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Alzheimer's Testimonials from families whose loved ones improved with a wellness path

Alzheimer's Testimonials (updated 2-26-05)
(These testimonials are not endorsed by Nikken. They are from people like you and me. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS -- and we
do not claim to heal or cure)
We have found that people with Alzheimer's should use the insoles and necklace and lots of PiMag water. Also detox with Biodirected Liver. Hang in there this may take awhile.
I just attended a conference where they presented a study done by Dr. Ohno from Japan. He studied magnetic water and how it helped those that are Mentally Diminished. He had Mentally Diminished patients in the control group drink two glasses of tap water and what ever other beverages they wanted.
The other group drank naturally magnetized water from Japan. They drank two glasses of this per day.
At the end of 6 months the functioning of the control group had continued to deteriorate while the treatment group who had drank the magnetized water had their functioning stabilize. There was no further deterioration during the 6 month study period. "The best way to support the cleansing process is by drinking magnetized water daily. This simple practice is particularly valuable for people suffering from constipation and kidney problems (it assists in the removal of kidney stones). But even without those symptoms, drinking magnetized water is helpful when a general cleansing of the body is necessary. Many studies have shown that magnetized water re-vitalizes the organism. Drinking magnetized water influences not only the autonomic nervous system, but also toxic deposits within the connective tissues. It thereby supports the healing process. Remember, the human body is seventy- percent
water, and that water is completely renewed every fourteen days. This is why I place so much emphasis on water in the healing process. And this is why using magnetized water is a "basic therapy" for many chronic diseases, particularly where acidosis is at the root of the disease."
Marge is a 73 yr old Mentally Diminished patient who was living in an assisted living facility. The family was told she was deteriorating and she needed nursing home placement. When she entered the nursing home the family put a magnetic necklace on her. She had it on for an hour and suddenly started talking after not uttering a word for weeks. Her mood seemed to be elevated and after two weeks she was moved back into an assisted living facility. The family then put her on the magnetic mattress pad, pillow and far-infrared comforter. Her quality of life improved after being on these products. Then Marge caught a "virus" and her magnetic mattress pad and quilt had to be dry-cleaned. They were in the cleaners for over 2-3 weeks. In that period of time that she was off the products
the family was told that her condition was declining. The staff saw big improvements once they got her back on the magnetic products. While they know the magnets will not cure her condition, they are convinced these products have improved her "quality" of life for the better. This is my daughter Tracy's mother-in-law. Tracy or I would be happy to 3-way with anyone who has any questions. Tracy is a RN.
There is a great web site that talks about how Sleep Problems May Complicate Many Illnesses. It says sleep is such a crucial aspect of health that it can have an adverse impact on some very serious diseases such as:
Parkinson disease
Alzheimer disease
Multiple sclerosis
Gastrointestinal tract disorders
Kidney disease
Behavioral problems in children
This is all according to a report in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The report is based on studies presented at annual joint meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society. You can read the entire document at
The comforters are really helpful with Alzheimer's patients as are all the far infrared materials and the sleep system. They can help balance energies, provide more restful sleep and reduce agitation. PiMag helps with the digestive distress that often occurs. The Magsteps, as well, help with circulation and coordination that often begins to suffer. Just be careful and slow with introducing the magnetics -Alz patients are sometimes extremely sensitive and sometimes a bit paranoid. Combine with gentle massage, foot reflexology, essential oils and flower essences and lots of hugs. I've also found that the Nikken nutritionals, especially the ones containing ginko, greens, etc. are very helpful. Any gentle body balancing such as Touch for Health, Polarity is very helpful as are cranial massage and music therapies. There are also a number of specific remedies that are quite helpful. My interest in this area is
quite personal as well as professional. My mother has Alz as did her sister and brother. I've been asked to compile a list of holistic interventions for a group of professionals and lay caregivers, which I would be glad to share.
A great article to read over the web is with Dr. Batmanghelidj who wrote the book “Your Bodies Many Cries for Water”. The web site is: Dr. Batmanghelidj (Batman-gel-lij) received his medical degree from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University. Here are some important excerpts from an interview with him: Biser: That brings up a good point. When we talked to Mr. Clevenger, he said that he got a lot more energy from drinking water. Was he just imagining this or does this really happen?
Batmanghelidj: It has to happen, because water is one of the main sources of energy for the brain and the entire body.
 Biser: What? A source of energy? How could that be? I thought water was just an inert substance.
Batmanghelidj: This is the tragic mistake made by modern medicine. In their minds, what is important to the solids in the body – the proteins, the minerals, the vitamins. To them, water is incidental. It is merely a solvent - a packing material and a means of transport. But this view is incorrect.
Biser: So what role does water play in body chemistry?
Batmanghelidj: Water is a source of energy. One of the ways water produces energy is through hydrolysis. Hydrolysis means the splitting of water into its two components: hydrogen and oxygen. Whenever this occurs, energy is released. The energy generated by water helps produce ATP, a compound that stores body energy. Just as there is solar energy, there is hydro-electric energy. I think certain parts of the brain draw most of their energy from water.
Biser: How important a source of energy is hydrolysis?
Batmanghelidj: Certain parts of the brain draw most of their energy from water. Neurotransmission is heavily dependent on energy from water. What occurs along the the nerves is an exchange of charged minerals, called cations. Cation exchange gets its energy from water.
 [Editors Note: Readers who wish to learn more about this can refer to a scientific article sent to us by Dr.
Batmanghelidj. It is entitled "A mechanism of ATP-driven cation pumps" written by Phillippa M. Wiggens, and it appeared in Biophysics of Water, John Wiley and Sons, 1982, pp 266-269.] Water affects nerve transmission in one other way to. There seem to exist small waterways or micro-streams along the length of nerves that float the packaged materials along biological structures called "microtubules". These waterways transport the products manufactured in the brain to their destinations in the nerve endings.
Biser: It's pretty amazing. I had no idea.
Batmanghelidj: Most people don't. Especially doctors. Another amazing discovery is that water actually holds your cells together. It forms a natural molecular structure and maintains the integrity of your cells. Whenever you become dehydrated, your cells die.
Biser: How is water holding your cells together?
Batmanghelidj: Water keeps the cell membrane together. You know how ice becomes sticky. If you hold ice, it sticks to your fingers.  Well, water has the same property inside the membrane of your cells, it sticks things together. Water in a certain shape and form does that. Water becomes a sheet of what are called "hydronium" ions.
Biser: What is the hydronium ion, three atoms of hydrogen moving together?
Batmanghelidj: It's H3O+. In certain areas of the body, that is how water functions. It is very sticky. In this way, water becomes an adhesive material that bonds the cells together. Finally, the proteins and the enzymes of the body function more efficiently in solutions of lower viscosity. Viscosity is the measure of "stickiness." In solutions of higher viscosity (more stickiness) - in a dehydrated state -the proteins and enzymes become less efficient. So it doesn't surprise me at all that Mr. Cleavenger, or anyone else, would have a lot more energy when the water intake is high enough. The human body is composed of 25% solid matter and 75% water. The brain tissue is said to consist of 85% water.
Biser: How does lack of water affect the aging process?

Batmanghelidj: Dehydration is a primary factor in the producing of disease all over the body. Dehydration is one of the greatest producers of free radicals in the body. Water is the greatest free radical remover. Free radicals cut amino acids from the proteins. They do damage to the cell architecture. The mechanism of water's role in preventing free radicals is extremely complicated to explain. It involves white cell metabolism in the bloodstream. The body mechanisms that are supposed to prevent the generation of free radicals get destroyed by dehydration.
Biser: So people who eat good foods and vitamins and who avoid water are in for a big surprise if they think they have avoided pre mature aging?
Batmanghelidj: That's right! People are overemphasizing the solids and ignoring the role of water in energy generation and body metabolism.
Biser: Another problem is that the healthful people drink fruit juices instead of water.
Batmanghelidj: They don't realize that everything gets turned into glucose. Excess sugar has an effect on the brain. And too much insulin will dry out the system. It will take water out of the extra cellular environment, and as a result, more food will be eaten –because insulin produces artificial hunger. When we eat excessively as a result of insulin - that which cannot be used will be converted to fat. Readers should not concentrate on fruit juices instead of water.
I was just reading in a book called “Natural Medicines and Cures”, and there was a section on Alzheimers that I thought had some very useful information. First they were talking about how some researchers have found excessive aluminum in the brain tissues of Alzheimer’s sufferers.  Also population studies have shown that people were more likely to have Alzheimer’s if they had been drinking from public water  treated with aluminum sulfates to make the water clearer.
People with kidney failure who have undergone dialysis have shown a loss of intellectual function similar to Alzheimer’s when the dialysis fluid is made from water containing large amounts of aluminum. This condition is called dialysis dementia.
Some aluminum sources to watch for:
1. Some antacids contain 200 times more aluminum than we would normally consume in one day.
2. Don’t take buffered aspirin with orange juice. The combination gives you a substance called aluminum citrate. This form of aluminum is absorbed by your body at five times the rate of normal aluminum.
3. Avoid aerosol antiperspirants. The aluminum in aerosol form may be more readily absorbed into the brain through the nose.
4. Canned, non-cola soft drinks contain almost six times the aluminum as bottled non-cola soft drinks. Canned cola drinks contain three times the aluminum of bottled cola drinks.
5. Aluminum pots and pans can leach a good deal of aluminum into acidic foods.
6. Some public water sources contain more than the recommended amount of aluminum.
In our Nikken family are several doctors at UPMC Passavant Hospita including Dr. Neil Niren, a dermatological surgeon. His office manager, Sharon's father has Alzheimers. Her father was sent to the hospital for X-rays and a cat scan after he was found on the floor in his assisted living facility. When the diagnostic tests found no broken bones, they moved him to Rehab to prepare him to go back to his Assisted Living facility. Unfortunately, the Rehab technologies that were engaged by Physical Therapists were not effective in helping him. He could not move his feet by will or command, i.e. the neurological messages weren't registering in order for him to move his lower extremities and feet.  His RN daughter, Sharon, was dejected as she told Dr. Niren that she had ordered a wheel chair for her father. She knew that it was the equivalent of a death sentence. Movement IS life. Her father's mind was doing well and he had been in an assisted living facility that allowed him to walk about and participate in activities. Being confined to a wheel chair would force her father to move from assisted living to nursing care.
Dr. Neil Niren not only has a Nikken Wellness Home from which his family has benefited so much that we tease them about being Nikken's "Poster Family", but he also has the Optimizer in his office. When Sharon told him about ordering the wheel chair for her father, Dr. Niren asked her if she had brought him any of the Optimized water. She said that it hadn't occurred to her. Dr. Niren shared the dramatic results he had experienced from drinking Optimized water; it had dramatically increased his strength and endurance, reversing limitations resulting from an accident he had had several years ago. He suggested that she bring a couple of liters of the Optimized water to her father that night. Sharon brought the Optimized water to her father, who drank it before going to sleep. In the morning Sharon called the nurse to find out how her father was doing, the nurse said, "You're not going to believe it, Sharon, but your father is up and walking!" Sharon was thrilled. Her father was able to go back to the assisted living facility; when his wife brings him optimized water every day, she watches him become more alert and vibrant after drinking the Optimized water. I've called Sharon several times to follow her father’s progress. The first time I called after a couple of months, she told me that he was doing great. When you order a wheel chair from Medicare you have to keep it for three months. Her father was walking around the wheel chair in his room!! Recently when I called she told me that her father had had a history of urinary tract infections recurring many times a year, for which he had been treated with progressively stronger antibiotics. Last summer prior to getting on the Optimized Water his doctor had informed them that because her father had been treated with so many antibiotics over the years, next
time he had a UTI, they would not be able to treat it. Sharon informed me last week that since her father has been on the Optimized Water, he has not had another urinary tract infection. Kathy and John Soroka - Gold Wellness Consultants – 412-761-8630
I can relate a very amazing story from a distributor here in Israel who used a PalmMag on his father who has Alzheimer's. When he visited his father, his father would tell him about his son. (his son being the distributor - whom the father didn't recognize/realize was his son anymore.) The distributor put the PalmMag on and during that time he said he "got his father back". I can't give you details of how long he used it or how long this very emotional moment lasted, but it is definitely worth trying.  Oran

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