had to keep a log to keep from over dosing. However, he said no, you simply wear and sleep on these products. He didn't know if they would help but he and others had had amazing results. Since there was no way they
could harm her, we felt at least there might be another option. Since she could no longer lie down in bed she was sleeping in a recliner in our family room. We brought a Kenko Seat for the recliner, magsteps for her shoes, and mini relax pads for her hip. The first night she sat down on the Kenko Seat she fell asleep and slept for four hours straight. It had been several months since she sleep longer than 30 or 40 minutes at one time. Three days later I was setting in my chair in the family room when I realized someone was beside me. I looked up surprised because I could always tell where she was in the house from the noise of the cane or walker. I was amazed, because she was walking without a walker or cane and actually picking up her feet!!! She told me she had walked about half way around the block that morning! She quit taking the medications, stopped the therapy and cortisone shots from that time on. Within a week she had regained much of the mobility she had 3 years before and as we speak she is doing great!
Well - we tried the products with others and they got similar results for a variety of issues. As Barbara will readily tell you, not everyone gets the quick results she was blessed with, but everyone benefits.
Bill & Barbara Foster - Phone: 909-624-3806 - http://www.5pillars.com/186829200/
(From: www.5Pillars.com Barbara Foster, is responsible for the formation of a large, successful Parkinson's Support Group in the L.A. area. When the City of Hope Medical Center dropped their Parkinson's support program, Barbara and her friend, Lisa Hamilton, began work with the city of Claremont to establish a new support group. The group has grown by leaps and bounds! A few of the programs Barbara and Lisa implemented are: a people to people support network, a guest speakers program, regular monthly meetings and a newsletter to help keep their members informed of the latest developments. Barbara's hard work and determination have been recognized by others: On May 9, 2001, at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Barbara Foster was honored by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Los Angeles County Commission on Aging for her stellar work in the
Parkinson's community. What is truly amazing, however, is that a few short months before starting this project, Barbara's doctors had informed her that she would soon be confined to a wheelchair due to a progressive loss of mobility. Barbara credits Nikken's products and philosophy of balanced living with helping her take control of her health. Eventually Barbara regained her mobility. With the cane and walker gone, Barbara was able to return to her career, public activities and the formation of the Parkinson's Support Group. This is truly an example of people helping people in the best Nikken tradition!)

FROM: cpak46@hotmail.com
I have a MD friend that has had tremendous success with his Parkinson's - his dad was drooling, walking stooped w/ a shuffling gait, and now thanks to all the products, he is out jogging, and driving the car again!! I've been working with a young 70 yr. Old who also had the shuffling gait, loss of balance, drooling and slurred speech. He's wearing insoles, necklace, drinking PiMag water and taking immunity. I see improvement; he's still skeptical.. Even w/in a common diagnosis, there's different reactions, so keep being persistent, looking at lots of different possibilities.
Chary Horton, RN
From: tahosp@hotmail.com
There is a neurologist Dr. Larry Pierce who is working in Mocksville, NC that spoke at an energy medicine seminar last year about a new magnetic energizing study they are doing called MME (Magnetic Molecular Energizing). I went to see him when I had a disc problem in my neck to see about the alternatives to surgery. They are currently doing the required studies to get FDA approval for Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's disease and IV disc disease. I met a man who had severe Parkinson's disease a few years ago and came to Dr Pierce as a last resort. He had (according to his assessment) 90% improvement within the first few weeks and had remained stable with only occasional retreatments. It is not covered by insurance, but like the MRI is very safe. It involves sleeping under a large hi
powered magnetic field (similar to an MRI) for 8-12 hours at a time, for several days at a time. All of the people working with this study are very excited about the results they are seeing. The phone number in Mocksville is 336-492-2800. The doctors involved are:
Dr. Larry Pierce (neurologist) and Dr. Clifford Nickel (chiropractor).
Brad Rutledge, DVM - Phone- 704-528-6641 (work) and 704-528-9791 (home)
From: getalife@strato.net
I have an 81 year old that has Parkinsons who is now in New Zealand visiting her family. She started using our products about four years ago and you cannot believe the change in her. In fact, her family emailed me from New Zealand to tell me that the last time they saw Phyliss, she was deteriorating and now they cannot believe it. To my knowledge she uses the magboy, water, sleep system and wraps, and magsteps.
From: NRG4HEALTH@aol.com
My 82 year old mother was diagnosed over 10 years ago with Parkinson’s. Before Nikken, her tremors were increasing at a steady pace. Since being on the Nikken products, most of the tremors have subsided. There is some rigidity, but she is active and functioning. We know that the PD will never go away, but her quality of life is very good. She is on the nutrition, sleep system, necklace, bracelet, seat and Magsteps.
Sue Huelsman
From: dj4ster@imxcited.com
When I was a youngster, a Karate teacher told me, "remember this thought above all else and troubles will seem as insignificant as the ant at your foot..." "Nothing is Impossible, Courage is Success." It never entered my mind that I couldn't do something... it always came down to a matter of whether I wanted to do it or not. I was told by teachers and career counselors, I would never live long enough to do all the things I wanted to do in my life. They didn't know what they were talking about... Inexperienced youth, I thought I was invincible. I wanted to experience it all... my constant question to myself was, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Waking up from surgery and not being able to move the left side of my body, nor able to breath without assistance, took away my choices. For the first time in my life, I struggled to get through my days, physically, emotionally and financially. My positive
nature kept telling me I would bounce back, but slowly I found myself in a downhill spiral... A "Pity Party" with a single participant, was a regular occurrence. I knew I had had a purpose, but I seemed to have lost it along with all my choices, focus and direction. I believed traditional medicine would give me my life back. When I found myself facing a fourth surgery, I decided to look at the alternatives. Starting my days by using my arms to move my body to the edge of my bed and then scooting off the bed to my wheelchair, to watch TV and/or read a book... did not make me very happy Two years and four surgeries later, months of physical, occupation, and speech therapies, after my initial surgery, with little change, I finally found something that worked and truly gave me my life back. My quality of life has improved drastically, and I now have choices. Sharing Nikken's energy products and natural advanced technologies has become my passion, focus and direction... someone cared enough to share them with me and now I want to offer you the same choices in your life. I now have physical, emotional and financial choices and freedom with Nikken. Truly, Impossible is Only the Measure of Difficulty Involved! To see my testimonial in greater detail go to: http://www.imxcited.com/hbm.pdf
Donovan Foster - http://www.5pillars.com/dj4ster/
FROM: bertbevm@hotmail.com
One of our fellow Nikken consultants mother has Parkinson's. She has had great results from using the PalmMag, the infrared material products, the water, and the CM cream.
FROM: magnetx@mindspring.com
The best products we have are the nutritional supplements including and specifically the Jade Greenzymes. Nutrition is a huge problem with Parkinsons. Lecithin and all the salmon and tuna help the brain. PalmMag is very helpful.
FROM: Cobb98271@aol.com
I placed the magnetic pearl necklace around a 77 year old lady whose hands were shaking so much she couldn't write & within 5 minutes they quit trembling visibly. We tested her by putting her hands behind her to see if they were shaking but they were still as normal. The lady commented that she was still shaking inside. Later, she removed the necklace & within a couple of seconds she began to visible shake again. Also have had good results with the magboy spinning around a person.
From: drleegresser2000@aol.com
For Parkinson’s do the biaxial magnetic application to mid-spine area as well as neck and head 2-4X/day for 30 minutes if possible. Use as many products as the pocketbook will allow 24-7. Magnetic sleep system is a must. Add the Immunity nutritional 2-3x/day for two weeks then 1-3X/day. Use the magnetic back flex on the lower spine area during the day. Use magnetic necklace if neck or brain involvement with the earrings for women. The Weighted CardioStride shoes if the person is walking needs to be used carefully and only under health practitioner guidance with magnetic insoles inside the shoes and under any orthotics if present. Use more antioxidants and optimized pi water. Apply magnets to the spine and head as above. Go Slow.
Dr. Lee Gresser: (410) 377-2331 - drleegresser2000@yahoo.com
Board Certified and Recertified 3 Times in Family Practice
Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians
Past President of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians
Past President of the Health Education Foundation of Maryland
Past Chief of Family Medicine at the New Childrens Hospital in Baltimore
Team Physician for the U.S. Karate Team
Chairman Emeritus Committee of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland
International Integrative Health Consultant and Author

From: sorkennwellness@optonline.net
My husband has had Parkinson's for about 13 years, and he uses many of the Nikken products. He's doing reasonably well, and I attribute the slowness of progression of the disease to the Nikken products, in addition to all the meds he is taking. I believe the Magsteps have helped his balance. He wears the necklace 24/7, sleeps on the sleep system, and finds that the PalmMag helps his back pain and flexibility. He also likes the magboy, which he finds easier to use. And he drinks as much Optimized PiMag water as I can get into him.

From: hansengl@mwt.net
I have an elderly gentleman using several products. He uses the sleep system, magsteps, PalmMag and gets rollouts. Of course the magsteps really helped with the balance. All of the products helped with energy and not getting so tired. He also uses the magnets on his throat or he gets hoarse. He used our nutrition until he started having problems swallowing them. We had him use the body energizer for a weekend and had wonderful results with his energy level. He is slowly progressing but we do believe the Nikken products have helped with his energy level and balance and that is worth a lot.
From: luedtkek@hotmail.com
My Dad had Parkinson's disease and he really liked his Magstrides. They helped him with balance and he didn't "shuffle" his feet as much and he never fell. The sleep system and chair seat helped keep him comfortable and warm.
From: health2wealth@volcano.net
Saturday night I was at a group function and happened to be sitting with a 94-year-old man who had Parkinson's and was having difficulty eating, particularly since the tableware was plastic. He couldn't keep food on the fork at all and when he switched to the spoon, he could only manage to get 1 out of 3 spoonfuls to his mouth. I removed my husband's Integrity Bracelet and put it on the man's right wrist. Within minutes he was able to function more efficiently and able to cut up his steak rarely missed a bite of food to his mouth. His eyes just sparkled and he grinned from ear to ear as he asked questions about the product. He held his arm out straight in front of him and said "Look at my hand, it isn't shaking!"
FROM: cynneil@comcast.net
I wanted to share Errol’s progress with Nikken. He purchased the sleep system, water system and nutritional supplementation in December ‘04. He takes Immunity, Lactoferrin, Liver and Kenzen for Men, plus some extra fish oil.
"I continue to feel better and stronger each day. I am healthier physically and emotionally. I have not experienced anxiety disorder for a week. It is one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s. I would get it every time I would go to a doctor, dentist, or anywhere. I have not experienced it in the last two trips to doctors. I have so much more strength and can focus for hours without falling apart. I just worked 4 straight hours on a math project that Robin (my wife) wanted me to make for her students. After I was done, she said, "I know where our children got their amazing concentration." It felt so good to receive a compliment. For months I lived on the edge of falling apart. And when I did fall apart it would take me hours to recover. Now I live a very even life without fear and if I do fall apart, it takes me just minutes to recover. I feel that the vitamins and minerals have done that for me. I was at the state basketball tournament and met a high school friend that I see every year or so. He came to my house last summer and saw my weakened condition and assumed that I was in very bad shape now. He had planned on calling me to see how I was
doing. When I walked up to him at the Arena, he was floored. His sister just emailed me and said that Royce was so excited and amazed when he saw me doing so well.
With Appreciation, Errol"
FROM: cncbranh@msn.com
I have two brothers who have Parkinson's disease. The younger, age 62 was diagnosed 14 years ago. 12 years ago, he put a pair of magsteps in his shoes and his "on time" increased from 2 ½ hours a day to 7 hours a day. Then he purchased a mattress pad and pillow, Kenko seat, and promo pak (this was all we had in 1993) and his "on time" increased to 11 1/2 hours per day. On time is when the body works normally, without the shuffling, stiffness, slurring of speech etc. He is still doing much better than would be expected, he drives, putters around the house, and does wood working. My older brother was diagnosed about 8 years ago, has refused to use the technologies and is now in a wheel chair requiring almost total care.
My mother has Parkinson's disease. Started off with Kenkoseat plus, she doesn't drive but she put it on her easy chair and loved it so much, she took it to bed. Got her the Kenko pad, pillow and comforter, she said she slept all night for once. Next came the necklace 90% according to her doctor... who by the way took the credit "We finally got it under control". My mother said it wasn't you, it was NIKKEN!
From: donnadee2@n-connect.net
We recently put the Nikken bracelet on a fellow with Parkinson's Disease and his one hand stopped shaking as much. He was very impressed. He also said he felt lots of relief using the KenkoSeat and Magstrides. He's also using the necklace. We saw the lessshaking/ non-shaking of his hand. His wife is very negative to these kinds of things, but when she saw his progress, she's willing to listen now.
From: rosesl40@sbcglobal.net
I wanted to share this story from today. The torch has been lit here in Topeka, Kansas. I think today was when I realized that something very special has been entrusted to us. I presented at a Parkinsons Support group had set up for us to do today. It was a small group. The water and magsteps demonstrations got their attention.
One, small, frail little lady looked at me expectantly throughout our presentation. As is the case with many who have this devastating disease, her weak body and head are tilted to the side. Her eyes however, glimmered with a potential of hope as she listened to my story of encouragement. The small group kept us busy answering questions, one asked about the business, another about the insoles. This little white haired lady continued to gaze at me as I worked my way towards her. I was standing next to her, finishing a conversation, and I heard a large "thud sound", then quiet sobbing, as though this was all too common to her. I looked down and there she was - a heap on the floor, tremoring with her head against the cold, hard wood of a stand in the corner. Immediately, I looked beside me and saw the large magsteps on the table. Quickly, yet confidently and gently, I knelt down and had her lift her foot. I put one magstep under her foot. Then I gently laid her head upon my shoulder, and laid the other magstep on her
spine. Two things happened. When I knelt beside her immediately after the fall she looked at me with complete humiliation, despair...yet...she seemed to be searching my eyes to find hope...As I laid her head on my shoulder and moved the magstep onto the spine and then on to the bump on her head, the small group gathered around. I heard comments of "oh, she's fallen again...she does this at least 5 or 6 days times a day so we don't pay any attention to it"... My heart melted as I heard the group, yet I held her in my arms with hope...hope that the Good Lord would touch her and the magnets would do what I could only hope possible. The tremors stopped...there was the gentle heaving of her chest as she whimpered quietly...then she looked at me and said "they stopped when you put that on my back...they stopped". Her body resting against me was a miracle in my arms. I knew then, at that moment something had happened inside of me that shall forever change the course of my approach. On the drive home, I realized, this is "the right thing to be doing".
Sharon Lallman
From: sorkennwellness@optonline.net
My husband had open pressure sores on his back from falling. He has Parkinson's disease. I did research on light therapy and found some research abstracts. The studies were very positive about the healing effects of infrared light therapy, but this is a major wound. I used the KenkoWave for several sessions, and the sores have scabbed and almost healed completely. I believe the PalmMag helped heal a resistant wound on his leg, too. He had a pressure bandage on the leg, so I couldn't use the KenkoWave on the bare skin. Today, after many months of different approaches (the PalmMag consistently only recently), we received the good news that this wound has healed.
Susan Sorkenn

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