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Hope for our Veterans challenged with Agent Orange issues.

Agent Orange was contaminated by the experimental carcinogen 2,3,7,8-
tetrachlorodibenzoparadioxin (TCDD). A link between agent orange (dioxin) and a plethora of
alleged health problems (cancers, birth defects) is evident within many soldiers who were
exposed. In 1997 the government decided to compensate Vietnam vets whose children have
neural tube defects.

I have a heart and desire to help our veterans. Will go to Operation American Heroes you will see a great organization focused on making a difference in the lives of our first responders including our veterans. If we as American band to together and all help a little we will make a significant difference in the lives of those who make it possible for us to live the quality life we live. Thank you to all who want to help and are helping.
The testimony below might be useful to someone you know and passing this on to them could be an answer to prayer.

Agent Orange Testimonial (updated 1-20-06)
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we do not claim to heal or cure)
Since I was medically evacuated out of Vietnam, I have had numerous physical problems. Because of significant discomfort in several parts of my body, the Army put me on heavy narcotics. At first it was just a few pills per day, but by the time I was medically discharged in Dec. 1977 I was up to 5 to 6 per day. All these did was dull the discomfort so I could function at an acceptable level.

As the years progressed, I found my health getting increasingly worse. In 1994, I was hospitalized for shortness of breath, extreme tightness in my chest, and discomfort shooting down my arm. Following that hospitalization, I was also put on medication to address the increasing dizziness and tiredness that I felt. I had increasingly worse problems with my muscles and bones aching all over. I was told that nothing could be done, and that I should resign myself to a future in a wheelchair.

I spent 1995 sleeping on my couch because I could no longer walk up stairs to my bedroom, even with my cane. I swallowed my pride and had a chairlift installed, at a cost of $7,500.00 so that I could sleep in my bed. I was up to 15 narcotic pills per day, just to function at a minimal level within the world of life and business. Even at this level of medication my discomfort was at a dull roar. In 1997, I was hospitalized a second time for the same conditions as in 1994, and my medications were increased dramatically.

I can’t remember a day passing that I didn’t pray to die. I knew I didn’t want to live like this and knew that it was getting worse with each passing month. I was fighting everyday to stay out of a wheelchair.

When I went to bed I would wake up every 45 to 60 minutes because I hurt so much. It would then take me 15 to 20 minutes to get back to sleep, only to wake again later. In the mornings my body was so stiff that it took all my will power to force a full range of motion before I could get dressed and ready for yet another day.

I tried everything I saw or heard of, without any improvement. The doctors tried every known medication, without results. I was always tired, frustrated, angry, and depressed. It took every bit of energy I could muster to get through each day and to deal with others well enough to keep my construction company alive and well.

Finally, I had to force myself to ask others for help buttoning my shirts, tying my shoes, brushing and flossing my teeth, opening bottles, sewing, working on cars, carpentry, and many other things.

I was surprised when Janet said she would be my wife. Later, I felt guilty for asking her and on many occasions attempted to talk her out of the wedding. After all, it wasn’t fair of me to saddle her with a “cripple”. The list of things I couldn’t do far exceeded the list of my physical capabilities. I was losing hope for the future and, in my denial, held onto dreams that were physically unrealistic.

A year ago, I was at Sam’s Club purchasing some new office equipment. I was taking a break and eating a hot dog and a man asked if he could sit at my table, since the rest of the tables were full. He began a conversation with me and gave me a short product presentation.

Later, I agreed to attend a Wellness Preview, where they put products on one side of my body. I sat and listened to amazing testimonials. After around 50 min. they asked for their products back. I was amazed that the side with product no longer hurt as much, while the other side was still “screaming”.

We began using as many of the products as we could. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain… I was desperate to do anything. I began noticing dramatic results. After just seven months of using the products, my doctor took me off all medications except for my stomach pill. Now I sleep all night without hurting, and I wake up feeling rested, jump out of bed, and am ready for the day! I don’t need help with anything anymore…I button my own shirts, I can even thread a needle. I have been totally off of the narcotic pills for over 4 months. I don’t need a cane anymore, and I haven’t used my chairlift in over 6 months. Now, not only can I walk stairs…I can RUN up and down stairs! I no longer have discomfort anywhere in my body!! What an incredible change!! I no longer pray to die…I thank God that I am LIVING! I have a totally new life now, one that I enjoy awaking to everyday. I actually feel younger than I have felt since I was 18 years old. I’m excited about living and about the future. I thank GOD, daily, for the person who showed me these life-changing products. I love sharing that same gift with others, and our future looks bright!

My testimony is also on the following tape: Stories of Challenge, Stories of Change. This is available through Blue Ribbon Video as a very low cost, and no I receive nothing from the sale of these tapes, I did it for free. Or you may do a 3 way call with me. My phone number is: 402-438-2898.
Richard A. Noddings -

You can contact to hear his testimonial with using the products for effects of Agent Orange. It was dramatic how he went from unable to go up stairs to dancing. It is also on a tape "Stories of Challenge, Stories of Change" available from BlueRibbon Video (
A Vietnam vet who is an Agent Orange victim was on wheel chair and could walk with difficulty with cane. After one hour on the Body Energizer he got up and tried squatting with great success. He said that he couldn't do that for 30 years and everyone present cried. (He also was able to walk around the whole day without cane.) He bought the complete wellness home paks right there. He and his wife drove 5 hours to Irvine the next day to pick up the wellness home products since he wanted to use them as soon as possible. He and his wife became Silvers in one week!

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