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Chronic Fatigue can be helped with a natural approach.

Chronic Fatigue Testimonials (updated 5-10-10)

(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

Read these testimonials and then watch the video at the following link for a better idea of how your life could change.

I never believed in miracles until November of 1994 when I was given my life back after many years of suffering with the constant muscle discomfort throughout my whole body, overwhelming fatigue and no energy. My condition eventually worsened to the point where I could no longer work. Having been a career person and a high achiever all my life, this change was very devastating for me. I did reluctantly learn to accept and deal with the tremendous changes that had to be made in my daily living routine. Luckily I had a very supportive husband who was also willing to alter his lifestyle to suit my condition. In late 1994 my husband, Colin, sat next to Carolyn Bond, an Independent Nikken Distributor, on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver. Their conversation led to the Nikken products that had helped so many people to experience more energy, sleep more soundly and generally feel better. When Colin mentioned my condition, Carolyn suggested we try the products to see if they would help. We had invested so much time and money in an attempt to improve my condition including seeing numerous doctors, massage and physiotherapists, chiropractics, ingesting many medications, and receiving three sets of steroid injections in my back, etc. to no avail, but we were open to trying something new. As Carolyn was from Toronto she arranged for Bruce Black, a local distributor, to loan us product to try at no obligation. After several nights of using the sleep system at night and the magsteps and seat during the day, I started noticing a gradual improvement that I was certain had to be "just a coincidence", but what really impressed me was that I was sleeping through the night, which I had not done in years. My discomfort, that was especially bad in the morning, had vanished almost totally, my energy level was improving daily, I was beginning to feel alive again. By the 9th day I knew I had truly experienced a miracle and I could no longer
contain my elation. Bruce Black picked up his product on the 9th day and it took us 3 days to get our own. Interestingly enough I went downhill very rapidly during that brief period, and improved just as quickly after receiving our own product. In addition I have totally eliminated my intake of medications and have now added some of the other smaller products during the day like the necklace and the flex that help tremendously with increasing energy and lessening discomfort. Nobody will ever convince me that miracles don't happen. It’s 6 years later and I still have this condition but my symptoms are in check. Carolyn, who happened to be in the right place at the right time, will always be my guardian angel. Colin is thrilled to have his wife back and I am delighted to be able to partner with him in our Nikken distributorship with its mission of helping others. We're proud to be associated with such a wonderful company and feel it is our obligation to share with others the wonderful Nikken opportunity and their truly unique products that have changed our lives forever.
Anne Wilson
Calgary, AB T2Z 3A8
I've had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1991. My MD said there was no cure. I ultimately went to a chiropractor who put me on vitamin supplements which helped some but I was fired from my job because I was just too tired to fulfill my responsibilities. I later ended up with a homeopathic M.D. and did get my life back for the most part except I still needed at least 9 hours of sleep a night and could not overexert in any way physically or emotionally. I had trouble concentrating. I basically just made it through a calm day. Then Nikken came on the scene. After a few weeks on the mattress, I wasn't aching all over and I had energy. Now after 2 years on the mattress, 1 year on all the Nikken nutritionals and 1 week on PiMag, I've never felt or looked so good and I'm 56 years old! I usually get 7 to 7 1/2 hours a sleep a night but if I get way less, I can still function for a really long day and not have to make up for it later. It's great. I can plan things to do now and know that I'll have the energy on that day to do it. WOW! Are these products worth it.... I have a life now… much is that worth?
Sue Hetherington in Arizona.
I slept on a Nikken mattress pad for 2 weeks; it was loaned to me by my physical therapist for trial. I suffer from daily migraines, muscle-contraction headaches, fatigue, and generalized chronic body pain. The first night that I slept on the mattress, I awoke several times in horrendous pain (worse than usual). This kept recurring throughout the night, to the point where I almost took the pad off my bed. But as I "examined" the type of pain I was experiencing, I realized that I was having the sensation of pain being sucked out of my body. The pain was awful, but when I sensed that it was a "good" pain, I decided to stay with it and slept the rest of the night. The next night, I experienced the same sensation, but only for a very brief interval. For the next 2 weeks while I used the pad on trial, I slept the most soundly I have ever slept, and awoke with NO pain in the morning. I also went 2 weeks without a migraine (unprecedented). I am convinced that the pain I experienced that first night was one of detox, as "stuff" was being pulled out of my body. I take several prescriptions meds and I am sure that part of my "pain syndrome" is due to a toxic body system. When I explained the sensation I had to my dr. she knew exactly what I was talking about, so I assume that it is a common reaction. I am almost grateful that she didn't warn me ahead of time, otherwise I might have thought that I "imagined" the entire experience.
I suffered from CFIDS beginning in 1987, though not severe. Over several years, I recovered most of my earlier good health. However, the two lingering symptoms, up until 18 months ago, were lack of a good night's sleep (waking up feeling like I hadn't slept), and reduced strength/energy. Using the sleep system, I immediately began getting more restful sleep; within a few weeks, I could stay up later and do more with the same amount of sleep, and I wake up feeling like I've slept well. Within two weeks of using the Magsteps, I realized I was able to climb up several long flights of stairs without the aching that I previously experienced in my
knees and legs; so I went from using elevators back to using stairs. I was also able to take longer and faster walks. Since starting onthe PiMag water system about 14 months ago, I have been healthier than ever before. I fought off a sinus infection, without a doctor, that I had when we first got the system; never happened before and I've had many in the past - just one of many benefits I've experienced. I've gone 18 months without having to see a doctor or having a serious illness; that has never happened before that I can remember in the last 40 years (I'm now 59). I also use many of the nutritional products.
I was diagnosed with CFS in '95 and at the time I was introduced to Nikken I was spending 20 hours a day in bed because I hurt too much and didn't have enough energy to get out of bed. I had done research that said good nutrition might help, and I got back on nutritionals at that time and it helped a little bit. However, it wasn't until I got on the Nikken magnetics that I saw tremendous recovery. At the time the magnetics were all we had and an earlier version of the nutritionals. I was actually on total SS disability for 7 years, and Nikken has given me my life back. I feel better than I have in 20+ years and feel better every year!

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  1. Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Symptoms include post-exertional malaise; unrefreshing sleep; widespread muscle and joint pain; sore throat; headaches of a type not previously experienced