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Hope for Familes with Autism in their lives

The longer I am associated with Nikken as an International Business Consultant the more passionate I become in sharing hope and then seeing the results of changed lives.   Sometimes in life a bad thing happens and something wonderful good comes from it...such as MADD in saving the lives of thousands over the years and raising awareness of the damage drinking and driving can do.   Having regained my health and seeing that of my son with CP dramatically improve and countless others having life-changine results, my prayer each day is that I would be able to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing what I have found with them and those they know.   I hope today that person is you.   Please call me at 713-725-1842 or email me at  jsjwellness @gmail.com or John@JohnRStJohn.com and let me visit with you to see if what I have found would be a fit for you and offer you hope for which you are looking.

Have a blessed day.


While the exact cause of Autism is unknown, current research indicates that it is a complex neurobiological disorder impacted by environmental injury.  Today, 1 in 150 individuals are diagnosed with Autism, making it more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.

The rise in Autism along with other chronic illnesses, immune and autoimmune diseases is a warning to us all. As the level of environmental insults continues to rise, more children & adults – and more life on earth will experience harm.

Fortunately, there are a number of therapeutic approaches that are very beneficial to those with Autism.  In addition, there are simple steps we can take to provide a healthier environment in our homes for our families with the Nikken Wellness Home.

The following pages include testimonials from families affected by Autism.  The stories range from incredible to amazing!  We hope you’ll find this information beneficial.  Please be sure to contact the person who provided you with this information for further details about how the Nikken Wellness Home can benefit your family.

The following is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.
Testimonials included in this document are provided by persons who want to share their positive personal experiences.

Autism Testimonials (updated 2-12-08)
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we
do not claim to heal or cure)
FROM: MAENTERP@aol.com or maenterprises1@5pillars.com
Three months ago one of the people I worked with who has a 21 year old daughter that is autistic – I put her on the magnetic kenko pad, and the magnetic insoles. The daughter has wet the bed every night of her life. In five days she had stopped wetting the bed, and was sleeping through the night. Her mother said she is less aggressive and is more interactive with other people. She would be glad to share their experiences. Needless to say the mother is very excited, changing sheets every day with a bad back was much agony.
Margaret Hunter
FROM: wryter@erols.com
I have heard many testimonies about success using the pet pad for babies and young children along with insoles during the day for autism. For older children, using the sleep system, insoles and necklace has changed many lives and many family's lives. In fact, I heard William Todd tell about a child in Australia where changes occurred in a matter of days. The child was 2 years 7 months old. He also talked about a doctor that helped a 14 year old to get out of diapers and speak her first words (at 14) after getting on our products.
From: skwolter@unidial.com
I gave a pair of insoles to my neighbors for their 17 year old boy to use. The mother reported that she noticed he was much calmer when he became frustrated in not being able to communicate with her. Anything is a help! You need the products during the night and during the day.
FROM: ann.marie.campbell@razorfish.com
It’s important to get someone with autism on the nutritionals. There is a lot of research being done to show that Autism has to do with nutritional deficiencies. You may also want to try Epsom Salt baths in conjunction with the Nikken products. Here is a testimonial I have: **I think I started this little science test. In January I had the luck of attending a brain storming session (Rimland's Defeat Autism now confirmed). At that meeting was a British researcher, Rosemary Waring who was working in the field of Alzheimers (originally), autism and migraine. She has found a fundamental enzyme shortage in all three of these populations, it is PST, phenol sulfur transferase.
This enzyme has two functions, it ensures that your mucous membranes are coated with a slimy surface to protect them and make them resilient (membranes of the gut, nose, ears etc.) It also helps to hydrolate (surround toxins with extra water molecules) toxins out of your body. If you don't have this, your body builds up with toxins, and also places like your gut can become permeable to undigested peptides from say gluten (wheat, oats, barley and rye) and casein (All milk products) these peptides then travel to the brain looking like pseudo neurotransmitters. Not good.
So at the meeting I asked Rosemary how do I get PST in my kid assuming he's got a shortage. She said magnesium sulfate. Next day I go to the health food store and ask for same, they say no, sulfur is too hard to digest. I ask my environmental/ allergist/space age doctor, he says mag sulf is epsom salts. So I tried it, the next day all my sons oppositional behavior went AWAY. AWAY I tell you, gone. So, we've been on it every night for about 6 months, and his language has gotten better, his mood, his cooperativeness, etc. Try it and tell us what happens. An adult with autism has tried it, she says she's never slept better but that it made her irritable. So far about 65 people have responded to my informal survey, she and one other child became irritable, one child had no change after one day. All the rest found dramatic improvement in behavior, language, even bike riding. Candace**
Our Experience......We started using it in July and saw a DRAMATIC improvement in Alex's verbal skills. He was more willing to use speech, was able to string 4-5 words together (till then it had been 1 or 2), and even his articulation improved. It was the biggest jump in his language skills since he first began to talk at 6.2 years old. If only 5% of these language gains can be credited to the epsom salts, that's still pretty impressive. We discontinued use once and once we started again he had another language spurt. Alex *must* like it as he often fixes the bath himself, adding the correct amount of epsom salts.
The Basics..... Use 1 1/2 - 2 cups in a tub full of warm (as warm as possible) water. Dissolve in HOT water first. Soak for about 30 minutes or longer. You can wash hair in this water, add bubblebath etc. Bath daily if you can. Evening is probably better than morning as it is very relaxing.
From: magneticmagic@5pillars.com
I worked with a woman with a 21 yr old autistic son. She borrowed the sleep system for him because he had never been able to sleep an entire night in his life. He would wake up several times. He would also pull his covers over his face, which made his mother very nervous. From the first night on the system, he slept all night long and never pulled the comforter over his face, and was more relaxed. So she then tried the water. He always hated drinking water. The only water he would drink was a few sips when taking medication. The first glass he was given, he drank right down and even asked for another one. Was she ever delighted.
Gretchen Taylor
FROM: Indianavtdoc@aol.com
I'm a behavioral optometrist and work with many special needs children, ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum, as well as physically challenged children with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and spina bifida to name a few. I'm a Nikken distributor and use many of the products in my practice--sleep mask, far infrared wraps, magsteps and magstrides, kenkoseat, pet pad, etc.
Dr. Mary VanHoy, behavioral optometrist
FROM: datree@kdsi.net
My husband's youngest son has Autistic characteristics. He would spin as a small child, rock, and make noises of all sorts into adulthood. When he began to drink PiMag Water and take MultiMin/Vitamins by Nikken and MENTAL CLARITY he was suddenly able to concentrate QUIETLY on an entire movie from choosing it to inserting it into the VCR to rewinding it! The water also helped with a nose that had red fluid coming from it from time to time...Now that he is using the new Quilt he is much more content, likely from having negative ionic benefits. Nikken ROCKS!
Norm & Connie
FROM: KayB1982@aol.com
My son has Asperger's syndrome-which is a high form of autism. The only way I can describe him is he used to be Rain Man- but now is like the absent minded professor. He was having a rough time controlling his emotions-crying 3-4 times a day during school for 30 plus minutes at a time. We tried the mattress and comforter-he knew right away he slept better because he is a light sleeper and he over slept missing his Saturday cartoons! In about 2 weeks his teacher noticed a difference in handling conflict-he know wears a necklace, insoles and has the sleep system. He has done great for two years now. I'm a believer!
FROM: rletbhco@msn.com
I am working with several agencies dealing with Autistic children and am personally working with a 5 yr. old now. He is on the sleep system at night and wears insoles during the day. So far he has had limited results in the 2 weeks he has been on them. He no longer is restless in bed at night and at school the teacher says he has asked to go to the bathroom several times a day. He always wore Depends because he would not realize he had to go until it was too late.
FROM: maglady@cwnet.com
My cousin's adopted son is a 5 yr. old who was a drug baby that is autistic. He has always been a high energy, non speaking autistic child. Since the day he was put on the large pet pad and the children's insoles in his shoes he has calmed down considerably. When my cousin unwrapped the PetPad he walked up to it and wrapped his arms around it. Carol said it immediately 'soothed' him. He now goes to sleep at regular hours like a normal child. He remains calm throughout the day. He is able to function better as a result of the products. Nothing else in his life has changed, only the Nikken products.
FROM: rletbhco@msn.com
Working with a 5 yr. old now who was a wall banger all night and very hipper during the day. Also, was in a diaper as he could not hold or tell when he had to go. Now sleeps very well all night and is full of energy and co-operative during the day. Now asks the teacher to go. Great results so far.
From: mcksally@voicemall.com
I was working with a mother who has a four year old autistic son. While I was working on her shoulders with the magboy, the son ran in and came to his mother. He immediately reached for the magboy - thinking he wanted to touch it, I reached down - he wanted me to rub his back, and as I did, he calmed down. He did not want me to stop and we had to get another magboy to use on him.
From: bates2@airmail.net
Last night at our local Wellness Preview, one of the consultants shared about a teen-age autistic boy who had some very noticeable improvement from sleeping on our magnetic pad. He put his shirt on correctly (instead of backwards) and had marked improvement in his thought processes. The mother (at the WP) said she didn't know if it was the sleep system or the medication he was on, but she said "he is staying on both." However, when the loaned pad was picked up after a week, he began to put his shirt on backwards again.  So the mom ordered him a mattress pad. Now he's putting his shirt on correctly again. Isn't that wonderful?
Leon Bates
From: drleegresser2000@aol.com
Autism is a disconcerting hyperactive dilemma in children or adults.
Immediate Relief – Magnetic balls rolled over the neck and upper back and spun behind the head, neck, and upper back. This can be done whenever needed or every four hours if a person is stressed.
Long Term Relief – A complete Sleep System (Magnetic mattress pad or mattress, far infrared comforter, and magnetic pillow) is the most powerful treatment tool. If the price of the entire sleep system is an issue, start with the magnetic pillow. Alternately a magnetic travel pad with magnetics and preferably far infrared can be used to cover oneself at home or in the hospital or nursing home or when away from home. Alternately a king size car seat can be laid out flat under a sheet (this also works while traveling). A mini or supermini can also be worn on a chain around the neck in young children (tell them it is a medal for doing something good-a reward). A magnetic necklace would be better, stronger, and more effective. Magnetic shoe inserts will also provide great benefit. The person
should be covered in a magnetic field 24/7. Many nutritional products and dietary regimens may be helpful with optimized magnetized Pi water. Many water sources including bottled water are contaminated with toxic products that have been implicated in the cause and can be removed with a good water filtering and treatment system.
Dr. Lee offers: Wellness Consultation Services & Support at www.WCSS.biz
From: KathieZier@aol.com
MIA's story
When Mia was born in 1997, she had a ventricular septal defect, which is a hole in her heart. By age 3 she still could not talk. However, since we lived in a multilingual town, most children her age were slow to speak. As a result, we were not particularly concerned.  But by the time she was about to attend kindergarten, she still did not speak, except whisper to us, her parents, and she was extremely shy even with us. When she would sleep, she would flip-flop around in the bed like a fish and therefore would not get any meaningful rest. She also would grind her teeth horribly while sleeping. Though she constantly ate, she was always underweight and suffered from severe stomach pains. Mia was always terrified of animals and would refuse to go outside when she saw any animal. She was also terrified of getting dirty so she would run to the shower if she thought she had a spot of dirt on her.
When Mia started kindergarten, she still would not speak to anyone, even the teacher. Every day Mia would return home from school with such anxiety that she would literally kick holes in her bedroom wall, physically attack her sisters and brothers, and lay in a fetalposition and just scream for hours. She eventually started seeing a series of psychiatrists. Mia was diagnosed with various forms of autism: selective mutism, ashbergers, & ADHD. She went through many drugs including Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Ritalin, and then others to counteract the side effects of these drugs. In addition to all of this, she was also diagnosed with enamel displasia, which means that there is no enamel on the teeth. So now, not only did she grind her teeth in her sleep but she also had no enamel to protect
them. Throughout kindergarten Mia could not speak, read, or write, or do basic math. By the end of kindergarten, an iridologist put Mia on a vitamin program. Her anxiety eased up and she began to whisper to other kids.
In first grade, the medical doctors were still not making any progress with her. Academically she was making no progress either.  Towards the end of the school year, I attended a Nikken wellness presentation because I was interested in the water and was talked into taking home a sleep system. I was not interested in the sleep system so I put it on Mia's bed. Immediately that night she slept like a log, did not flip-flop around, and did not grind her teeth for the first time ever in her life. The next day Mia's teacher called me crying and informed me that Mia just stood up in front of the class and read a book out loud! I immediately bought Mia an entire sleep system and noticed a complete transformation in my daughter! Mia could now speak, read, write, do math, and maintain average
grades in school. She stopped being aggressive towards her siblings, stopped having anxiety attacks, stopped having severe stomach pain, and she now loves to play in the dirt and loves to play with any kind of animal. This literally happened overnight!  In the first few weeks following this transformation, if she ever spent the night off the sleep system, most of her symptoms would immediately return. After several months, we could go out of town for a couple of days without the sleep system and only then, would her symptoms return. Now she can go weeks without her sleep system (while traveling such as our frequent hurricane evacuations or camping trips) before showing mild symptoms. For example, she will become what is perceived by others to be extreme shyness, she have difficulty reading and writing, she will have anxiety, and not get along with her siblings.
Mia also drinks nothing but Optimized water. She recognizes how good it makes her feel and will turn down other forms of water.  She also drinks Kenzen shakes, she takes Lactoferin Gold, and takes shots of the Jade enzymes. On a side note, her siblings absolutely crave the Jade enzymes. Prior to being discontinued, the Restful Night capsules made a huge difference in calming her at bedtime.
I believe that the Nikken magnets balanced Mia's energy profoundly and immediately. The nutritionals, water, and sleep system have made her into a completely normal and healthy person. All of this without the use of drugs! Even her doctors are amazed.
Lisa Sturt - 850-936-5806
From: pawneeprance@gmail.com
I am so glad to have this opportunity to share this testimony with you and in hopes it may be a blessing to others.
My son, Cade, is 4 years old and he was diagnosed with autism a year ago this month. He has been in therapy since his diagnosis at home in Farmington, AR. But since our arrival here in WA, I have had to continue his therapy sessions which has allowed me to observe him more thoroughly. It has been a blessing for me to experience this but I have to admit that I will be overjoyed to return him to the care of his wonderful therapists. Cade receives Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy every week. He has been improving but of course we still have a lot of issues to address.
We were introduced to Nikken about two weeks ago by Bob and Claudia Crenshaw. I personally wanted to know as much as I could about Nikken because I was willing to try anything to help Cade as long as I didn't have to push any medicines and I was sure it was safe. After talking to the Crenshaws and with Linda, my husband and I thought we would give Nikken a shot. Well, we signed up with Nikken and purchased our first items which included the sleep pad, the comforter and the pillow. After just 3 nights my husband and I noticed tremendous changes in Cade's sleeping. The once wild, thrashing boy now sleeps as peacefully as a new born baby. But that's not all. Cade's biggest challenge is his speech and his attention span. This part of the testimony is very emotional and special to
me. On one of our trips to visit the Crenshaws, Cade did something which I consider miraculous. Cade is a big jibber jabber but usually you can never understand what he is saying but to our surprise, he started singing a song that he had heard previously that morning.  Not only was he singing but it was clear and easy to understand. My husband and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes. Four long years we waited to see the once empty shell transform to a little boy.
Our journey is not over yet. We still have a way to go but I am greatly encouraged with the results we have received thus far. I am looking forward to seeing Cade grow and develop more and more as we continue to transform our home into a wellness home with NIkken. Only a week has gone by but our mission for Nikken is great. God bless you.
Kitty Bann

From: karenhammel@sbcglobal.net
Chris and I are the parents of a 25yr old male with Autism: Full blown syndrome diagnosed at age 2. We found Nikken about 2 years ago when I was too ill to continue in my chiropractic practice. After my incredible response to the sleep system, we bought a king size mattress pad and gave the demo to our son. He hasn’t slept well ever in his life. Thankfully he doesn’t roam around, but you could walk down the hall any night of the week, even at 2am and whisper, “Doug?” and he would immediately answer with a wide-awake,  “Yeah?” Often he would fall asleep in school. I really don’t know how he functioned on such life-long sleep deprivation. Well, I can
tell you he has been an irritable, jumpy, anxious individual, constantly looking for approval and asking, “Did I do something wrong?”
He has never been interested in friends and would never consider ever living away from Mom & Dad. After he began sleeping on the Nikken sleep system, he started going to bed when we did, about 10pm and for the longest time, we couldn’t get him up in the morning. He would sleep until noon, especially after we got him those “magic pajamas” with the far-infrared. It has taken him about a year to repay his sleep debt, but I think he’s finally there. He gets up early in the morning now and is relatively happy and productive all day. He wears his “magic insoles”, his “power necklace”, and his “autism bracelets” and loves the “tornado water”. He insists on the Air Power 5 being in his bedroom, and showering with the PiMag shower system. Anytime he gets a cold, he immediately reaches
for Immunity and the far-infrared “red light” machine to put on his tonsils. He takes Jade Greenzymes, Ciaga, Mental Clarity, Fruits & Veggie Caps, Lactoferin, Crave Control and now OsteoDenx & Calcium Plus. He takes these on his own with no reminders necessary.
He knows what makes him feel good. If he gets a tummy ache, he gets the PalmMag or puts his feet on the Body Energizer and immediately feels better. He seems to be awakening from a fog. We will be eternally grateful to Nikken for making such a difference in our son’s life… and ours.
Dr. Karen Hammel – 254-657-2722
Chiropractor, Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist
From: kenzenfan@yahoo.com
Angela is my 4 yr old daughter, a pretty girl born with a lot of difficulties. She was born with respiratory problems, she had trouble walking, trouble eating and chronic digestive problems (autistic symptoms). Non verbal… not even sounds. Didn’t smile or laugh (depressed I guess). Couldn’t sleep, banged her head against the wall or on furniture. No eye contact. Sleep was hard to come by for my wife. We were both really sad ourselves because of our daughter’s conditions. No energy, no hope and no solutions were offered.  Just bad news from the doctors saying it would only get worse as she grew up. We were at our wits end! Then one day I bumped into Nikken and my life changed instantly forever. When I got home with the products, my daughter was asleep and I placed the magnetic
pad on the bed and placed Angela on it. Wow, Angela slept way better (breathing was quiet). It was a miracle. How could this be and why didn’t I know about this sooner… I was excited and upset at the same time. Angela spoke 5 days later (we were both hysterical).  She is now super happy, runs, jumps, talks, hugs, sings, and daddy does too. We are in love with life again. I see a better future for my daughter and my family. Thanks to these wonderful products. I am forever grateful.
Al Segala
From: shelly.roney@evergreenwellness.net
I wanted to share the following testimonial with you:
My son, James, was diagnosed with autism before the age of 3. I started attending conferences all over North America, getting newsletters from all over the world and became trained in teaching modalities that showed us a good percentage of progress. James is now 11. Over the years, we made progress, but James still had a sleep disorder and a rash on his arms and legs that we couldn’t do anything about. I tried everything. For the sleep, I tried massage, Reiki, herbal remedies (melatonin), and even painted his room Blue for a calming effect. Of course, the doctors were prescribing medicines throughout the years. Yet every night, this child would get up and roam all over the house, turning on TVs with loud volume, turning on lights, and going into his brother’s rooms and wake them
up. Needless to say I was struggling with lack of sleep myself. It disrupted the entire household. I decided to try a Nikken mattress pad on this bed. It still amazes me. For the FIRST TIME IN EIGHT YEARS, I WOKE MY SON UP! That was almost two years ago, and he continues to sleep every night, medicine-free! His body is now doing what it is supposed to be, and he is now making more progress through the day because of this good sleep he is getting. He is also now completely medicine-free through the school day as well! He has had other positive effects from Nikken products, and if I didn’t experience this myself, I would have never believed it.
The best part was how non-invasive all of these products are. Autism is like a puzzle, and you are always seeking the right pieces that fit. Well, I definitely found some of the biggest pieces to help my son.
Carla Piccarreto – Rochester, New York
From: kbliukk@msn.com
My husband James and I have been fighting an uphill battle with our son Cade, who was diagnosed with autism in 2006 at 3 yrs old.
With modern conventional therapies working to reach into his mind to communicate and help him progress, was slow at best. Cade was diagnosed as a high-functioning autistic child but was still only at the level of a one year old. Our family is entirely health conscious, my husband and I are strict vegetarians, as are our children. We tried to modify Cade’s diet by eliminating gluten products, which could affect his mental status. This did not prove altogether advantageous; there was no discernable difference in Cade’s progression. After a year of conventional medicine, we were introduced to Nikken. We weren’t opposed to the idea, but were also not willing to plunge headstrong into something we knew nothing about. My husband has been a nurse for 10 years, and worked as a
paramedic 7 years prior to that. So we did some research and study and learned that Nikken products had improved lives. Cade’s progress had been very slow up until we introduced Nikken into his life. His sleep had always been restless and he was extremely irritable when he woke up. His ability to focus and concentrate was a struggle, and he would have sudden outbursts which we learned to cope with by distracting him with other things.
To give you an idea of our challenges with Cade, here is an excerpt of his speech evaluation. The clinician wrote: “Cade simply was unable to participate in structured activities or assessments though a considerable amount of time was spent trying to help calm him down, settle in and sit in a chair to participate. Clinician allowed him to site with mom, stand by the table, and/or have a stuffed toy with him during the assessments. This held no interest for Cade and the assessments were discontinued due to his running around the room and his general inability to participate.” These events are vivid in my memory and his behavior in that office was no different than his actions at home. But after he had been sleeping on a Nikken sleep system (magnetic travel pad, pillow, and comforter) the
first week, we began to see drastic changes. He slept soundly, no thrashing about, he woke up easily and wasn’t irritable. His focus and concentration improved and his outbursts were much, much less severe. It was, as some would put it (and we’re among them), a miracle. We decided to let Cade sleep on a conventional bed for a night just to see what would happen, just to see if his change was “coincidence”. In the morning everything was difficult; it took him a while to wake up and he was irritable again. Throughout the day he, and we, struggled with is attention and focus. It was like he was his old self again. That convinced us this child will continue to have Nikken products surrounding him. Not only has it proven itself effective for him, but it is risk free, there are zero side effects!
Cade is now doing remarkably well. This little boy who struggled to maintain the level of a one year old can now complete a workbook designed for children form ages 4 to 6. He continues to make strides everyday and he is a jewel to every eye that beholds him.
Ken and Betty Liukkonen
From: shelly.roney@evergreenwellness.net
My husband and I have two sons. Our youngest son Myles is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Autism just after his 2nd birthday. Myles was non-verbal at the time, had little to no eye contact, and did not answer to his name. He also had a very high level of activity all the time, and very sporadic sleep patterns. Since the time of his diagnosis we have been heavily immersed in all of the traditional therapies including behavioral therapy, speech and occupational therapy which have helped him to make great strides. However, Myles’ sleep continued to be a very difficult piece of the puzzle. It would take him anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours to fall asleep and then he would consistently wake up 1-3 times each night. This had a very negative impact on our family as my husband or I
would have to sit in his room with him until he feel asleep in order to avoid distractions and other behavior issues.
In August 2006, I was introduced to Nikken. We bought our wellness home at that time and added a 2nd sleep system for Myles. We saw a positive change in his sleep from the very beginning. He now takes a maximum of 15 minutes to fall asleep! This is an incredible relief to us! Myles also wears insoles in his shoes, two sports bracelets linked as a necklace around this neck and has an airwellness traveler in his bedroom. He chooses to drink a great deal more water than ever before now that we drink Pi-water! We’ve noticed that he is drawn to the Biaxial Body Energizer. We call it the “relaxing machine” which translates to “laxing sheen” according to Myles. In addition to the positive change with his sleep, his language has progressed a great deal as well. We believe that this has to do with the layering of the products provided by our Nikken Wellness Home. As parents of children with Autism we know that toxins in our environment negatively impact our children. We cannot underestimate the value of clean air and water in our homes for the benefit of our children.
Shelly Roney
Castle Rock, CO

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