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Neck Testimonials to offer hope for those looking for solutions other than drugs

Challenges with the neck affect more people every day.  If you or someone you know is suffering from those kinds of issues, these testimonials should offer hope for a better life.

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Neck Testimonials (updated 5-10-10)
(These testimonials are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)

From: dreambusiness@home.com
I had 2 previous whiplashes. Then I broke my neck. I laid in bed for 9 months crying. Even straight codene did not help. They prescribed epilepsy drugs to help with the involuntary spasms. Month 3 the agony was as bad as day one. I was really scared that the rest of my life would be like that... For someone who had always been totally healthy, this was an unacceptable way to live. It took 5 months, but I have no stiffness or hurting anymore. The pillow and sleep system have been a godsend! I use the necklace or pearls  every day. As a matter I even sleep with them!
From: janwilson@uswest.net
I love the necklace. I wear it everyday. I had a back injury when I was 13, and I have been to many doctors. I used to go to the chiropractor once a week. I would have gone every day if I could have. I now go probably every 2 months, and I feel great between visits. I was introduced to Nikken May 1999 when I had just turned 46. I sure wish I had known about these products before. I found out that some friends in my little home town were distributors 5 years ago, but they never told me about Nikken. I sure wish they would have - I guess it wasn't my time. I use the full line - sleep system, magsteps, and, of course, my pearl necklace. I have used the gold necklace, but I really like the pearls better - they feel more effective. I realize they have the same strength. Have a great Nikken day.
Jan Wilson
From: womurray@splus.net
I have had a neck disc problem for 7 years. My doctor wanted to operate and replace the disc. Instead I stretched on an apparatus 2 to 3 times per week during the last 7 years. On Nov. 23, I put on a Nikken necklace and have stretched only one time since.
From: kjsm12@zdnetonebox.com
I became a distributor due to the quick and dramatic results I experienced with the Magsteps and the Elastomag Knee Wrap. I immediately purchased the sleep system, and what I HAVE noticed is after 5 months of sleeping on sleep system, the tension ache I always had in my left neck/shoulder region has disappeared. I used to visit the chiropracter every week or so for a neck adjustment when it would get to the point I couldn't stand it. I go very seldom now and it is usually because I got thrown around in karate and got something literally jerked out of place.
The other interesting thing I have noticed is that sleeping on the mattress pad leaves my muscles and joints much more relaxed ALL THE TIME. This is very noticeable to me because of my daily workout. I have worked out daily for years and I always stretch both before and afterwards. I am frequently tense due to worries at work, worries about money, worries about not being perfect, etc., so often am very stiff until I get a good sweat up. I simply do not have that general stiffness any more. Many years ago I practiced yoga almost daily and the feeling I have now is very near that super-streched-out and totally relaxed feeling I had then even though I do not stretch to that extent now. I am convinced that the mattress pad has made the difference in the way my body feels.
-- Katrina Collins
From: SORKENN@aol.com
I had just received my new necklace and was wearing it while dining with friends. Knowing my friend had a 20-year-long problem with extreme neck discomfort, resulting from an automobile accident, I asked her how her neck was. She replied that she was in agony, so I asked her to wear the necklace during diner. About an hour and a half later, I asked her how her neck was feeling, and she said she didn't have any discomfort and that that was "miraculous." She ordered a pearl necklace that night. After a week or so of wearing the necklace, removing it only to shower, she said she no longer had "suicidal pain." She had tried everything, even signing herself into a week-long pain reduction clinic in a major NYC hospital. Nothing had helped like this necklace. She now has a gold
necklace, as well, for a different look. What greater satisfaction is there than to be able to help a dear friend so significantly?
Susan Sorkenn
A year ago I had 3 vertebras in my neck fused and a Titanium plate placed over the area, so it is just behind my esophagus. Months after the surgery I still could not turn my head, even momentarily without tremendous pain that would linger the rest of the day. My cousin is a RN and had just joined Nikken. So, when she heard of my situation she brought her upline to my home; gave me a rollout & brought me a complete sleep system to use. I purchased the magsteps & a Pearl necklace. The necklace did not interfere at all with the Titanium plate. Now, three months later, I can move my neck without pain. I still have another ruptured disc above my 3 level fusion, but the Pearl necklace helps reduce the pain & inflammation that disc causes. I am so pleased and thankful for such wonderful friends & up line. One of the other comments made in #118 was about the Pearl necklace being rather strong for a person with a
severe problem. I too found this to be true, but I hung in there & it took 3 days, for the pain to ease up, but I already had severe pain, so I had only "up" as a way to go.
From: compsvc@candwbvi.net
Hi my name is Jacqueline Richardson. A job injury in October 1999 left me with a cervical injury to C6 and C7, with spinal cord and nerve compression, nerve damage and injury to my right hand. I had cervical surgery in January 2000 to replace a disc in my neck that was causing the compression. Following the surgery the pain and swelling increased severely. The medications did not work and my condition got worst. I developed facial pain, multiple trigger points in my upper body that send radiating pain throughout my entire body. My doctors documented that I would be unable to return to secretarial work and would need extensive physical therapy with injections, which could only guarantee me about a 80% recovery at best. I could do no domestic work and I was in constant pain
and slept about three hours a night.  My sister-in-law in Orlando told me about the Nikken products and we went to Orlando to check them out. Within two days of using the sleep system, neck wrap, insoles, magboys and magcreator all my pain and swelling were gone and I stopped wearing big cervical collar for the first time in four months. After such a dramatic product experience I became a distributor. About a week after, I went to the Spine Care Center and after being examined by two doctors was told that I was in great health. They were amazed after examining
my doctor's reports, x-rays, MRI and seeing such a drastic change, especially in my range of motion. I told them about the Nikken products I had been using and they said that they could not argue with the success.
Jackie Richardson
From: CBTM4@aol.com
Our story covers a span of over 20 years of dealing with my husband who has calcium spurs on his upper spine and neck. This creates a condition which he describes to be like fire ants biting him on his arms all the time.
We started with the traditional medical procedures of locating the problem. First they put him on antidepressants for the nerve endings. They did a series of epidermal injections to the neck, which helped briefly before the condition returned. He had chiropractic adjustments, deep therapy massages and finally turned to accupuncture.
Ten years ago they changed his medicine to neurontin, which is for brain seizures, most people take 2 a day Bo was up to 9. He was having trouble reading and started having trouble with his speech.  Four years ago he had surgery where they went in too hopefully release the pressure on the nerves. He was out of work for 3 months  and now had not only the itch but also pain. He was known in Palm Beach County as the Itch Man. He was finally told to live with it.  15 months ago we were introduced to these technologies. In 20 minutes my husband had relief for the 1st time in 22 years. As you can imagine this has changed our outlook on life. Nikken has changed our plan on how we live and love life. Thank-you for caring.
From: awellnessconsultant@yahoo.com
I'm a single mom and grandmother, with seven sons. I currently live in Aloha, Oregon - and am proud to be a NIKKEN WELLNESS CONSULTANT. I would like to share with you my story and my WHY! In 1992, while stopped in traffic, a woman doing 50 mph totaled both my car and me. After the accident she told the police she had
looked down at her seat for a second to find directions. I suffered injuries to my neck, spine and both wrists. Over the next two years several other conditions were diagnosed, which only added to my discomfort. I couldn't stand long enough to fix a simple meal and when I tried to pour hot water for a cup of tea, I couldn't even hold the teapot. Going shopping for groceries was a nightmare. Even with a wheelchair, I couldn't stand being in one position for longer than 30 minutes.  My two youngest sons, Moshe (Hebrew for Moses) age 11, and James age 16, became my Care Providers. Moshe cleaned the house and did the laundry. James did the shopping and cooked for the family. He also had to help me with bathing and dressing. Although this was embarrassing at first, he did a great and loving job. My older sons continued to run my cleaning business, which was our sole source of income.   In 1994, while preparing for my youngest sons, Bar Mitzvah, I became even more depressed by the fact that I was not going to be able to dance with my son at his celebration. I know that may sound absurd, but it was important to me, a family tradition. I mentioned this to a lady at Sabbath Services and she said she knew someone who had magnetic products that might help. I gave her my number and when the lady called she suggested these funny looking insoles. I bought a pair and put them on top of my fridge for two week. I never did find out if the fridge felt any better? Finally I decided to cut them and get them into my shoes. I even wore them bump side up. Within a week my balance started to get better. Another week passed, my energy level had started to increase. I started using my walker instead of the wheelchair - and finally stopped using it completely. I still had a lot of other problems but this was a major
improvement. And YES, I danced the Hora at my sons Bar Mitzvah.  In January of 1999, shortly after moving to Florida, I was invited to a In-Home Demo for some type of magnetic health products.  When I got there I was prepared to stay maybe 15 minutes, just to be polite. You see I had a raging Migraine and could hardly see.
The Presenter, Marabel Morgan, saw my anguish and put a pearl necklace around my neck and had me put on a vest. She instructed  me to just sit back and relax. About 20 min. later she asked how I felt and I was shocked to report all the agony was gone. I was very intrigued. I went home minus the necklace and vest. In less than an hour I was on the phone with the hostess because the migraine had returned. She graciously allowed me to borrow her pearls until I could get my own.  On Feb. 5th, 1999, I signed up. I now sleep without taking medication, because of the sleep system I can sit or drive for long periods  of time without discomfort, thanks to the Kenkoseat. I do Israeli folk dance twice a week with my son Moshe and perform with the Cafe Shalom Dancers in Portland, Oregon once a month, entertaining the elderly, thanks to the insoles and the back flex. I have continued to gain strength and feel better with each addition of new products I would like to now ask you to do something for others in the situation I was in. Don't forget, people with physical challenges also need this business. We may be financially challenged as well but we can still do this business. It just may take us longer. I would have much rather started this a few years ago, but I wasn't offered the opportunity. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if I can ever do a three way for you, just give me a call: Cell Phone: (503) 490-6123
Shalom, Shoshana Gebelmann
Aloha, OR
Web site: http://www.5pillars.com/selfhealth
From: wanbaker@blueriver.net
I wanted to pass on this testimonial about how well the neck wrap works.
I was in a bad car accident and had $2,500 damage done to my car. I smashed into a square truck with a cement bumper and it was a big smash & jerk to my body...............I thought I was fine and they had to help me crawl out the back seat because the door and side was all swished up..... But the next day I couldn't move and the doctor gave me drugs and a collar (had a bad whiplash). The doctor told me it would take time to heal and I will be off work for weeks to maybe a month and no driving for a few weeks. First day I was home with the agony and I had to remove my Nikken necklace because it was bothering my neck, it seemed to heavy...... Then the end of the next day I thought why not try the Elastomag neck wrap but I could only take it for short time, too heavy...... But that night I
thought my sleep system will help me sleep so I should try the wrap (at night and I won't have to worry about the weight) I could not bend my head or turn to either side without total agony and I was thinking big recovery time.....
The next morning I woke up by the principal to see if I would supply teach.......still had neck warp around my neck. Said, "No thanks, I can't, I have another appointment." (did want to tell him a had a bad accident and I would be off for weeks, because he would get use to, NOT phoning me ...) When I put down the phone, I took off the wrap and very slowly started to move my neck....... thinking the agony would come any minute...But it didn't ............ I was back driving in three days and back to work/volunteering in 5days. Love the wrap.
From: Jomark123@aol.com
As a chiropractor, I have a world of experience with "neck" issues. For twenty years we saw this condition come into the office. Move the Magboy slowly back and forth (from side to side) across the shoulders going lower with each pass until you reach the middle of the back. Then you move back up toward the shoulders. Make several passes until you get some relief. Keep the Magboy about 1 – 2 inches away from the body. Do not spin them or roll them on the person. Just move them slowly and rhythmically back and forth. If the body responds to this you should have relief in a few minutes. If it doesn't you can go to the Neck Wrap and let them wear that for as long as it takes. And you can spin the Magboy and even roll them on the person. You will get faster and better results if you start in
the area that Does Not Hurt ----------------------------------------------------------------
From: drmoffat@turbonet.com
Here's what I have found works almost every time for neck pain. Get a super mini and a roll of Nikstick rings and keep the super mini on the trigger point between the shoulder blades about half way down the blade and next to the spinal process on the side that has the most pain. Use it 24 hrs a day and change the Nikstick when it falls off. The muscles spasms and the super mini will entice it to relax and stay relaxed. It may take up to 7 days. For kinks and sleeping wrong on your neck it only takes two days.
From: judy.camus@sympatico.ca
I have had a stiff neck for about 15 years as a result of going on a long bicycle trip one weekend. I cannot turn it fully on either side, but especially on the right side. I recently bought a pair of straps to go on my MagCreator which enables me to give myself a magnetic rollout massage on my back and neck. After about 10 minutes of rolling the MagCreator up and down my spine from neck to tailbone, sometimes doing the top half of my back, sometimes concentrating on the bottom half, to my amazement, I was able to turn my head completely on both sides! My neck and back were completely flexible, as if I had just had a chiropractic or acupuncture treatment - and it didn't cost me a thing for treatment!
From: thecasters@comcast.net
I have a man in his early 30's that was in a car accident 18 months ago and has severe neck and shoulder discomfort. He had been having shots for his neck and had just had one 3 days ago when I met him at his job. He was really suffering with a terrible headache and his pain meds were not even touching the pain. I asked him if he would try my chain on while we ate dinner to see if it would help him. Within 10 minutes he had great relief. He purchased a chain which has continued to keep him headache free.  A month later he came for a "Rollout." He laid down on the Nikken mattress pad while I explained the technologies to him and all his shoulder and neck pain disappeared before I even began the "Rollout." I did roll him out and his pain was gone for over 16 hours. He now is buying the sleep system a piece at a time. He also purchased a Nikken Mini and bandana for his dog and she has been acting
like a puppy ever since. He is very hopeful for the first time and very happy that he has found something that will give him some relief.
Bonnie Caster
From: chanelle@magma.ca
I used to have arthritis in the neck area. I use the CM formula, necklace and vest. At first I used the neck wrap. That was 4 years ago when I had such pain. NO LONGER. In addition, I used to take thyroid prescription drugs because of a thyroid problem, but since taking Jade GreenZymes, I no longer take the drugs. I asked my doctor if I could come off and she asked me to take a blood test in 3 months. It's now been 3 years OFF prescription drugs.

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