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Acid Reflux Testimonials

I suffered from Acid refux for many years.   This a blessing for anyone who would like to have relief without side effects.   I would suggest sharing this information with your doctor for him/her to know the benefits of this.

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Acid Reflux Testimonials (updated 1-01-08)
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we
do not claim to heal or cure)
From: ewood@mindspring.com
I have a good friend whose 14-year-old daughter, Anne, has been having stomach discomfort for 2 years. When she was 12 and the problem was just beginning, she was seen by lots of doctors, and finally wound up at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in an effort to discover the cause of the problem. Testing gave no results, and the pediatrician finally recommended that Anne take two Zantac each day. She's been on Zantac for 2 years. When Anne's family tried the PiMag water system, Anne's mom noticed that she wasn't taking her Zantac as much. After 2 weeks of PiMag water, Anne has only taken one Zantac. Her stomach is doing great. An adult friend of mine was on two Axids each day to keep her stomach and esophagus from burning. She's been drinking PiMag water for a month and only takes an Axid if she eats very spicy food in the evenings. In other words, her day-to-day stomach problem
has virtually disappeared. If you know people with digestive problems, please share the PiMag water with them. It's such a simple solution that it seems too good to be true – but it is.
Elaine Wood
From: krberger@5pillars.com
I enjoy eating citrus fruits. One night, I had an orange right before bedtime. Not a good idea! I woke up a few hours later with bad reflux and heartburn. I took an antacid for relief. I later heard that PiMag water was helpful with these problems. I decided to test it on myself. Another night I ate an orange at bedtime. I followed it with a PiMag chaser of about 2 glasses. I had NO REFLUX OR HEARTBURN that night or the next morning!
Kenneth Berger
From: billnmar@ucinet.com
I have acid reflux. I have learned to eat lighter evening meals, less acid, etc. Even though I frequently have heartburn. Using a mini taped to my esophagus relieves the heartburn immediately, and no more TUMS! Doctor gave me a Rx for very expensive prescription but I have not had to fill it.
From: sosna@glen-net.ca
My name is Lucy Carriere and I am 72 years old. I have been living with acid reflux for a long time. I have tried all kinds of medicine and had special pills prescribed for me by my doctor, but nothing seemed to help. I have taken many Malox tablet and lots of bottles of mineral water and was giving up hope of finding anything that would work for me.  My husband was finding it hard to live with me as I was so irritable and had trouble finding something to eat that would not give me heartburn. By chance I heard about the PiMag water system by Nikken from a friend. I was already wearing magnetic insoles in my shoes to take away the discomfort from my legs and hip and I would not be without them now as it helped my problem. So I was willing to try the system to help me with my digestion as I was giving up hope. I wish today that I had found the PiMag system earlier as it has changed my whole life and I can eat anything without a problem. I drink a glass before I eat and 1-1/2 glasses after I eat and I also take a glass before I go to bed.  This for me has solved my problem. It has given me more energy and also cleared my dry skin. I never liked drinking water before,  but now it is easy. It has changed my whole outlook on life because I feel so much healthier. I would spend any amount of money to have a healthier life. I am glad I found the PiMag system as it works for me and I will answer any questions to help anyone to feel as good as I do today.
Lucy Carriere
From: nakayamadep@webtv.net
The best, easiest way to get rid of acid reflux (or heartburn) is with Nikken's Bio-Directed Digestive Enzymes! I've used them for a long time now. They work every time.
F anything after about 5 p.m. For 2 weeks she only drank PiMag water, slept under the quilt and wrapped up in the travel pad while watching TV. She called me, very excited and said "I'm down to one pillow, no prescription, and I had a hamburger at 8:30 last night and didn't get acid reflux!"
Chary, RN
From: shepntoto@lakeshore.net
Have had great relief using back flex on my chest for quick relief. Also since I've been on the sleep system (under the FIR comforter...plus we have a FIR comforter over our mattress pad so we're sandwiched in FIR) have not had to take any prescription meds for this problem.
From: LCSAGNIK@aol.com
Every night in Florida January-March I was troubled with acid reflux. I kept my PiMag bottle along side of bed and it helped. It was so amazing to me that after being home again, it took me three weeks to realize, I had not been bothered with acid "reflux" in the night. I believe it is the difference in PiMag bottle and the PiMag Water System hooked to my sink in Wisconsin, which is so much more valuable... and now of course, the optimizer is even better!
From: Kieron@shaw.ca
In 1996 I developed a stomach acidic problem which caused tremendous burning in my chest. My Doctor prescribed Losec (popular drug) to reduce the pain. I was to take the pill once per day. Since joining Nikken in 1999 and being open to alternative approaches to health, I ventured on a journey to find a natural means to resolve this miserable condition. Using the Nikken products I did find temporary relief with magnets and Far Infrared products. I also began consuming Nikken's enzymes and noticed some improvement. Then came Pi-Mag water...... After reading "The Bodies Many Cries for Water" I became aware that my condition may be related to dehydration. I began consuming 3 litres (3.3 quarts) of Pi-Mag water each day. My condition started to improve after 3 weeks. I still
required the Losec every 2nd or 3rd day. Eventually, I was down to once or twice a week. My Nikken Optimizer arrived in early June and we began spinning our Pi-Mag water. Just 2 weeks ago, I suddenly realized that I had
not taken a Losec in 3 weeks. I started to eat foods that would normally bring on the problem but no burning sensations or gas came up my throat. It has now been 6 weeks since I have taken a Losec pill. WOW !!!
My goal was to get off this drug as the long term effects are unknown. I am so very grateful that the company I am associated with provided a product that resolved this agonizing condition. By the way - Losec was costing me $140.00 month (CDN). My friend who is a Pharmacist told me that over 50% of the prescription drug claims by North American corporations is for Losec or related drugs.  This means that somebody you may know is suffering from this or a similar condition. Is there an opportunity here or what? Kieron Sweeney
West Vancouver, British Columbia
From: LMDuff@aol.com
Recently a friend of mine noticed a 90% reduction when drinking Jade GreenZymes! She also noticed increased energy, which was a mixed blessing. She needed to forego drinking any near bedtime as it was keeping her up later. People have suggested mixing Jade GreenZymes with grape juice or other juice and kids drink it right down.
From: wrights@bright.net
While serving at a Father & Son Banquet a friend was telling me that she had been unable to sleep at night because of acid backing up in her throat. She would sleep a couple hours each in three different chairs throughout the night. She was unable to eat anything except crackers & dry cereal. I took her a comforter; a long john top; a sample quilt & an optimizer as she had filtered water in her home. Overnight she reported that she began sleeping over night. She's gradually returned to a normal diet. She was taking $175.00 of prescription medication and she said that her physician had said she might have to have surgery for this condition. After 13 nights of good sleep, she left on a trip to Florida. Never think that you don't have time for Nikken because you have to set aside a special day to "Do Nikken". Listen to everyone as you live your life & care about them enough to offer the gift of Nikkenrom: cpak46@hotmail.com
From: pokaneruth@hotmail.com
I had been on prescription drugs for acid reflux for 5 years then was introduced to Nikken Nov '02. It took me about three months of drinking lots of optimized PiMag water and sleeping on the whole sleep system but by April 1, 2003 I have not taken a pill or had any reflux since that time. My husband also has AR from time to time and when the water does not do it, he uses the PalmMag on his chest for about 15 minutes and that totally clears the problem.
From: c.prebe@insightbb.com
I had been taking Nexium daily for about 4 years for Acid Reflux. In July 2005, I started taking 1 oz. of Jade GreenZymes mixed with Perfect Start and one Lactoferrin Gold. I am now able to go up to 3 days before I need a Nexium.
From: healthynHim@wmconnect.com
I suffered from acid reflux & was taking Nexium for it. After 2 weeks on the optimized water I was able to stop the medication. I rarely have a problem any more, but when I do, wearing the far infrared helps. If it's too hot for the long johns, I'll put an elbow wrap on my upper chest.
From: magnuts2@att.net
I used to have the 500-count Costco Antacid's in the bathroom, every time I would I would go there I would take 2-3. After we where on the sleep system my Reflux went away, if I would have big Rare steak, smothered in mushrooms cooked in butter, it would come back. All I had to do was put my Flex (with far-infrared) on my chest and it would take care of it.
From: graceacres@sti.net
Jade greenzymes will help acid reflux by alkalinize the body - it is the most alkaline thing we can put in our body - the ph of chlorophyll is the closest thing to the ph of our blood - The comforter helps because it help alkalinize the body (so do magnets).. fruits and vegetables are alkaline - meat, high protein, sugar, caffeine, processed food and stress (worry, fear) all make the body acidic - disease can't live in an alkaline body. Our water is also more alkaline.
From: recoveringsrn@charter.net
I have successfully used Lactoferrin Gold for gastric reflux. I came to Nikken taking daily medication (either Nexium or Protonix depending upon which was the favorite of my then-employer's insurance company). It took me awhile (a few months) to completely get off the Protonix. I believe that was because of slow weaning from taking other (irritating) medications for other conditions. It has now been about 2 years since I stopped the GERD meds ... and I eat what I want.
From: healthyhope@comcast.net
My husband and I heard about Nikken for the first time when we experienced the water last week. We are so excited to finally find water that gave me instant relief from years of acid reflux just from drinking my first sip of Aqua Pour gravity fed water. We purchased our own unit immediately and my health has been steadily improving since then. My husband and I are so excited to have found this product and want to share it with everybody we meet.

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