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A ray of hope for those suffering from Arthritis.

(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we donot claim to heal or cure)..  Please call me at 713-725-1842 if you would like more information on this hope and I will share with you my amazing relief from this challenge.
John St.John
Cari was born a happy healthy baby and had the usual childhood. Up to age 8 she was very athletic and active physically, taking dance lessons, awarded a scholarship from her dance teacher. When she was 9 years old she was diagnosed with a disease which had symptoms of constant hurting, swollen, and sometimes deformed joints - No more dance lessons. At the age of 15-18 years old her health condition and damage progressed so rapidly that she was confined to a wheelchair and told she would never walk again. At the age of 18, by a true
miracle, she was able to start walking on a very limited basis, while still having to use her electric wheelchair for most of her nonautomobile transportation. Although she now enjoyed a tiny amount of freedom compared to her wheelchair confinement, she was still hurting constantly and was taking some very strong medications including steroids, a small dosage of a chemotherapy/abortion inducing drug and frequent use of prescription painkillers just to survive. She also could not get up and down off the floor by herself. When she was 22 years old shopping for wedding apparel, while trying on a slight heel dressy shoe at a department store, she slight pressure produced by the shoe created a stress fracture in her foot. Following the fracture, the bone density scan revealed that she had the bone
density of an 80 year old (no wonder) which simply put means she had extreme osteoporosis. Over time due to the osteoporosis, she started developing a small hump between the top of her spine and her neck (like many elderly people develop at a late ageWell, her Mother had been trying to get her to try some alternative treatments for her condition and she kept refusing for 2 years due to skepticism and precaution (pregnant and nursing for the past few years.) She finally got to her wit's end when she came down with a really bad case of hives. They were persistent for several days and she tried everything she could think of to try and get rid of the hives (eliminating certain foods from her diet, avoiding certain fabrics, changing the sheets more often, etc.) What it came down to was taking
Benedryl which, because she was nursing, doped our son Jared to the point that he was sleeping too much and even slept for 8 hours straight one night (he should have woken up during the night to nurse at least once or twice). As nice as it was to get 8 solid hours of sleep, it concerned us for him to be "drugged" by the Benadryl. The other problem was that Cari was so doped herself that she was sleeping all the time and was constantly tired. This put a lot of strain on our situation as I was left to deal with the two boys and try to keep earning a living, which was not an easy task. The hives were not getting better and the situation needed a change FAST. Well, one morning, Cari woke up and there were no hives on her legs, or so she thought. The front of her legs looked fine, but the backs of her legs were all bumpy and red. The only thing that we could link it to was the "Far Infrared" quilt that she had borrowed from her mom that was on our bed. This quilt is known for helping a number of things, including swelling and equalizing body temperature. She had been resting on her side with the quilt bunched up in front of her, just touching her legs, along the tops of her thighs and in front of her shins. When she got up out of bed, within minutes, the hives swelled right up again, just as bad as before. . . Well. . . We tried an experiment. She wrapped her legs in this quilt and had us set a timer for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes were up, we took a look at her legs and there were no more bumps and after another 30 minutes, all the redness was gone too! You know how as a child we are told lots of things by our parents, and offered lots of help from our parents, and usually you just say no, because, "what do they know?" And then you get yourself in a real bind and it's "Mommy, I need you help!!" That's basically what happened here. Her mom had been trying to get her to try some of these products for nearly 2 years, and she would reluctantly try a couple of them, but really wouldn't give the majority of them a shot. She called her mom and said, "you know that quilt you've had us try on our bed? Do you have any clothes made out of that stuff?" She
said she did, but all she had were "long johns." Oh great. Long johns in the middle of summer in hot, humid Houston, Texas? She tried them out, and they worked great! Her hives basically cleared up while she was wearing the long johns, but it was just too hot to wear something like that in the summer, and she only had *one* pair to wear, which meant wear the same stinky, sweaty long johns day after day, or wash them and have the hives come back while they are being washed and dried (the hives came back every time she took them off for ANYTHING). This got just a *little* bit frustrating as a few days passed and, although it was better than being sleepy/sleeping all
day, it was not the funniest thing to deal with wearing long johns all day in the summer, and the hives were not going away for anything.  She finally called her mom and told her that she had hit rock bottom and she was ready to try anything to get rid of these hives. She told her mom, "I'll try anything you want me to try, just hurry before I change my mind." So, her mother came over. Previously, Cari didn't want to take any supplements because she was either pregnant or nursing and she is pretty conservative about what goes into her body besides food during those times. So even though her mom told her that the supplements were all natural and had no side effects, Cari was
still leery, so she had resisted until now. Her mom brought over one supplement called Liver Support and after only 3 days, the hives from Hades were gone! Apparently, since healthy skin has a lot to do with a healthy liver, taking a supplement that helped improve liver function also helped her hives.  Well, this opened her mind and willingness toward these supposedly "wacko" alternative treatments and she started trying some other things. In the process of looking into other things, she was listening to an audio tape about a supplement her mother had been trying to get
her to take for quite some time called "Joint." And no, that's not marijuana. ;). Cari had heard from this audio tape about a study that was published in the Journal of Rheumatology where they had a "double blind" "placebo controlled" study on the effectiveness of the "Joint" product on patients who had Osteoarthritis (the "old people" arthritis). The results of the study were that after 68 days of taking the joint product, over 95% of the participants had NO PAIN and increased range of motion by 10 degrees! 95%??? That beats any study done on "chemical drugs" BY FAR and this product was all natural! Well, needless to say, this excited Cari and she was anxious for this to be the next thing to "try out." She decided to do her own "60 day trial" and found some very wonderful results: (some of these may not sound like a big deal to an average healthy person, but to us these were HUGE.)  After only a few days she could bend over and unbuckle her sandals from a standing position. After about a month she mopped the floor for the first time in her life. Within the next month or so she was able to RUN for the first time in over 20 years (yes, RUN). We were trying to potty train our son Jacob and she was teaching him that when he knows he needs to go potty, he needs to "stop and run." Each time she tried to illustrate this, she was walking quickly down the hallway trying to encourage Jacob to run. This procedure was repeated several times to help Jacob learn the stop and run concept and one of the times down the hallway. During one of their trips down the hallway, she was feeling so good that she thought to herself, "I feel like I could run." And she went ahead and tried it, and to her amazement, she did it! Over the next few weeks, she was able to run for many people. Several members of her family got quite emotional over the sight as they had known her through all of her struggles including being confined to a wheelchair from 16_18 years old. The difference between then and now is so phenomenal it is hard to imagine. As if she wasn't already a living miracle for which we feel blessed beyond measure,  there's more. . . .One day recently (I think it was during August 2003) she was looking up at a beam that supports our low ceiling in our living room of our house and started trying to tippy toe and reach the beam to touch it. After a few minutes, she got a little more confidence and decided to try and JUMP to tap the beam. She did so successfully, and found another ability she had gained in being able to jump now! Later on thatbeat, decided to jump occasionally. She did this with no problem and had no problems with the after effect of hurting like crazy that normally followed something like that.
The fact of the matter is that over 8 years ago, when we were dating and first got married, she couldn't go dancing unless she had taken Percodan (a very strong narcotic pain killer). And, yes, she wasn't hurting for a night, but the next day was bed-ridden and wiped out from the hurting so bad from of overdoing it. This was not the case now. She has not had to take her pain killers for several months now (and not at all while she has been taking the joint).
Once again, the Lord has been good to us, and we feel even more blessed than before, but yes, you guessed it, there's more. . .She has been taking dance lessons from the same lady she took from before she was diagnosed with her disability at age 9. Miss Lesa had been trying to get Cari to come out and take lessons from her again for quite some time. Cari went a few times (and wiped herself out for the next day) and didn't attend regularly until she started doing so much better after taking the Joint product. One of the nights she went to her class, it just so happened that the other people in the class didn't show up that night and her teacher decided to just go ahead and do a private lesson. After showing her teacher her new "jumping" ability, her teacher asked, "well, you can run and jump, what's next?". To which Cari replied, "My next goal is to be able to get down and back up from the floor without any help and without objects to hold on to." So, her teacher began right away with having Cari try different ways that she might accomplish this next goal. They tried lots of different things until finally figuring out a way, and Cari was able to split her legs as if in stride and lower a knee down to the ground,  then the other, and gently roll to the floor, all by herself! This was a MAJOR accomplishment as, up to this point, if she ever needed to sit on the floor for any reason, she had to be lowered to the ground by someone lowering her down by her armpits or hands (usually armpits).
Needless to say, this has not been fun for her, especially in public situations as it can be quite embarrassing for her. 
                In Summary:

Up to age of 8 was very athletic and active physically, taking dance lessons, awarded a scholarship from her dance

Diagnosed with (that condition where you have swollen joints that hurt all the time) at age 9.
Had to stop taking dance as she was hurting too badly, especially when jarring her body and bouncing/jumping.
Age 15-18 [her disease] had progressed so badly that she was confined to a wheelchair and told by doctors she
   would never walk again.
Age 19 by a miracle blessing from God escaped from the wheelchair and was walking again, very limited, though.
Had a partial shoulder replacement surgery, fused ankle surgery, 4 knuckle joints replaced on one hand, several
    Toes surgically fused, and a Jaw surgery.
Had dealt with excruciating, stabbing discomfort, especially when she would know that we were going to have a
   Rainy day a day or so in advance (my own weather forcaster).
Could not walk for distances more than from the Handicapped parking to the building without having to rest from
   lack of energy and hurting too much.
Regularly used her electric wheel chair/Electric cart at shopping centers for any normal distance normally traveled
  on foot.
Very difficult to get out of bed any earlier than 12 noon and most often around 2 pm.
Felt trapped and scared when she had to be left home alone, especially when kids were home with her.
Now after taking Nikkens Joint, accompanied by other external health technologies from Nikken she's:
Taking Dance lessons again
Can RUN, JUMP, and get up and down off the floor without any objects or people assisting her for the first time in
   Over 20 YEARS.
No longer has to use her wheelchair (wheelchair has been sitting unused so long that it is warped and will not work
Never has to use the electric cart inside WalMart/Shopping Malls, etc.
Feels a freedom she couldn't have imagined before.
Cari's new bone density scan shows remarkable improvement in her bone density - From Osteoporosis to
   Osteopenia  (up to 58% improvement!).

Sorry for the looong details, but quite frankly, I have a new wife. I still loved her deeply before all of this, and married her knowing full well that she had a disability, and now with her large change in her abilities, it's like a bonus that I would have never expected in a million years.
Loren Roundy -

My sister had LUPUS for 26 years with side affects of arthritis. Gail is now free of Lupus; however, the debilitating affects from arthritis sometimes make her miserable. The magsteps have helped tremendously in keeping the body open, her legs feel much better, her knee is no longer swollen, she can lay on right hip now and her hands are more flexible. She just recently drove to and from Medical Doctor by herself. After driving if her knee hurts, she gets out the Anti-arthritis spray and it becomes relieved quickly. She swears that anyone with arthritic joint problems will find relief for those really bad times.
I have Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, plus diabetes. I sleep on a mattress pad, use a car seat in my car, at work and in my lift chair at home. I wear magsteps, minis on both knees and both shoulders and I just purchased one of the new magwraps. It seems to be veryeffective when using my keyboard extensively. I also use the quilt, but in the summer it is just too hot. I plan on purchasing the summer quilt. I developed the osteo in my knees in 1990 and suffered a lot until I started using Nikken, in Jan of 96. I got instant relief and was pain  free. I am firm believer that one can never have too many magnets around them. I believe what Nikken promotes. We are magnetically
deficient. I know the longer I use these products the healthier I am.  The magnets are also great for diabetes. I had lost the feeling in my toes about 6 years before the magsteps. Within a few days the sensitivity started to return. If you know any diabetics, please, please introduce them to Magsteps. I won't go into a lengthy explanation,
but I had a diabetic ulcer on my leg that topical antibiotics didn't help. I put a mini on a sterile gauze, wrapped it and 24 hr later the sore was scabbed over, the swelling was completely gone.   I have been a Med Tech for 25 years and because I hadn't heard of magnetic therapy I figured it was snake oil. I didn't even believe my  own father. He sent me products and they collected dust for 17 months in my garage. Now I'm a firm believer that magnetism is a
fantastic easy way towards prevention. Magnetic therapy does work, but one has to use the product and realize that will take time. But the longer you use magnets the better you will feel.
I was introduced to Nikken about 3 months ago and reluctantly tried the magsteps and minis for newly diagnosed osteoarthritis. I am a very active high school teacher and thought I was going to be required to change careers because of the extreme pain. My closest friend had become a distributor and so I took her up on her offer to "play with the products." To my amazement, within a matter of weeks I NO LONGER HURT! I am not totally cured, I can still tell you when the weather is going to change, but I am walking my classroom again!!  As I walk out the door to school every morning I do a Nikken check...magsteps, minis, necklace. With these three products, I can face
any day without pain killers. I am thrilled and am telling everyone about it!!! If you need anyone to vouch for the power of these  products please feel free to contact me.
Annie Herndon
I suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis. A friend left me a tape at my home, I was annoyed with my husband for taking it. I thought it was another pill or drink whatever. When she called to see if I could come to her home for a demonstration I told her no I did not think I would be interested. She asked if she could pick up the tape, I told her yes and after she hung up I began to feel guilty and thought she may ask me why. Not having even listed to it I thought well I will listen and then be able to tell her why. I barely began to listen and heard sleep system, relieve discomfort and my attention was there. I never even listened to the whole tape and knew I wanted to see more. She
came and I told her I had not listened and could I come, we laughed and from there is history. We bought the sleep system and innersoles that day, within 3-4 days I knew I felt better. I have a new knee and need a new hip. I had reached what the medical community call MMI maximum medical improvement. They had sent me to pain clinic given many doses of cortisone etc. I was on medication to help me sleep  without discomfort as my bad hip woke me up 3 and 4 times a night. After a week on the sleep system and my innersoles I was off the medication at night and most of the arthritis meds and I sleep well and have a much better quality of life. I had reached the point of
feeling like my body was dying and I could do nothing. I would sleep for 8-10 hrs and when I got up wonder when I slept. I hurt all over and when people touched me it hurt.  Now I get up feeling energy and looking forward to my day, after a few months we checked into the business and in Jan.98 I became a distributor. I am not going to quit and I plan to be silver in a very short time. I thank God and my friend every day for bringing Nikken to my life.
Louise Broniecki
We have a distributor in our downline that literally got his life back because of the products. "Uncle" Jimmy (I call him that because that is how I was introduced to him) was forcibly retired in 1975 because of arthritis. For the last 6 or 8 years he had been going to Duke Hospital for treatments. The doctors at Duke told Uncle Jimmy to not ride in a car unless he was going to the hospital for fear his back would collapse. Uncle Jimmy lives in the eastern part of the state and since he and his wife had not been anywhere for a long time, they decided to visit their nephew and niece in our town in July of last year. Kathy put insoles and a back flex on Uncle Jimmy while he was there for the weekend. On Sunday, they left and he drove 1,000 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Gatlinburg, Knoxville, etc. and back. Uncle Jimmy stopped on Tuesday on the way back, plopped his credit card down and said order me everything I need. Uncle Jimmy is now Silver in the business telling every person he comes in contact with his story. The doctors at Duke are amazed since they have his medical records over the last several years. We have sent information to them as part of their first process in looking at Nikken.  Uncle Jimmy responded quickly and I think that wonderful, but not everyone will have that dramatic turnaround. Results vary. In addition, Jimmy doesn't smoke or drink and watches his diet carefully which is probably why he responded so well. He now takes very
little medication if any. If you would like to talk with Jimmy, call him at 910-594-1154 and be sure to mention my name. He is the proverbial perfect Uncle.
Phillip Poe
My first introduction to Nikken was my dads bad diabetic feet healed. (My parents had become distributors and I told them this was a miracle, I wanted to sell this product even thought I had never ever sold anything and hate selling. My parents have decided not to pursue the business, but I will be forever grateful for this opportunity for me. I can now see an alternative to working at the hospital for 25-30 more years before retirement, and then with a questionable income.) I have some arthritis in my right wrist, hand and elbow which is relieved within 2 minutes of wearing the wrist wrap. I also had chronic sinus headaches and used the sleep mask and guess what, they
went away. I couldn't believe it since I had been taking medication almost daily for headaches and sinus. All my friends knew that I would have a pill bottle full of whatever they needed for a headache. I didn't tell anyone for a long time because I was afraid that my headaches would come back. (crazy huh?)
Cindy Farmer
I have arthritis in my left knee and wear the elastomag ELBOW wrap on it. My foot was hurting in the middle of the night so I put the same elbow wrap on it and went back to sleep...when I travel, work out and am sore thru shoulder/neck area or lower back or sitting at the computer I lay a NIKKEN sock around my neck or tucked in my underwear against skin is so relaxing....funny looking but starts conversations... I have a good competitor in golf that had to have neck fusion in Jan. I put the magnetic seat under her and the pillow and the quilt on her
in the hospital...I also put minis on her dressings which were in the front of her neck and on her hip where they had taken the bone for the fusion. I would go up a once a day at least and spin the magboys over her dressings. they would not try the sleep system at the 2nd week, she bought a gold necklace and wore it under her neck brace...still wearing the minis on her dressings…she was not to golf till June and had heard how painful the hip was after the surgery much worse than the neck... in fact the hip bone removal spot was to be painful for years.
She started golfing in may, 4-6 weeks earlier than the Dr thought she would...she has had no hip pain after the first 2 wks...couple weeks ago she hit into the ground and hurt her neck somewhat so I gave her a men’s dress sock to put around her neck...she won't give it back....the worst thing is we both played in a pro-am yesterday she played better; her team took 1st we took 4th...:))))))) she hasn't quit golfing long enough to get her involved and its multilevel marketing!!!!...but I'm stirring the pot..
Kitty Pugh
I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, a result of Sarcoidosis, which often affects my teaching ability. I have my husband in my classroom to I use the gold necklace for neck and shoulder pain, two mini's with a brace for the knee, two min's with a brace for the ankle, a back promopad and the shoe mags --both types. I have slept on the twin mattress pad (just bought a full size one also) and both my husband and I sleep on the intelli pillows. He has stopped snoring almost completely. He used to snore almost constantly. I have found that I have more energy, I am able to walk for a longer period of time, my breathing problems have decreased and I overall feel better to cope
with my job. I am about to send for the arthritis cream somebody told me about yesterday with confidence that it will help me even more deal with a debilitating disease. I have already helped several members of my family and friends with surgery pain. My son, Mark, had knee surgery -- he is a "runner" in marathons-- and the mini"s helped him after the surgery.
I came down with the "joint discomfort" (Rheumatoid Arthritis) in March of 1972. I was diagnosed and fought it using a variety of treatments from gold shots (for 18 years) to methotrexate and am now on plaquinil(for 8 years). During this time I suffered multiple joint problems all over my body. I was on some pretty strong pain medication and took sleeping pills for 10 years. My sister, Fran, became a Nikken distributor about 2 or 3 years ago and after having her product experience thought this might help my RA. She knew the pain I was in and the numerous treatments that I had been through for over 25 years. I agree to try the mag soles. Within weeks I felt some
relief but I still wasn't ready to do more. She came down to Tucson for a Wellness Preview and talked me into going with her. I was fascinated by the testimonials and the many new products. I finally agree to try the original Nikken pad. After two weeks I began feeling a significant relief from the tiredness that has so long been a symptom of my RA. A friend was having trouble with spasms in his legs so I lent him my pad. Big mistake!!! He got relief but my relief stopped. He got a pad for himself and I got mine back.  It took me a longer time the second time before I felt the same relief as before but it did come back and more. After 2 or 3 months I decided to take myself off of the pain medication. Then I decided to do the same for the sleeping medication. I did it over time and now I have no need for either medication. I continued to go bimonthly to my doctor and he did kept up the test for my sed rate. This is a test
that tells how active my RA was. My highest sed rate over the 25 years was 20 and my lowest was 4. The last two tests have come in 0. I was amazed!! Also during this time I went from mag soles to mad strides. I use the kenko seat on my office chair. I wear the necklace and bracelets on both wrists. I have also gone to the intellirest pad and pillow. I have also started taking some of the supplements that Nikken has done such a good job developing. I am waiting to do another sed rate test to see if it is still down. I'm not saying that my RA is cured. I also still have an occasional flair up. However, I do attribute most if not all of my improved good heath to the Nikken  magnetic products. I also have more energy, get more regular exercise (3 miles in 45 min 3 times a week). I have horses and am starting to do more regular riding. I have even been doing some hiking. I hope this sharing of my experience with you enables you to make some kind of decision about whether magnetic therapy will help you. If you would like to write, I am enclosing my name and address at the bottom of this testimonial.
Mary Jane Pottebaum - Tucson AZ
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been helped tremendously with the Nikken products. When the Bio-Directed Joint was introduced, I began taking it and had further improvement in my condition. The bio-directed joint enhances the immune system and acts as an immune system modulator which balances the immune system for auto-immune diseases. When used in combination with Nikken's magnetic and far-infrared products, optimal results are achieved. The sleep system is key. My condition is very aggressive and I now have my quality of life back -- even playing golf! Hope this helps.
Linda Chaney
Anyone struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis should look at Dave Johnson's web site at There is an article on Cytal-Myristoleate and it's positive results on both types of arthritis! I am borderline positive with Rh. and have been on the magnetics for 3years now. I get good results with the use of many products. However, I still suffer with neck / shoulder discomforts to a certain degree. I started the Joint formula back in May of this year. I finished two full bottles and did not really think it was doing anything for me.  Ironically, I was not having any symptoms either. I had a very good summer. I commented to my husband that it was too good to be true.
That was until August rolled around. I have had the worst time these last five weeks. It was after I read the article from Dave Johnson that I realized it was NO coincidence why I felt so great in June and July. Bio-directed Joint in conjunction with the liver support and the magnetic products are an absolute must for anyone with inflammatory and Arthritic problems. The article goes into greater detail with even more health concerns. I urge all of you to take a look at that article. Hope this helps.
Dori Johnson
I just read Dr. Charles Cochran's pamphlet on Cetyl Meristolyate. He speaks about rheumatoid arthritis, and talks about the theory that it is an auto-immune disorder and may be caused by "leaky gut" - undigested food being released into the blood streams which causes an auto-immune reaction (the body is attacking what it considers to be "invaders".) Dr. Cochran suggests we use the Joint product (6-9 help with many of the physical chores I can't deal with at times. The Plumps introduced me to Nikken products last Christmas and since then I have had wonderful relief from the products.


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